Week 291, Saturday 11th until Friday 17th January 2020.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East, South West, Central, North East London and Surrey (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 291 Saturday 11th  until Friday 17th January 2020.


This week I have suffered badly with writers block, normally I have writers BLOG you can’t stop me from writing shiz.  But this week the screen has looked mainly like the picture below.

20200118_125615 “I don’t like a blank screen at all”.

As normal I have spent hours sitting on trains feeling stressed about getting to work or from work, which is when I do a lot of thinking about content.  If you look at the lists below you can see I have as usual watched (and listened) to a lot of shiz.  Which also helps ideas flow into my consciousness?  Instead I have spent this last week with a daemon sitting on my shoulder reminding me constantly that I haven’t written anything.

Writing the blog is never stressful; there are times at the start of the week when I do wonder “what have I got to say???”  Normally letters spill out to form words that I attempt to string together hoping that they make some sense.

20200116_071150 “Coming ready or not”.

Over this week I have written a number of drafts, but nothing has flowed.  Here are snippets of those ideas, to give you a taste of the shiz you could be enjoying.

There are a number of worries I have when I’m out and about which are ridiculous when typed.

Being hit on the head as a bus passes, have you ever noticed how far there wing mirrors stick out?

DSCF5317 “A terrible pic, i know.”


While driving across a junction, I imagine a car not stopping and smashing straight into the side of my vehicle.

Crossing the road and being hit by something large.  My ragdoll body then flies through the air landing in a heap on the tarmac.

Should I be concerned and stay inside the house?

Or there was this……

20200116_081501 “The streets are still littered with unwanted Crimbum trees”.

Since April last year I have regularly emailed myself in the middle of the night squinting at my small electronic device.  These emails are notes about dreams; they have to be typed quickly before the images fade from the sponge that is my mind.  I have no idea what this 40 page list (and growing all the time) will be used for!  A number of the dreams would make good story ideas.

And this…….

20200113_111904 “On the course, i knew my name at least”.

Earlier this week I arrived late (because of trains) at a different building because I was attending a training course.  The smiling receptionist sent me not once, but twice (i had to queue up each time) to the wrong meeting room.  When they realised that they couldn’t help, I was sent to another reception in a different part of the building. This was when I discovered that the security pass wouldn’t open any of the security doors in that part of the building.  The second reception (also very smiley) instructed me to sit and wait because someone will come and get me.

20200117_143051 “Noticed these comments on a phone on the training course”.

You guessed it, no one came!  In the end I had to ring my office and ask for the mobile number of a colleague who was also attending the course to come and rescue me from the busy reception.  Twenty minutes after arriving in the building I finally walked into the course room.

20200113_134704 “Saw this in the post room”.

Writers Block is not painful in the traditional sense, but it’s been a real pain, an irritation to me all week long.  Fingers crossed next week the creative tap will be unblocked and words will flow as normal (whatever normal is).

20200111_220041 “I couldn’t waste the last drop of gravy.  Yes i drank it”.

If you like the blog, please have a look at previous weeks, and share with all your friends. You could even share it with people you don’t like as a torture.

And Now Finally……

20200116_081401 “Spotted, the Bankys of Surrey”.

Overheard the following “it was just snatch damage”.

My niece told me that a friend’s puppy has had its balls removed.  She then whispered “they won’t grow back”.  With a smile I replied “are you sure”, her confused look was priceless.

20200115_221918 “Carol Decker, helping to distract me from the writers bock”.

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:  

“Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad”, (S2, ep 1, 12/01/20.  “Cheers”, (S5, ep 2 to ep 12).  “Click”, (TX: 11/01/20).  “Him & Her”, (S1, ep 3 to ep 6)(S2, ep 1 to ep 4).  “King Gary”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 4).  “Living With Yourself”, (S1, ep 7).  “Lost In Space”, (S2, ep 10).  “Louis Theroux’s: Selling Sex”, (TX: 12/01/20).  “Only Fools And Horses: Fatal Extraction”, (TX: 25/12/93).  “Only Fools And Horses: Heroes And Villains(TX: 25/12/96).  “Only Fools And Horses: If They Could See Us Now”, (TX: 25/12/01).  “Only Fools And Horses: Modern Men”, (TX: 25/12/96).  “Only Fools And Horses: Sleepless In Peckham”, (25/12/03).  “Only Fools And Horses: Time On Our Hands”, (TX: 25/12/96).  “The Goes Wrong Show”, (S1, ep 3).  “The Graham Norton Show”, (S26, ep 13, TX: 10/01/20).  “The Impossible”, (2012).  “The Sky At Night: Beginners Guide”, (TX: 12/01/20).  “The Tuckers”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 3).  “Timeless”, (S2, ep 2 to ep 10).  “Wisting”, (S1, ep 5 to ep 6).                

Doctor Who Watched This Week:

The Dalek Masterplan”, (S3, Prod Code V)( ep 5, Counter Point, TX: 11/12/65)(ep 6, Coronas Of The Sun, LC Recon, TX: 18/12/65)(ep 7, The Feast Of Steven, LC Recon, 25/12/65)(ep 8, Volcano, LC Recon, TX: 01/01/66)(ep 9, Golden Death, LC Recon, TX: 08/01/66)(ep 10, Escape Switch,TX: 15/01/66)(ep 11, The Abandoned Planet, LC Recon, TX: 22/01/66)(ep 12, Destruction Of Time, LC Recon, TX: 29/01/66)(Loose Cannon, Interview Jean Marsh, Terry Nations’ The Destroyers (Planned Spinoff)(Dec 03)

“The Massacre Of St Bartholomew’s Eve”, (S3, Prod Code W)(Loose Cannon Intro & Outro, Nov 2001)(ep 1, War Of God, LC Recon, TX: 05/02/66)(ep 2, The Sea Beggar, LC Recon,TX: 12/02/66)(ep 3, Priest Of Death, LC Recon, TX: 19/02/66)(ep 4, Bell Of Doom, LC Recon, TX: 26/02/66)(Loose Cannon Interview Donald Tosh, Nov 2001).

“The Ark”, (S3, Prod Code X)(ep 1, The Steel Sky, TX: 05/03/66)(ep 2, The Plauge, TX: 12/03/66).

“Orphan 55”, (S38/S12, ep 3, TX: 12/01/20).

This week I have mainly been listening to:  

 “Daddy Look At Me”, (S2, ep 12, 16/01/20).  “Iain Lee (Highlights”, (10/01, 13/01, 14/01, 15/01, 16/01/20).  “In Poor Taste”, (ep 112, 12/01/20).  “LBC: Mystery Hour”, (02/01/20).  “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 127, 17/01/20).  “Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (11/01, 17/01/20).  “Strange Times”, (ep 330, 11/01/20).  “The All New Angelos And Barry Podcast”, (11/01/20).  “The Cold War”, (Trailer, 17/01/20).  “The Old Doctor Who Podcast”, (ep 45, 19/07/17)(ep 46, 09/08/17)(ep 47, 30/08/17)(ep 48, 20/09/17)(ep 49, 11/10/17)(Mini ep 2, 23/10/17)(ep 50, 01/11/17)(ep 51, 22/11/17)(ep 52, 13/12/17)(ep 53, 02/01/18).  “The Nick Abbot Habit”, (13/01/20).  “The Rabbit Hole”, (ep 94, 09/01/20)(ep 95, 14/01/20)(ep 96, 16/01/20).  “The Skewer”, (BBC Radio 4)(S1, ep 2, 13/01/20).  “The Skewer: Podcast”, (BBC Radio 4)(Welcome To The Skewer, 15/01/20)(S1,ep 1 & ep 2, 16/01/20).  “Morrissey”, “U2”,  “Baby Bird”,  “Elbow”,  “Green Day”,  “T-Rex”, “Pulp”, “The Who”, “Biffy Clyro”, “Kings Of Leon”, “T’Pau”, “Duran Duran”.



























































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Week 290, Saturday 4th until Friday 10th January 2020.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East, Central, North London and Essex (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 290 Saturday 4th  until Friday 10th January 2020.


I am a lifelong Star Wars fan; it’s difficult in such a small number of words to express my love for the worlds that George Lucas created.  Once the original film was realised in the UK (27th December 1977) I pestered my parents until they gave in and took me to see the movie that the world was talking about.  My love of Star Wars was born, as well the amazing experience of sitting in a large dark room watching a huge screen.  One thing I have never liked is busy cinemas and over the years found my ideal seat, in the middle of the front row.  It’s a perfect place because “normal” people don’t want to be that close to the screen.

20200102_213154 “Dont follow Mr. Bean”.

Last weekend I visited the local fleapit.  The ads and trailers (which I enjoy) finished, the film was starting when suddenly in the background voices could be heard.  Sure enough the people talking ignored all the empty seats (the screen was not overly busy) and walked down to the front row and joined me.  This group consisted of a woman, man and 2 small children.  The only one who watched the film (as far as I could tell) was the man.  Throughout the film the women looked at her phone.  When not studying her small device to prove how bored this experience was she would yarn very loudly (I kept hearing her clearly over the noise of lightsabers and space battles).  When the kids talked, they were “shushed” extremely loudly because they were interrupting her social media activities.  Talking about the little darlings, they had no interest in the film, and spent the duration running around or rolling on the floor in front of the screen.  Though the last 15 mins they sat behind and kicked my friends seats.

20200110_122810 “Wearing a fave T-shirt for a fave Podcast (Strange Times)”.

In the past I have asked people to stop being disruptive and occasionally spoken to staff, both have fallen on deaf ears.  Last weekend I sat there and attempted to ignore them (which failed).  After the above incident I will need to rethink when and where I see a film. The perfect time would seem to be during the week when most people are at work or school. It’s sad that after 40 years of going to the flicks I need to think like this.  Of course, I watch lots of films at home, but there is nothing better than seeing a movie on a huge screen.  I want to be fully immersed in the story and not be constantly brought back to reality by those around me.  Maybe one day, when I’ve made my millions, I’ll have my own state of the art home cinema, so i never have to leave the house or share the silver screen experience again.

20200103_183806 “Met this lovely little creature in the backgarden”.

I will be seeing “Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker” again soon.  Hopefully I won’t be disturbed and will feel part of a “Galaxy Far Far Away” one last time!

And Now For Something Completely Different……

20200105_222735 “What a sweet little girl”.

If you have been reading this ramble for a while you will know that just over a month ago a very special Hamster died.  This little creature really did have a huge effect on me and is very much missed.

20200102_123505 “Left over roast at work”.

Recently something strange started to happen.  It started after my friend and I visited a local funeral home to see if a small plaque can be made for the garden where Aries has been laid to rest.  When we came home the lights on a small crimbum tree situated on top of her cage were on, but we hadn’t turned it on.  Looking back at that last sentence I realise how this sounds, but it’s true!

20200110_215241 “A unplanned shiz doodle drawn at work.  Watercolours added at home”.

There have now been 3 occasions we have returned home to find the tree lights on.  They were switched off when we left the house; I have checked there is no timer or light sensitive switch which would activate them.  A couple of other peculiarities have happened.  One morning the living room light was on, and I had definitely turned it off the previous night.  As well as a screenshot of a picture I had taken of our little hammy that appeared on my friend’s phone. I didn’t send it to her.

20200102_214723 “Being naughty on the Yellow Line, don’t tell anyone”.

If there is a presence in the house (maybe, we brought something (one) back from the funeral home – we were told they were very busy) I’d like to believe that it’s our little Hamster.  Again, I know how this reads.  This is possibly the strangest thing I have written in this blog ever.  The little tree is going to stay out as an experiment to see if the lights carry on being turned on when were out.  If there is a sprit, maybe it’s shy to do it when we’re there, which is why occurrences happen when we’re out or during the night.

20200106_144658 “The caption says it all”.

And Now Finally……

Walking to work all last year i passed graffiti that read “Slugs Rule”.  It now reads “Sluts rule”. Is this a comment about life in 2020?

20200110_214314.jpg “Trying to write this Shiz, but distracted by “The Robot”. 

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:  

“Blakes 7”, (SC, ep 12).  “Click”, (TX: 04/01/20).  “Him & Her”, (S1, ep 1 & ep 2).  “In Search Of Dracula With mark Gatiss”, (TX: 03/01/20).  “Lost In Space”, (S2, ep 2 to 9).  “Only Fools And Horses: Dates”, (TX: 25/12/88).  “Only Fools And Horses: Miami Twice (ep 1 The American Dream)”(TX: 24/12/91)”(ep 2 Oh To Be In England)”(TX: 25/12/91).  “Only Fools And Horses: Mother Nature’s Son”, (TX: 25/12/92).  “Only Fools And Horses: Rodney Come Home”, (25/12/90).  “Only Fools And Horses: The Frog Legacy”, (TX: 25/12/87).  “Only Fools And Horses: The Jolly Boy’s Outing”, (25/12/89).  “Prospect”, (2018).  “Shrill”, (S1, ep 3).  “Star Trek (Original Series)”, (S1, ep 5).  “Star Wars: Episode XI: Rise Of Skywalker”,(2019).  “The Goes Wrong Show”, (S1, ep 2).   “The Witcher”, (S1, ep 2 to ep 4).  “Timeless”, (S1, ep 14 to 16)(S2, ep 1).  “Wisting”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 4).                

Doctor Who Watched This Week:

 “The Chase”, (S2, Prod Code R)(BBC DVD Bonus: 01/03/10, Cusack In Cardiff, Daleks Beyond The Screen, Daleks Conquer And Destroy, Last Stop White City, Shawcraft-The Original Monster Maker, The Thrill Of The Chase).

The Time Meddler”, (S2, Prod Code S)(ep 1, The Watcher, TX: 03/07/65)(ep 2, The Meddling Monk, TX: 10/07/65)(ep 3, A Battle Of Wits, TX: 17/07/65)(ep 4, Checkmate, 24/07/65)( BBC DVD Bonus: 04/08/08, Restoration, Stripped For Action-The First Doctor, The Lost 12 Seconds).

Galaxy Four”, (S3, Prod Code T)(Loose Cannon Intro & Outro, Peter Purves, Dec 99)(ep 1, Four Hundred Dawns, LC Recon , TX: 11/09/65)(ep 2, Trap Of Steel, LC Recon,  TX: 18/09/65)(ep 3, Airlock, LC Recon, TX: 25/09/65)(ep 4, Exploding Planet, LC Recon,  TX: 02/10/65).

Mission To The Unknown”, (S3, Prod Code T/A)(Loose Cannon Intro & Outro, Edward De Souza, Sep 2000)(ep 1, Mission To The Unknown, LC Recon, TX: 09/10/65).

The Myth Makers”, (S3, Prod Code U)( Loose Cannon Intro & Outro, Frances White, Sept 06)(ep 1, Temple Of Secrets, LC Recon,TX: 16/10/65)(ep 2, Small Prophet, Quick Return, LC Recon, TX: 23/10/65)(ep 3, Death Of A Spy, LC Recon, TX: 30/10/65)(ep 4, Horse Of Destruction, LC Recon, TX: 06/11/65).

The Dalek Masterplan”, (S3, Prod Code V) Loose Cannon Intro Kevin Stoney, Dec 03)( ep 1, The Nightmare Begins, LC Recon, TX: 13/11/65)(ep 2, Day Of Armageddon, TX: 20/11/65)(ep 3, Devil’s Planet, LC Recon, 27/11/65)(ep 4, The Traitors, LC Recon, TX: 04/12/65).

 “Spyfall, (S38/S12, ep 2, TX: 05/01/20).

This week I have mainly been listening to:  

 “Daddy Look At Me: Daddy’s introductions”, (02/01/20(S2, ep 11, 09/01/20).  “Iain Lee (Highlights”, (31/12/19, 06/01, 09/01/20).  “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 126, 10/01/20).  “Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (04/01, 10/01/20).  “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 174, 28/12/19)(ep 175, 03/01/20)(ep 176, 10/01/20).  “Space Boffins”, (10/01/20).  “Strange Times”, (ep 329, 08/01/20).  “The Old Doctor Who Podcast”, (ep 37, 01/02/170)(ep 38, 22/02/170)(ep 39, 15/03/17)(ep 40, 05/04/17)(ep 41, 26/04/17)(ep 42, 17/05/17)(ep 43, 07/06/17)(ep 44, 28/06/17).  The Nick Abbot Habit”, (06/01/20).  “The Skewer”, (BBC Radio 4)(S1, ep 1, 08/01/20).  “Morrissey”, “Queen”,  “The Pet Shop Boys”,  “Manic Steet Preachers”,  “Catfish And The Bottlemen”,  “The Flaming Lips”, “Ok Go”.


























































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Week 289, Saturday 28th December 2019 until Friday 3rd January 2020.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East, Central, North London and Essex (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 289 Saturday 28th  December 2019 until Friday 3rd January 2020.


20200101_012615 Happy B’day this week, Tim”.

The end of another year (don’t worry next week will be back to normal moaning about life in the capital) this gives me a chance to look back at how this blog has during 2019.  I won’t lie, due to stuffing my face with food and drink for the last 10 days; I really don’t have much in the way of content.  During 2019 the blog got a total number of 2536 views, that’s 764 more than 2018.  These visits were from 41 countries, which is an increase of 12 on the previous year.  The pressure is on for 2020, can I get 2700 views.


I have produced a blog every week for 289 weeks.  Usually this consists of 800 to 900 words (which I realise is not very impressive, but you have to remember I lead boring life, so there’s not a lot to work with!  Plus, I have to be proud of something!).  The entertainment lists at the very bottom adds a few hundred extra word (It’s all content!) but I am aware that these are only of interest to me and possibility a couple of other people who never leave their bedrooms (these lists take so long to complied and type up.  Have a look you might find it interesting……. probably not!).

20200101_140203[1]20200101_140230[1]20200101_140304[1] “Round the world”.

I have said several times before, I consider this blog to be a weekly time capsule for my young ** niece and nephews.  One day they might like to read about what they’re mad, lardy aunty got up to when they were small.

20200103_07225220200103_072155 “Meeting up with cuz Nicola (and her hubby) after about 30 years.

In conclusion, it’s been a good year for this ramble; hopefully I will be able to continue to produce something for you to read on a weekly basis in 2020.  Which as always, I can’t promise will be interesting, but I’ll try!  Thank you for reading this, whether it’s your first visit, or you’re a regular offender.  When I notice that the stats have increased it does make me feel that this is worth it.


Happy New Year.

20191231_213652 “MOZ practicing her skill”, 

(** Hope your enjoying what you’re reading.  Now you understand why I am/was so strange! If you visit me regularly in the nursing home, thank you for spending some of your valuable time with your old aunty.  If you don’t what’s your excuse?  You live in the future with *** Hoverboards and Star Trek style transporter tech!).

20191231_132556  “Lunge, doing what she does best.  Winning!”

(*** If these have still not been invented, there’s still no excuse with your driverless cars. No pressure kids!!!!).

20200103_163713 “Very distracted while writing this, shiz”.

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:  

“A Crimbum Carol”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 3).  “Attack The Block”, (2011).  “Celebrity Mastermind 2019/20”, (ep 2,TX: 27/12/19).  “Cheers”, (S5, ep 2).  “Click”, (TX: 28/12/19).  “Dame Edna Rules The Waves”, (TX: 31/12/19).  “Dracula”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 3).  “Finding Your Feet”, (2018).  “Four Lions”, (2010).  “Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom”, (1984).  “IT”, (2017).  “Lost In Space”, (S2, ep 1).  “Martin’s Close”, (TX: 24/12/19).  “Mortimer & Whitehouse Gone Fishing”, (S2, ep 3 & ep 4).  “Mrs Brown’s Boys, Crimbum 2019: A Wonderful Mammy”, (TX: 25/12/19).  “Mrs Brown’s Boys: New Year 2020: Orange Is The New Mammy”, (TX: 01/01/20).  “Possessing Piper Rose”, (2011).  “R.I.P.D”, (2013).  “Royal Institution Crimbum Lectures 2019”, (ep 3, TX: 28/12/19).  “Shrill”, (S1, ep 1 & ep 2).   “Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakes”, (2015).  “Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi”, (2017).  “The Detectorist”, (S1, ep 3).  “The Goes Wrong Show”, (S1, ep 2).  “The Graham Norton Show”, (S26, ep 11, TX: 13/12/19)(ep 12, TX: 20/12/19).  “The Graham Norton Show: Graham Norton’s Good Show Business Guide”, (TX: 03/01/2020).  “The Grand Tour”, (S4, ep 1, TX: 13/12/19).  “The Great British Bake Off: The Great Festive Bake Off: New Year”, (TX: 01/01/20).  “The Last Leg Of The Year (S18, ep 10, TX: 31/12/19).  “The Sky At Night: Guides 4: Commits And Asteroids”, (TX: 10/04/19).  “Timeless”, (S1, ep 12 & ep 13).  “Top Gear: Nepal Special”, (29/12/19).  “Two Faces Of January”, (2014).               

Doctor Who Watched This Week:

 “The Chase”, (S2, Prod Code R)(ep 1, The Executioners, TX: 22/05/65)(ep 2, The Death Of Time, TX: 29/05/65)(ep 3, Flight Through Eternity, TX: 05/06/65)(ep 4, Journey Into Terror, TX: 12/06/65)(ep 5, The Death Of Doctor Who, TX 19/06/65)(ep 6,The Planet of Decision, TX: 26/06/65).

Spyfall, (S38/S12, ep 1, TX: 01/01/20).

This Week I Saw Live:

“Peter Pan Goes Wrong”, (Alexandra Palace, 28/12/19).

This week I have mainly been listening to:  

 “Anti Social Show”, (ep 78.5, 30/12/19).  “Brian Gittens And Friends: The Lost Episode”, (ep 67, 23/12/19).  “Daddy Look At Me: Daddy’s 2019 Favourite”, (31/12/19).  “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 124, 30/12/19)(ep 125, 03/01/20).  “Nick Abbot A to Z 2019 (LBC)”, (M to O, 28/12/19)(P to Q, 29/12/19)(S to U, 30/12/19)(V to Z, 31/12/19).  “Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (01/01, 02/01, 03/01/20).  “The Rabbit Hole”, (ep 70: Bonus, General Election Special, 27/12/19).  “Morrissey”, “Dub Star”,  “Supergrass”,  “Ash”,  “Inex”,  “R.E.M”, “The Cure”,  “Suede”,  “Shed Seven”,  “Neil Innes (R.I.P)”,  “Julian Cope”,   “The Bangles”, “Toploader”, “The Communards”, “Simple Minds”.

























































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Week 288, Saturday 21st until Friday 27th December 2019.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East London, Surrey and Essex (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 288 Saturday 21st  until Friday 27th December 2019.


Its Crimbum (hope you had a good one) but you knew that from the last few months of shopping madness.  Due to my excessive eating and drinking this week I thought I would look through the last 52 weeks of this blog and pluck out a few of the “And Finally” stories that made me chuckle.


And Finally for 2019……

20191222_124658 “MOZ a true angel”.

Overheard a women in the supermarket talking about Bottom Muffins, this of course made me smile and snigger as if I was at school.  A few mins later I realised that I had egg on my face when I saw what she was looking at, a packet of Bottom Muffins.


20191225_174956 “My lovely mum”.

Blonde moment of the week!  Arriving home in the car, MOZ (Who was sitting in the front passenger seat) suddenly said looking at the empty driveway.  Where’s the car?


20191225_182825 “A very proud grand mother”.

A man and his pug sat next to me on the tube.  The musty breath and slight vibrating purring I think we’re coming from the pug.  Though these days I have learned never assume.


20191225_135452 “My baby sisters”.

Thought MOZ said “so shits”, she actually said “associates”.


20191225_141707 “My brother”.

Saw a man walk into a bollard, hitting his Bollocks.  That will teach him to look where he is going and not concentrate on his small electronic device.


20191225_174940 “Whats funny?”.

A man walked past me (I was sitting) on the tube.  His finger briefly touched me, which gave me an electric shock.  Damn people and their superpowers.


20191225_122201 “Now that’s what i call a spread”.

Stuck at traffic lights I was entertained by looking in my rear-view mirror watching a man on a motorbike.  Who was staring at his mirror, looking up his nose from different directions.


20191225_160822 “Star baker is Sigrida”.

After dealing with an enquiry on the phone (at work), I asked “if there was anything else I could do”.  The woman on the other end of the line said that she had recently been involved in a messy break up and wanted to know if I could arrange for her ex hubby to be killed.


20191225_174928 “My lovely sister-in-law”.

While fondling a sharp pronged forked implement in a garden centre.  An old man walked past just as i said loudly “just think of the damage I could do with this”!  He gave me a wide berth.


20191225_105422 “Loved watching this early morning visitor”.

Walking into the kitchen holding a paperback I proudly stated, “I’ve read an entire paragraph, that’s more than I have done in years”.  My friend looking confused said, “Do you mean chapter?”  (Just to clarify all my reading these days involves e-books.  It was nice to be walking round with an actual paperback).


20191225_103101 “JBomb started early”.

A man passed with a two small children.  I heard him say “unless you eat all your dinner, you won’t get any sweets “. I’ll have to try that with a few hobbits I know!


20191226_173837 “Thanks George”.

Heard a woman say to her friend as she climbed out of a car.  “Careful, I can see your Onion bagel!


20191225_075231 “Very talented”.

Passing a bus stop one morning i watched as a double-decker speed by.  That’s when the 2 individuals (who didn’t appear to be together) realised what had happened.  Both had been concentrating on their phones and not looking down the road.  The look they gave each other silently said “why didn’t you stop the bus?”  It was a priceless moment.


20191225_143024 “On your marks, get set….”

I walked into the middle of a slightly shocking sounding conversation; the first thing I heard was a woman saying “tits on nuts”.  I was assured that this wasn’t as interesting as it sounded.  She was talking about Blue tits on her birdfeeder.


20191225_135523 “Double trouble!”

I wrote the following in an email “sorry, so busty”.  I meant to say “sorry, so busy”.  Luckily this was to a friend.


20191226_210333 “No.  I didnt share!”.

MOZ said “do you want to put your thing on?”  I looked at her confused and said “my thing?” She repeated “Your thing!”  After a pause as she said “You’re new DVD, The Thing” (a deluxe version of the 1982 classic).


20191225_22142220191225_221251 “Grandma poker face”.

If you don’t agree with the above and think this was a total waste of your time, and would like a festive **refund (** refund not available in this reality).  Please send your complaint to the North Pole (this will give a drunken fat man with a white beard something to do. Plus he will be able to keep warm by using your letters as fuel his fire).

Next week will be the final blog of 2019 (and the decade).  If you would like a New Year (new decade) mention then get in contact via Facebroke or Twatter at the usual address.

20191228_033629.jpg “One of the best progs this Crimbum was the new Worzel Gummidge.  I love it”.

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:  

“Animals Babies: First Year On Earth”, (S1, ep 1, TX: 24/07/19).  “Beauty And The Beast”, (2017).  “Becoming Jane”, (2006).  “Cheers”, (S4, ep 22to ep 26)(S5, ep 1).  “Click: Clickmass 2019”, (TX: 21/12/19).  “Comedy Blaps: The Diary of My Broken Vagina”, (Channel 4)(YouTube)(13/12/19).  “Cowboys Vs Aliens”, (2011).  “Cuck & Other Humans On 2019”, (S1, ep 5 & ep 6).  “Evil Under The Sun”, (1982).  “Father Crimbum”, (1991).  “Frozen”, (2013).  “Gavin And Stacey: Crimbum Special”, (TX: 25/12/19).  “Green Book”, (2018).  “Guardians”, (2017).  “Have I Got 2019 News For You”, (S58, 27/12/19).  “His Dark Materials”, (S1, ep 8).  “Is It Quicker To Walk Londons Shortest Tube Journey?”, (YouTube)(30/08/19).  “Lucy & D.i.C: Couch Time: The Eye Of The Dic”, (YouTube)(24/12/19).  “Medium”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 3).  “Night At The Museum”, (2006).  “Not Going Out: Driving Home For Crimbum”, (TX: 24/12/19).  “Only Fools And Horses: To Hull And Back”, (TX: 25/12/85).  “Only Fools And Horses: A Royal Flush”, (TX: 25/12/86).  “Royal Institution Crimbum Lectures 2019”, (ep 1, TX: 26/12/19)(ep2, TX: 27/12/19).  “Secrets Of Skin”, (S1, ep 6, 20/12/19).  “Star Trek”, (S1, ep 4).  “Susan Hill’s, Ghost Story – The Small Hand”, (2019).  “Terry Nation Army Extra: Terry And Donald’s Crimbum Special”, (YouTube)(25/12/19).  “The Billionaire Boy”, (2016).  “The Crystal Maze; Crimbum 2019 Special”, (TX: 23/12/19).  “The Good Dinosaur”, (2015).  “The Great British Bake Off: The Great Crimbum Bake Off”, (TX: 25/12/19).  “The Last Leg: Crimbum Special”, (S18, ep 9, TX: 20/12/19).  “The Misadventures Of Romesh Ranganathan: Crimbum, The Sahara”, (TX: 22/12/19).  “The Most Out Of Station Interchanges In One Journey”, (YouTube)(16/12/19).  “The New December 2019 Tube Map”, (YouTube)(19/12/19).  “The Show That Goes Wrong”, (S1, ep 1).  “The Tiger Who Came To Tea”, (2019).  “The Witcher”, (S1, ep 1).  “The Women In Black”, (2011).  “Top Of The Pops: Crimbum 2019”, (TX: 25/12/19).  “Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers”, (1993).  “Weird Things Only British People Do”, (Channel 4)(YouTube)(16/12/19…ish).  “Which Is Faster? High Speed 1 vs The Tube”, (YouTube)(08/11/19).  “Worzel Gummidge (2019)”, (S1, ep 1 & ep 2).        

Classic Doctor Who Watched This Week:

 “The Crusade”, (S2, Prod Code P)(ep 2, The Knights of Jaffa, Loose Cannon Recon, Dec 2000)(TX: 03/04/65)(ep 2 summary, William Russell, BBC Video July 1999)(ep 3, The wheel of Fortune, TX: 10/04/65)(Loose Cannon, summary, Julian Glover, Dec 2000)(ep 4, The Warlords, Loose Cannon Recon, Dec 2000)(TX: 17/04/65)(ep 4 summary, William Russell, BBC Video July 1999)(Loose Cannon, Julian Glover Outro, Dec 2000).

“The Space Museum”, (S2, Prod CodeQ)(ep1, The Space Museum, TX: 24/04/65)(ep 2, The Dimensions of Time, TX: 01/05/65)(ep 3, The Search, TX: 08/05/65)(ep 4, The Final Phase, TX: 15/05/65).

This week I have mainly been listening to:  

 “13 Minutes To The Moon”, (BBC World Service)(Bonus, Hans Zimmer, 23/12/19)(Making The Music, 23/12/19).  “Brian And Roger: Crimbum Cookoo”, (23/12/19).  “Gossipmongers: Crimbum Special”, (22/12/19).  “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (21/12, 22/12, 23/12/19).  “Nick Abbot A to Z 2019 (LBC)”, (A to C, 24/12/19)(D to F, 25/12/19)(G to I, 26/12/19)(J to L, 27/12/19).  “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 173, 20/12/19).  “Strange Times”, (Crimbum 2019, Special Message, 24/12/19).  “The Adam Buxton Podcast”, (ep 115, Crimbum, 25/12/19).  “The Old Doctor Who Show”, (ep 35, 21/12/16)(ep 36, 11/01/17).  “Morrissey”, “Lilly Allen”,  “Kate Nash”,  “Keene”,  “The B52’s”,  “Kate Bush”, “Frankie Goes To Hollywood”,  “Elbow”,  “The Pretenders”,  “Paul McCartney And The Frog Chorus”,  “Simple MInds”,   “The Cure”, “Little Richard”.
























































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Week 287, Saturday 14th until Friday 20th December 2019.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East, South West (inc Putney) Central London and Surrey (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 287 Saturday 14th until Friday 20th December 2019.

This week i caused a scene, and flashed innocent passers-by, be honest you wouldn’t expect anything else from me! At my local tube station, I slipped on a step (before any barrack-room lawyer pipes up “you should take TFL to the cleaners” I was wearing shoes that don’t have great traction in damp weather. So, it is 100% my fault!). I wasn’t rushing; don’t be silly I am never that enthusiastic to be at work. Being a visual thinking person the best way to describe what happened is in the form of a script.

20191220_19081120191220_191412 “Shiz doodle of what happened to me this week”.
Picture the scene.

Ext. Morning, Tube Station Staircase.
We see a staircase, busy with commuters going up one side and down the other.
A woman appears at the top of the stairs, she is dressed smart casual for another day in the office (note to wardrobe, the skirt is knee length, or just above the knee. Nothing overly tarty for a Tuesday in East London). The woman is minding her own business enjoying a podcast. She makes her way down the stairs, a route that she has trudged thousands of times.

Cut to shot of women slipping (note to props the layer of water on the step must not be very noticeable).

The women falls directly on to her back and continues to bounce down a further couple of steps (note to stunt team, because we can see her face, the actress is going to have to do the stunt. There is no CGI face match moving budget). The fall needs to look painful. People (supporting artist) stop and look.

End of scene.

20191220_115046 “nuff said”.

These days I don’t have a lot of faith in humanity. I have seen enough of the news recently to feel very totally frustrated with the human race, how we treat each other people, animals and of course the planet! That morning my faith was partially restored as a couple of men and surprisingly school children came to my aid. They not only asked if I was ok but helped this old lardy battered sack of rotting flesh upright. Due to the embarrassment I don’t think I thanked them properly. After spending time leaning against the wall, partly to compose myself but also to allow the good Samaritan’s time to disappear into the crowd, because I didn’t want to face them again. I limped home and went straight to bed. At the time of writing I ache all over, every muscle from my bum up to my neck is sore and hurting. If I need someone to rub a pain-relieving cream on those hard to reach areas can I call on you?

20191218_102853 “Sicko”.

And Now For Something Completely Different……

Due to a month of train strikes (the strikers obviously needed extra Crimbum shopping time! It’s a hectic month after all) my office has moved from its normal location to a different building nearer the centre of the capital. This has been good for travel, as the journey is not as long as the normal one I have done for the last 2 years.

20191213_125826 “Need more than elbow grease to shift that dirt”.

But, as expected there are downsides. The new office is in what appears to be an attic with no natural light. There are dirty skylights, which I discovered is a false ceiling; the real one with even dirtier windows is a number of feet above. There is no hot water! Well there is if you have the time to go down numinous flights of steps and security doors. The desks are hobbit sized barely big enough for the keyboard and a piece of the cheapest copier paper to make notes on. Because the move took place while I was sick, I didn’t get to bring my pens and nicer (but still cheap) copier paper that I use these to draw with during the day. The travel may be better, but I actually do miss the other office even if the journey is a pain in my lardy arse.

20191213_125851 “There’s enough room to hide in the ceiling”.

Once the festive season is over and everything is back to normal, ill be happier doodling away in-between calls that frustrate me. That is until summer when there will probably be further strikes (more time for holidays).

20191212_130414 “Either executives are getting younger.  Or executive toys are far too expensive these days”.

And Finally……

20191214_15040520191214_163852 “Iain Lee and his split jeans”. “Iain and Katherine are always a joy to meet”.

In a supermarket I overheard a woman say with frustration “He’s chewed through the wires again and shorted all the lights!” I assume she was talking about a dog or cat destroying her Crimbum lights. But I like to imagine a feral child with razor-sharp fangs crawling around drawn to the bright lights. No, just me then!!!

20191214_14175020191214_134729 “Out and about in town”.

Overhead a man says to another “I really admire your hair”. He did have lovely curly flowing locks, and would look great as a Klingon from Star Trek if he was a cosplayer.

20191218_18563620191218_185639 “Budgie and Phantom meet up again”.

The following is genuinely a line I put into an email (non work related).

20191218_150128 “Its pretty much rained all week”.

“I have a huge smile on my face (that might be because of the image of the two of you in swimming cozzies, fighting in an inflatable pool filled with jelly)”.

Next week will be the Crimbum blog. Due to excessive food and drink (I hope) there might not be a lot of content (some would say there never is much in the way of content). Happy Crimbum xx

20191218_112907.jpg “In bed, feeling ill writing this shiz”.

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:
“Blakes 7”, (SC, ep 11). “Car Park Love Note”, (Short, YouTube)(2018). “Cheers”, (S4, ep 8 to ep 21). “Click”, (TX: 14/12/19). “Cuck & Other Humans In 2019”, (S1, ep 1 to 4). “First Dates”, (S13, ep 3, TX: 26/11/16). “Have I Got News For You”, (S58, ep 10, TX: 20/12/19). “His Dark Materials”, (S1, ep 7). “House Of Fools: House Of Fools Crimbum Special”, (TX: 28/12/14). “Jack Whitehall: Crimbum With My Father”, (TX: 12/12/19). “Rouge One: A Star Wars Story”, (2016). “Ruben Kaye Project: Kids React To Drag”, (Channel 4). “Secrets Of Skin”, (S1, ep 1, TX: 15/12/19)(ep 2, TX: 16/12/19)(ep 3, TX: 17/12/19)(ep 4, TX: 18/12/19)(ep 5, 19/12/19). “Star Trek”, (S1, ep 2 & ep 3). “Star Wars: The Mandalorian”, (S1, ep 6). “The Apprentice: The Final”, (S15, ep 14, TX 18/12/19). “The Apprentice: Honest Subtitles”, (S5, ep 12, TX: 18/12/19). “The Apprentice: You’re Hired”, (S14, ep 12, TX: 18/12/19). “The Last Leg: Elegtion Special”, (S18, ep 8, TX: 13/12/19). “The One Show (Star Wars)”, (TX: 19/12/19). “Timeless”, (S1, ep 10 & ep 11). “Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out”, (S2, ep 3 & ep 4). “Zombie Petrol Can – 15 Second Horror Film Challenge”, (Short, YouTube)(2018).

Doctor Who Watched This Week:
“The Dalek Invasion Of Earth”, (S2, Prod Code K)(ep 1, The Worlds End, TX: 21/11/64)(ep 2, The Daleks”, TX: 28/11/64)(ep 3, Day Of Reckoning, TX: 05/12/64)(ep 4, The End Of Tomorrow, TX: 12/12/64)(ep 5, The Walking Alley, TX: 19/12/65)(ep 6, Flashpoint, TX: 26/12/64)(BBC DVD Bonus, CGI SFX, Future Memories, Future Visions, Now And Then, Talking Daleks, (16/06/03).

“The Rescue”, (S2, Prod Code L)(ep 1, The Powerful Enemy, TX: 02/01/65)(ep 2, Desperate Measures, TX: 09/01/65)(BBC DVD Bonus, Mounting The Rescue, (23/02/09).
“The Romans”, (S2, Prod Code M)(ep 1, The Slave Traders, TX: 16/01/65)(ep 2, All Roads Lead To Rome, TX: 23/01/65)(ep 3, Conspiracy, TX: 30/01/65)(ep 4, Inferno, TX: 06/02/65)(BBC DVD Bonus, Roma Parva, And What Have “The Romans” Ever Done For Us (23/02/09).

“The Web Planet”, (S2, Prod Code N)(ep 1, The Wed Planet, TX: 13/02/65)(ep 2, The Zarbi, TX: 20/02/65)(ep 3, Escape To Danger, TX: 27/02/65)(ep 4, Crater Of Needles, TX: 06/03/65)(ep 5, The Invasion, TX: 13/06/65)(ep 6, The Centre, 20/03/65)(BBC DVD Bonus, Tales Of Isop, The Lair Of The Zarbi Supremo (03/10/05).

“The Crusade”, (S2, Prod Code P)(Loose Cannon Intro Julian Glover, Dec 2000)(BBC DVD intro William Russell, 01/11/04)(ep 1, The Lion, 27/03/65).

This Week I saw Live On Stage:
“The Rabbit Hole” Podcast Live at The Half Moon Putney, (14/12/19).

This week I have mainly been listening to:
“Anti Social Show”, (ep 78, 13/12/19). “Blood On The Tracks (BBC)”, (S1, ep 3, 10/04/18)(ep 4, 17/04/18)(S2, ep 1, 22/11/18). “Daddy Look At Me”, (S2, ep 10, 19/12/19). “Gossipmongers: Top 10, Best of 2019”, (14/12/19). “Griefcast (Now That’s What I Call Griefcast Part 4)”, (ep 109, 18/12/19). “Iain Lee (Bonus)”, (13/12/19). “LBC Podcast: Mystery Hour”, (19/12/19). “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (14/12, 20/12/19). “NASA: Gravity Assist”, (19/12/19). “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 123, 20/12/19). “Nick Abbot (Talkradio)”, (YouTube, Audio only)(03/04/98). “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 172, 13/12/19). “Strange Times”, (ep 326, 13/12/19)(ep 327, 16/12/19). “The Adam Buxton Podcast”, (ep 114, 14/12/19). “The All New Angelos And Barry Podcast”, (20/11/19). “The Nick Abbot Habit”, (18/12/19). “The Old Doctor Who Show”, (ep 28, 27/07/16)(ep 29, 17/08/16)(ep 30, 07/09/16)(ep 31, 28/09/16)(ep 32, 19/10/16)(ep 33, 06/01116)(Mini ep 1, 22/11/16)(ep 34, 30/11/16). “Morrissey”, “Carpenters”, “New Order”, “USA For Africa”, “The Pretenders”, “Band Aid (Original)”, “East 17”, “Greg Lake”, “Catatonia”, “The Darkness”, “Alanis Morissette”, “Guns N’ Roses (Live And Let Die)”, “Wings”, “Kirsty MacColl (R.I.P 18/12/2000)”, “Ian Dury & The Blockheads”, “The Specials”, “Madness”, “Kate Bush”.

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Week 286, Saturday 7th until Friday 13th December 2019.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in Northamptionshire, East and Central London, Hertfordshire (inc Elstree, Tesco Carpark) and Surrey (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 286 Saturday 7th  until Friday 13th December 2019.


Happy B’day this week to my lovely Sister-in-Law Sigrida.


Last weekend I visited a very new university campus, from what was said it’s only a year old and cost more money than many small countries.  I (and mum) accompanied one my sisters who is looking to study a short refresher course.

20191207_095929 “Wonder if they would miss that lovely clock”.

Dotted around were little groups of people who were interested in studying different subjects. A banner stating “Criminology”, I wonder if that’s an interesting subject to study.  When I was young I don’t remember that there was any opportunity for to go to Art College or study film and TV production.  During the visit, I spent time looking at an exhibition by students of the Uni.  This did make me think, how my life may have been completely different if I had gone to University!

20191207_101624 “Not sure everything on display is actually Art.  I didn’t touch just in case”.

As expected virtually all of the potential students were young.  Could an old, lardy slightly bitter person become a student?  The main problem is the cost, nothing is free these days. At the moment it’s just an idea, which I suspect will remain just stay an idea!

DSCF5184 “Such a peaceful location”.

Good luck to my sister with regards her application. I’ll keep you informed on her progress.

And Now For Something Completely Different……

I take pictures all the time; in fact I annoy friends and family constantly because I’m always pulling out one of three cameras that I usually carry. There are thousands of them stored on a drive, maybe one day I might be able to do something creative with at least one of them!

20191211_173538 “So many of my fave films were made in that studio”.

Earlier this week I got a chance to revisit Elstree film studios to meet a friend that works there. I love any excuse to be near a film set. Because I arrived early, I parked next door in the huge carpark of a massive supermarket. Even though I have multiple pics of the studio from that carpark I had to take more (it’s an addiction).

20191211_173927 “The offending picture”. 

As I took the above picture, a police car passed.  Due to it being a little chilly, I went into the superstore and found the coffee shop.  As I was about to enter the caffeine watering hole two Police officers appeared and stopped me.  These were the officers in the patrol car who had seen me taking this photo.  They had returned to the carpark, parked and hunted me down inside the shop.

20191211_184210 “I have no idea what was being filmed behind this wall.  That doesn’t stop me from taking a pic”.

The officers wanted to know why I had been taking a picture of a “sensitive area”.  If this had been a government or military building, I would have understood why the rozzers were so interested in what i had been doing.  But the snap, as you can see is mainly of a boundary wall.  To prove my story, I showed them my friend’s texts about my visit and my replies using the picture to illustrate I was early.  From the looks on their faces I disappointed them by the truth. I didn’t admit that the reason I took that particular picture is because in the background you can just make out “George Lucas Stage”.  If you have read this shiz before you will know I am a huge Star Wars fan, plus “Uncle George” (I still dream) and myself have the same surname.  If I had told them that, they might have called an ambulance resulting in me being dragged off in a straitjacket.

20180916_142714 “The Saint, taking on a previous visit”.

I suspect the truth of this “sensitive location” is because these officers were part of a crack “Strictly Come Dancing” (which is filmed in The Uncle George stage) squad.  I could have confirmed this if they had got there glittery truncheons out.

20191211_174634 “I needed this after the shock”.

My contact with the long arm of the law didn’t last long.  They left happy because they didn’t have to fill out a huge amount of paperwork.  Within minutes I happily guzzled a hot choc full of sugar and other additives.  One hour later I was within the gates of the studio complex and I took several of various brick walls!

20191211_184156 “The Saint”.

Oh, Something Topical And Political……

The morning of the election I was at the polling station at 8am to vote, it had been open for one hour.  As I put my “X” against the candidate and party of choice, I overheard the polling clerks talking (who are well paid to sit in a cold and drafty school/community hall drinking tea from a flask and homemade sandwiches until 10pm).  It appeared I was only the 20th person to cast my vote during that first hour.  For such an important election, in a busy part of London that’s a poor show (in my opinion).

20191208_093240 “A couple of prezzies for my sister”.



We now know which numpty is in charge for the next few years.  Personally I think we have to pick ourselves up off the floor and get on with our lives.  This ends the political section of the blog!

20191208_17312820191208_171819 “Took mum and Hel to see some local Crimbum lights”.

And Finally……

A friend said “You licking my flap”.  I was licking an envelope to help them, honest.

IMG-20191213-WA0001 “I should have been writing this shiz,  but was completely distracted on way in to London”.

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:  

“Ad Vitam”, (S1, ep 4).  “Annabelle Comes Home”, (2019).  “Big Jet TV: Live (Heathrow)”, (YouTube)(TX: 07/12/19).  “Blakes 7”, (SC, ep 8 to ep 10).  “CBeebies Bedtime Story: Jodie Whitaker”, (ep 678, TX: 31/12/18).  “Cheers”, (S3, ep 21 to ep 25)(S4, ep 1 to 7).  “Click”, (TX: 07/12/19).  “Have I Got News For You”, (S58, ep 9, TX: 13/12/19).  “His Dark Materials”, (S1, ep 6).  “Living With Yourself”, (S1, ep 6).  “Michael McIntyre’s Big Show”, (S5, ep 3, TX: 07/12/19).  “Space 1999”, (S1, ep 4).  “Star Trek”, (Pilot: The Cage)(S1, ep 1).  “Star Wars: The Mandalorian”, (S1, ep 5).  “The Americas With Simon Reeves”, (S1, ep 5, TX: 10/11/19).  “The Apprentice: The Final Five”, (S15, ep 11, TX: 10/12/19).  “The Apprentice”, (S15, ep 12, TX 11/12/19).  “The Apprentice: Honest Subtitles”, (S5, ep 11, TX: 11/12/19).  “The Apprentice: You’re Fired”, (S14, ep 11, TX: 11/12/19).  “The Graham Norton Show”, (S26, ep 10, TX: 06/12/19).  “The Kapil Sharma Show”, (S2, ep 93, TX: 23/11/19).  “The One Show”, (TX: 10/12/19).  “The Sky At Night: Review Of The Year 2019”, (TX: 08/12/19).  “Timeless”, (S1, ep 5 & ep 9).  “Top Gear”, (S16, ep 6, TX: 01/03/11).  “Upstart Crow: A Crow Cimbum Special”, (25/12/18).  “V War”, (S1, ep 1).      

Doctor Who watched this week:

“The Sensorites”, (S1, Prod Code G)(ep 4, Race Against Time, 18/07/64)(ep 5, Kidnap, 25/07/64)(ep 6, A Desperate Venture, 01/07/64).     

 “The Reign Of Terror”, (S1, Prod Code H)( Loose Cannon Intro & Outro: Carol Ann Ford, Sept 2000) )(Loose Cannon John Peel Interview)(ep 1, A Land Of Fear, TX: 08/08/64)(ep 2, Guests Of Madame Guillotine, TX: 15/08/64)(ep 3, A Change Of Identity, TX: 22/08/64)(ep 4, The Tyrant Of France, TX: 29/08/64)(ep 5, A Bargain Of Necessity (Loose Cannon Recon)(Sept 2000)(ep 6, Prisoners Of Conciergerie (Loose Cannon Recon)(Sept 2000

“Planet Of Giants”, (S2, Prod Code J)(ep 1, Plant Of Giants, TX: 31/10/64)(ep 2, Dangerous Journey, TX: 07/11/64)(ep 3, Crisis, TX: 14/11/64).

This week I have mainly been listening to:  

 “Blood On The Tracks”, (Trailer: 26/03/18)(Trailer: Welcome Back To Blood On The Tracks: 19/11/18)(S1, ep 1, 27/03/18)(ep 2, 03/04/18).  “Clinton Baptiste Paranormal Podcast: Crimbum Special”, (13/12/19).  “Daddy Look At Me”, (S2, ep 9, 12/12/19).  “Griefcast (Now That’s What I Call Griefcast Part 3)”, (ep 108, 11/12/19).  “Iain Lee (Highlight)”, (06/12, 09/12, 10/12, 11/12/19).  “LBC Podcast: Mystery Hour”, (05/12/19).  “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (07/12, 13/12/19).  “NASA: Gravity Assist”, (10/12/19).  “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 122, 13/12/19).  “RHLSTP”, (ep 215, 12/06/19).  “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 171, 06/12/19).  “Space Boffins”, (13/12/19).  “Space Rocket History Archive”, (ep 47 & ep 48, 06/02/18)(ep 49, 06/03/18)(ep 50 & ep 51, 16/03/18).  “Sue Perkins: Best of Series 1”, (07/12/19).  “The Adam Buxton Podcast”, (ep 113, 08/12/19).  “The Nick Abbot Habit”, (09/12/19).  “The Old Doctor Who Show”, (ep 20, 10/02/16)(ep 21, 02/03/16)(ep 22, 23/03/16)(ep 23, 13/04/16)(ep 24, 04/05/16)(ep 25, 25/05/16)(ep 26, 15/06/16)(ep  27, 06/07/16).  “Treasure Quest”, (BBC Three Counties Radio)(07/12/19)“Walking The Dog With Emily Dean”, (ep 6, 05/05/17).  “Morrissey”,  “ELO”,  “The White Stripes”,  “Edwin Collins”,  “Madonna”,  “Roxette”, “U2”,  “East 17”,  “The Charlatans”,  “ Inspiral Carpets”,  “Toploader”,   “The Bluetones”, “Skunk Anansie”, “Blur”, “Yeah Yeah Yeahs”, “John Lennon/Yoko Ono And The Plastic Ono Band”.






















































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Week 285, Saturday 30th November until Friday 6th December 2019.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East, Central, South (inc Purley) London.  Essex, Surrey and Northamptionshire (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 285 Saturday 30th  November until Friday 6th December 2019.


This week Happy bday to MOZ, SAZ, Hel on 2nd and Nico on 5th.


First an update on last weeks ramble.


Aries the Hamster sadly died at 17.32pm on Saturday 30th November. That last day she lay curled up warmly in a mound of bedding occasionally stirring, but never actually getting up. I am no expert, but I felt she was in a coma state. My friend and I had been nursing her for the last week night and day didn’t see her eat or drink that last day. It was obvious late morning that her quality of life was not going to improve. The tough decision was made to make an appointment for Sunday morning to take her to the vets one last time! Around 17.15pm we became aware of a unusual sound that I can only described as a vibrating which we suspected was something to do with her breathing. We sat on the floor talking and stroking her, which was a comfort to us. Personally I would like to think this comforted her, but i don’t think she was aware of what was happening. As I stated at the top at 17.32pm her little body became still, Aries had left us.

20191203_105130[1].jpg “Sleep well little girl”.

Even though we were very upset, there was a relief that we didnt have to take her to the vets the next morning. I like to think that she had not wanted to put us through the stress and upset of that visit. During the week we buried her in the garden, she is gone but not forgotten. I am not going to apologise for sounding so soppy over a small Hamster, a creature that many think of disposable. One dies, another can be bought for a few pounds the next day. As I said last week that very small special mammal had really helped me a person who suffers with mental health issues to feel better. Just looking after her gave me pleasure. Its silly little things I really miss such as her running up and down my arms. We have plenty of pics and video, plus our own memories to remember her.

20191203_094248 “This Santa cake, couldn’t take anymore”.

And Now For Something Completely Different……

20191204_231703.jpg “Emmmm, Cake”.

On Monday I helped to celebrate my best friend’s b’day (fact fans, the same day as my sisters).  As mentioned above we were feeling very sad, but I wanted my friend to enjoy her special day.  We visited a favourite central London pub that serves lovely Thai food with indie music playing in the background.  One of the best things about this drinking establishment is that a major central London cop shop is almost opposite. We like nothing more when visiting than to watch London’s Metropolitan Police driving the cream of the capital’s criminals into the back courtyard.  You wouldn’t expect much else from me; I have mentioned before that I am a simple organism.  Plus occasions like this makes me realise that even though I feel my life is shiz, it’s better than the people in the back of the police vans (who of course are innocent, or so they claim).

20191203_151516 “The B’day girl and her hot toddy”.

Other highlights of her bday were going g to the cinema to see Les Miserables: The Staged Concert.  A woman behind us during the interval kept commenting to her friend about the show being live.  I was tempted to inform that it was recorded the week before, but decided it wasn’t worth it.  Plus this kept us entertained during the interval.  Then there was £21 on lovely Lindt (who do not sponsoring this shiz, but if they would like to I’ll be very pleased to tastes all of their products) chocolate.  Maybe I should mention all the Whittard (if they would like to be the drinks sponsor of the blog, I wouldn’t say no) fruit drinks.  These will last years, we only recently finished the last lot which took long enough to use up.  It was an emotional day; I hope these distractions helped MOZ enjoyed herself.

20191203_12363720191203_133056 “Lunge and Calamity choosing balls”.

And Finally……

20191202_18542420191202_202519 “Sitting comfortably in the Cinema, ready for the show”.

Being sold alcohol by a 16yr old who was being trained.  I know she was that age as the supervisor who had to give permission for the “girl” to sell the drink go me asked her.  Just before the manager walked away, she said to the trainee to ask me for ID.  Once we were on our own, the young girl looked me up and down and just carried on scanning the items.  I obviously look so old that there was no point in wasting breath asking for my age.  Walking away I realised I was probably older than her parents.  That was a shopping trip I won’t forget.

20191202_234242 “The Pic n Mix part of my Chocolate horde”.

I saw an unsympathetic GP.  My heart sank when I saw the name on the door (this was a walk-in consultation so I didn’t have a choice of Dr) as I had an unsatisfactory consultation last year with them.  I am thinking of making an official complaint, what do you think?

20191202_17243120191202_172155 “Enjoying the Capital by night”.

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

20191206_113921 “Writing this shiz, but the Shat is so distracting”.

This week I have mainly been watching:  

“Ad Vitam”, (S1, ep 3).  “All Tube Stations Have Fifteen Floors (YouTube)”, (16/01/18).  “Blakes 7”, (SC, ep 6 & ep 7).  “Bonus Secrets Of The Underground (YouTube)”, (01/10/15).  “Cheers”, (S3, ep 7 to ep 20).  “Click”, (TX: 30/11/19).  “Have I Got News For You”, (S58, ep 7, TX: 29/11/19)(ep 8, TX: 06/12/19).  “Heathrow To Upminster (YouTube)”, (25/01/18).  “His Dark Materials”, (S1, ep 5).  “Kill Your TV, Jim Moir’s Weird World Of Video Art”, (TX: 24/11/19).  “Les Miserables: The Staged Concert: Recorded At The Gielgud Theatre London, 30/11/19)”, (Shown 02/12/19).  “Living With Yourself”, (S1, ep 5).  “More Secrets Of The Underground (YouTube)”, (04/11/16).  “NASA TV Live: ISS Spacewalk #224 (Parmitano & Morgan)”, (TX: 02/12/19).  “People Of Science With Professor Brian Cox”, (S2, ep 1 to ep 6, TX: 05/12/19).  “Secrets Of The Central Line (YouTube), (TX: 03/07/13).  “Secrets Of The Trams (YouTube), (TX: 04/03/16).  “Stargate SG-1”, (S5, ep 1).  “Star Trek”, (S3, ep 24).  “Star Wars: The Mandalorian”, (S1, ep 3 & ep 4).  “Suede: The Insatiable Ones”, (2018).  “The Apprentice”, (S15, ep 10, TX: 04/12/19).  “The Apprentice: Honest Subtitles”, (S5, ep 10, TX: 04/12/19).  “The Apprentice: You’re Fired”, (S14, ep 10, TX: 04/12/19).  “The Crimbum Misadventures Of Romesh Ranganathan”, (TX: 20/12/18).  “The Graham Norton Show”, (S26, ep 7, TX: 08/11/19)(ep 8, TX: 22/11/19)(ep 9, TX: 29/11/19).  “The Last Leg”, (S18, ep 6, TX: 29/11/19)(ep 7 “Pre-Elegtion Special”, TX: 06/12/19).  “The War Of The Worlds”, (S1, ep 3).  “Timeless”, (S1, ep 2 & ep 4).  “Time Team”, (S19, ep 2, TX: 29/01/12).  “Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out”, (S2, ep 1 & ep 2).     

Doctor Who watched this week:

“Marco Polo (Loose Cannon Recon)”, (S1, Prod Code D)(ep 1, The Roof Of The World, TX: 22/02/64)(ep 2, The Singing Sands, TX: 29/02/64)(ep 3, Five hundred Eyes, 07/03/64)(ep 4, The Wall Of Lies, TX: 14/03/64)(ep 5, Rider From Shang-Tu, TX: 21/03/64)(ep 6, Mighty Kublai Khan, TX: 28/03/64)(ep 7, Assassin At Peking, TX: 04/04/64)(Bonus: End+Outro, Feb 02)(Bonus: Condense BBC Version, 30/01/06)(Bonus: Making Of Marco Polo).

“The Keys Of Marinus”, (S1, Prod Code E)( ep 1, The Sea Of Death, TX: 11/04/64)(ep 2, The Velvet Web, TX: 18/04/64)(ep 3, The Screaming Jungle, TX: 25/04/64)(ep 4, The Snow Of Terror, TX: 02/05/64)(ep 5, Sentence Of Death, TX: 09/05/64)(ep 6, The Keys Of Marinus,TX: 16/05/64)(Bonus: The Sets Of Marinus, 21/09/09).

“The Aztecs”, (S1, Prod Code F)(ep 1, The Temple Of Evil, TX: 23/05/64)(ep 2, The Warriors Of Death, TX: 30/05/64)(ep 3, The Bride Of Sacrifice, TX: 06/06/64)(ep 4, The Day Of Darkness, TX: 13/06/64).

“The Sensorites”, (S1, Prod Code G)(ep 1, Strangers In Space, 20/06/64)(ep 2, Unwilling Warrior, 27/06/64)(ep 3, Hidden Danger, 11/07/06).     

This week I have mainly been listening to:  

 “Brian Gittens And Friends”, (ep 66, 02/12/19).  “Daddy Look At Me”, (S2, ep 8, 05/12/19).  “Griefcast LIVE”, (ep 107, 04/12/19).  “Iain Lee (Bonus)”, (02/12/19).  “Iain Lee (Highlight)”, (28/11, 02/12, 03/12, 04/12, 05/12/19).  “LBC Pobcast: Mystery Hour”, (28/11, 02/12/19).  “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (30/11, 06/12/19).  “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 121, 06/12/19).  “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 170, 29/11/19).  “Space Rocket History Archive”, (ep 39 to ep 43, 13/01/18)(ep 44 to 46, 06/02/18).  “The Adam Buxton Podcast”, (ep 112, 02/12/19).  “The Nick Abbot Habit”, (02/12/19).  “The Old Doctor Who Show”, (ep 15, 28/10/15)(ep 16, 18/11/15)(ep 17, 09/12/15)(ep 18, 30/12/15)(ep 19, 20/01/16).  “Walking The Dog With Emily Dean”, (ep 13, 19/10/17)(ep 20, 29/06/18).  “Morrissey”,  “Athlete”,  “The Associates”,  “Hall & Oats”,  “The Divine Comedy”,  “Kate Bush”, “Prefab Sprout,  “The Libertines”,  “The Lighthouse Family”,  “Paul Hardcastle”,  “Dido”,   “Dusty Springfield”, “The Housemartins”, “They Might Be Giants”, “Keith Thomas, feat Halston Dare (Getaway)”, “Wheatus”.





















































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