Week 235, Saturday 15th until Friday 21st December 2018.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East, West & London and Surrey (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 235 Saturday 15th until Friday 21st December  2018.


Everything appears to be winding down in preparation for the mammoth festival of unwrapping “things” made in China that have travelled the planet in containers or on the back of a sleigh next week.  More importantly It’s also the start of the overeating period, next week I will be eating my body weight every day.  Like others I will try to squeeze my expanding equatorial region behind the steering wheel in order to travel the nation’s motorways.  That might be a great opportunity to test my new driverless car system, where my stomach muscles control the steering wheel allowing both hands free to change what I am watching on Netflix (other streaming services are available) and stuff my face.

DSCF3276 “Someone finally has a desk”.

Food shops are full to bursting, with people rushing around as if World War III **has been announced (**it hasn’t at the time of writing).  When i was young (in black and white days) most shops closed over the festive period, cash points were not located on every wall and of course there was no net.  That’s the reason my parents and others would stock up on pickled onions and extra coleslaw.  But the stockpiling which takes place these days is not necessary, especially if you consider how much will just thrown away.

DSCF3291 “This wont interest many of you, but it pleased me”.

In between unwrapping “stuff” from the Far East and forcing another slice of quiche into my cavernous gob.  I will of course remember people who are sorely missed.  This is a time for family!  For kids with huge smiles!  Personally it’s not for single, fat; old, bitter over the hill saggy sacks of meat (like me).  A highlight will be seeing my niece and nephews faces light up as they play with the toy’s that Santa transported from a factory thousands of miles away made off materials which won’t biodegrade.  What future archaeologist will make of our landfill sites when they dig to discover what our “So-Called” modern society was like, I hate to think.

20181219_214829 Screenshot_20181219-230936_Photos.jpg The Lovely Otis, made sure everyone was fed and watered at Weligama Supper Club”.

The next week can be tough!  It’s not all fun sitting in front of the telly watching the same repeats year after year.  Try to enjoy it; don’t get stressed if the sprouts aren’t quite right. Or something made by someone in a factory far away with terrible health and safety standards falls apart 30 mins after coming out of the box.  Just enjoy being off work, not travelling on public transport.  Have fun with family and friends and take time out to remember others not so fortunate.

20181219_185845 20181219_185851 “Amazing Sri-Lankan in a basement in Vauxhall”. 

Next weeks: Due to being off all of the week, the blog will probably just consist of pictures of me on the floor flashing my knickers with food smeared over my face and clothes.  It could be the best blog ever!

20181219_205941 “SAZ and i really enjoyed the “Supper Club”, looking forward to more in 2019″.

And Now For Something Completely Different……

20181217_081618 “Early morning, helping to make the day ahead feel better”.

This is not just the season to give prezzies made of non-recyclable materials.  It’s the time when complete strangers unselfishly spread germs.  On public transport, in shops and the offices people are coughing and spluttering leaving microscopic blobs of mucus floating around ready to be inhaled by the person next to them.  Yes, I am one of those people who have received the “gift that keeps giving”!  Please note however I try my best not to expose others to my bugs, by contributing to the ever growing bank accounts of loo roll or pocket tissue manufactures.

20181216_154850 “No i didn’t have them both”.

Because I don’t want to give my lurgy to any random unsuspecting person, I would like to offer “YOU” the opportunity to receive this as a seasonal gift.  Please apply to….


And Finally……

Sitting in the living room my best Friend said, “don’t worry about hoovering, I’ll do it later!

Slight pause

Looking around embarrassed, I replied, “I’ve just done it!”

My friends said, “I though you hadn’t, because you didn’t want to wake the Hamster

New Year’s resolution, do an intensive course in hoovering and housework.  My friend who is a professor of cleaning has offered me a great mate’s rate package.  But I have to supply my own marigolds!

20181218_095710 “Something floating in the water bottle at work.  That’s budget cuts for you”‘.

This was told to me.

A women said to a male colleague, “I nearly sat on your face!

She was referring to the fact that when she got into the company van, she nearly sat on the man’s ID pass with his face plastered all over it.

They laughed. It also tickled me!

20181219_211148 “Want a glass of Badass?”

This is the last one, honest.

At the start of a call this week, I asked a man if he was on hands free because I could hardly hear him.

He replied, “No, I am having a wee at the moment”.  What could I say! He then said, “Could you wait for me to wash my hands?

Two things sprung to mind during this introduction. One, I am glad he wasn’t “hands free” while having a wee, unless of course he is a modern metrosexual who sits down to pee (which there is nothing wrong with).  And Two, at least he washed his hands!

20181213_204943 “Next week looks like it will be messy”.

Oh by the way Happy Crimbum from me.

20181221_210748 “Writing this Shiz, hoping that there will be more Vic & Bob in 2019”.

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:  

“Black Mirror”, (S3, ep 3 & ep 6)(S4, ep 1 to ep 6).  “Click”, (TX: 15/12/18).  “Frasier”, (S5, ep 1 to ep 9).  “Garth Merengi’s Darkplace”, (S1, ep 1).  “Nightflyers”, (S1, ep 5 to ep 10).  “People Just Do Nothing”, (S5, ep 6).  “Storyville: The Farthest Voyager’s Interstellar Journey”, (TX: 30/11/17).  “Strictly Come Dancing (The Final)”, (S16, ep 24, TX: 15/12/18).  “The Apprentice”, (S14, ep 14, TX: 16/12/18).  “The Apprentice: You’re Fired/Hired”, (S13, ep 12, TX: 16/12/18).  “The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (Crimbum Special)”, (S1, ep 11).  “The Graham Norton Show”, (S24, ep 11, TX: 14/12/18).  “The Last Leg (Crimbum Special)”, (S15, ep 10, TX: 21/12/18).  “The Orville”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 12).  “The Sky At Night (Crimbum Special)”, (30/12/15).  “Van Helsing”, (S3, ep 11).  “Vic & Bobs Big Night Out”, (S1, ep 4).               

This week I have mainly been listening to:  

“Best Bad Movie Ever”, (11/09/18)(17/12/18).  “Brian Gittens And Friends”, (ep 49, 18/12/18).  “Clinton Baptiste’s Paranormal Podcast”, (ep 4, 18/12/18).  “Griefcast”, (ep 64, 19/12/18).  “Iain Lee (Highlights)”, (14/12,17/12,18/12,19/11, 20/12/18).  “LBC Podcast: Mystery Hour”, (20/12/18).  “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (15/12,21/12/18).  “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 76, 21/12/18).  “NASA: In Silicon Valley”, (14/12/18).  “NASA: Rocket Ranch”, (ep 7, 21/12/18).  “Rule Of Three”,  (05/07/18)(19/0718)(20/12/18).  “Skeptiod”, (Special ep, 14/12/18)(ep 654, 18/12/18).  “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (Special ep, 12/12)(ep 119, 17/12/18).  “The All New Angelos And Barry Podcast”, (ep 21/12/18).  “Morrissey”, “Suede”, “Fleetwood Mac”, “Elbow”, “Goldfrapp”, “Athlete”, “The Artic Monkeys”, “Jeff Buckley”, “The Cranberries”, “Natalie Imbruglia”, “Hairspray (Original Theatre Cast Album)”, “Belinda Carlisle”, T’Pau”, “The Pouges And Kirtsy McColl”.










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Week 234, Saturday 8th until Friday 14th December 2018.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East and West London, Hertfordshire and Surrey (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 234 Saturday 8th until Friday 14th December 2018.


Special B’day mention this week to my lovely Sister-in-law Sigrida.


I may be old, but I still have a very over active imagination, its because of this my niece who is nearly 7 calls me an “adult-baby”. For instance if I am going to take the car for a spin, as I open the gates of the driveway and drive on to the road outside the house, in my mind I am piloting a Soyuz as it undocking from the ISS. I can envisage the docking clamps unlatching as the two crafts drift apart in the soundless vacuum of space. This car thing is not new! After watching “Star Trek The Motion Picture” in 1979, every time dad brought the family old banger out of the garage, I saw the USS Enterprise leaving space dock.


“This man got his huge package out in the Post Office”.

At junior school my duffel coat would be a spacesuit from “Space 1999” (1975-77). The hood was the helmet; knitted gloves made by mum were in my mind bulky environmental suit gauntlets that needed to be secured to the “O ring” at the end of the sleeve to achieve an air tight seal. This theme continues while scuba diving, I imagine myself weightless on an EVA (Extra vehicular Activity) that feeling is the nearest I will get to being in space.



“Its east London, not Yorkshire”.

There are a lot of things about getting older which are not fun, many of them I could change if I got off my large lardy arse more often (I feel a New Year resolution coming on!). One muscle that doesn’t need any continued exercise is the jaw. My Masseter Musculus should be the most toned muscle in this lardy excuse for a body due to the amount of food that passes my lips.


“This week’s Blog is brought to you by a random letter “K”!

My imagination doesn’t need any exercise; as I get older it appears to get more vivid. In early January I plan to send a sample script to a number of agents hoping that one of them might reply saying “oh, that was an interesting read, please tell me more”. Of course I am realistic, the chances that one of them will look at what I send is so small there’s probably more chance of becoming worshiped by the population of a small south pacific island! Or bitten by a radioactive Hedgehog than an agent liking something I have created.


“Guessed who pissed on me again”.

See! I stated that at the top of this ramble that I have an overactive imagination.

And Now For Something Completely Different……


“Jbomb, watching an awful 2014 film. See the list below to find out what its called”.

Look at any picture of me from the last few years and you will notice immediately that I really don’t give a flying fig about my appearance. There was a time when I went to work fully made up, looking like a cross between a victim of a paint factory explosion and a clown who has been waterboarded. Eventually I realised how stupid I appeared, and that the wasted time used to splatter chemicals over my fat face could be spent in bed. I don’t sleep well, so those extras valuable minutes spent dreaming or just being vertical are so important to what’s left of my mental health.


“One of these people is suppose to be responsible”.

It’s the same with hair! Generally my style is “what style?” I don’t see the point of fussing and teasing each individual strand, this is because by the time the front door has been locked I will look as if I have been dragged through a hedge backwards. In my mind I am rocking an image of my own called “Scarecrow chic”, think of Robert Smith from “The Cure” just not as sexy. On the train every day I see people who look like they “just stepped out of a salon”. How much earlier do they have to get up in order to look that good?


“Someones ready for Crimbum”.

Last week my hair was cut for the second time this year, that’s good considering most years scissors never go near the barnet. Jules the hairdresser within 20 mins made me look “normal”. However in the morning I returned to my natural state of looking like I had slept with a saucepan on my head. When I ask if she would pop over to where I live every morning and make me look respectable; strangely she turned that offer down that charitable offer.


“Someone, started early”.

In a world where so many strive to look like each other, I’ll continue to remain an individual. Style and fashion have never bothered me. I have never been normal, why change now at this great age.


“I thought it was a pretty picture”.

And Finally……

This week I uttered the line “could you remove that from between my legs?” I was talking about a packet of crisps that I put there before a drive. It soon became apparent that I couldn’t do both. Thank you MOZ for obliging, I hope you disinfected your hands.


“Blog joke of the week”.

In the supermarket I kept bumping into the same smiley man isle after isle. While talking it turned out we had something in common. Our conversation ended in a geek fest gushing over how good Jodie Whittaker has been in “Doctor Who”. Be afraid, Geeks are amongst you, everywhere even in the cheese isle.


“Writing this shiz, while watching Vic & Bob, WB wants to watch as well”.

This week I have mainly been watching:

“Black Mirror”, (S3, ep 1 & ep 2). “CBeebies Bedtime Stories”, (ep 666, TX: 02x/12/18)(ep 612, 31/12/17). “Celebrity Lego Masters Crimbum Special”, (S2, ep 6, TX: 11/12/18). “Click”, (TX: 09/12/17)(TX: 08/12/18). “Colin Murphy’s Panic Room (BBC NI)”, (S1, ep 3, TX: 10/12/18). “Doctor Who”, (S37/S11, ep 10). “Four Weddings And A Funeral”, (1995). “Frasier”, (S4, ep 17 to ep 23). “Have I Got News For You”, (S56, ep 10, TX: 14/12/18). “Ireland With Simon Reeves”, (S1, ep 2, TX: 29/11/15). “Jonathan Pie’s, American Pie”, (TX: 12/12/18). “Michael Mcintyre’s Big Show”, (S4, ep 4, TX: 08/12/18). “Ministry Of Justice”, (S1, ep 3, TX: 14/12/18). “Nativity 3, Dude, Where’s My Donkey?”, (2014). “Nightflyers”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 4). “Origin”, (S1, ep 5 to ep 10). “People Just Do Nothing”, (S5, ep 5). “People Just Do Nothing Vs Top Gear”, (TX: 10/12/18). “Stargate SG1”, (S1, ep 1). “Strictly Come Dancing”, (S16, ep 12, TX: 08/12/18). “The Apprentice”, (S14, ep 11, TX: 11/12/18)(ep 12, TX: 12/12/18)(ep 13, TX:13/12/18). “The Apprentice: Honest Subtitles”, (ep 10, 05/12/18)(ep 11, 12/12/18). “The Apprentice: You’re Fired”, (S13, ep 11, TX:12/12/18). “The Last Leg”, (S15, ep 9, TX: 14/12/18). “The Sky At Night”, (09/12/18). “Van Helsing”, (S3, ep 8 to ep 10). “Vic & Bobs Big Night Out”, (S1, ep 3).

This week I have mainly been listening to:

“Best Bad Movie Ever”, (ep 41, 11/12/18). “Chasing Earhart”, (ep 68, 09/12/18). “Clinton Baptiste’s Paranormal Podcast”, (ep 3, 11/12/18). “Griefcast”, (ep 63, 12/12/18). “Iain Lee (Highlights)”, (07/12, 08/12,11/12,13/11/18). “LBC Podcast: Mystery Hour”, (13/12/18). “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (08/12, 14/12/18). “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot Habit”, (S2, ep 6, 13/12/18). “NASA: Gravity Assist”, (ep 23, 11/12/18). “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 75,14/12/18). “NASA: Silicon Valley Live”, (14/12/18). “Rule Of Three”, (ep 15, 27/09/18)(ep 19, 25/10/18)(ep 25, 06/12/18)(ep 26, 13/12/18). “Skeptiod”, (ep 653, 11/12/18). “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 118, 10/12/18). “The Adam Buxton Podcast”, (ep 87, 10/12/18). “The All New Angelos And Barry Podcast”, (ep 4, 14/12/18). “Morrissey”, “Fuzzbox”, “Transvison Vamp”, “David Grey”, “The Waitresses”, “Band Aid (Original)”, “No Doubt”, “Lush”, “Manic Street Preachers”, “Radiohead”, “Velvet Underground”, “Weezer”.

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Week 233, Saturday 1st until Friday 7th December 2018.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East, West & Central London, Essex and Surrey (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 233 Saturday 1st until Friday 7th December 2018.


HAPPY B’DAY this week to, MOZ, Hel & SAZ on December 2nd. And a special mention to Nico, 7 on 5th December.




Recently shop windows have displayed huge posters enticing people inside because of the madness of “Black Friday”, which lasts a lot longer than one day I noticed. Last weekend I succumb to the bribing of a few quid off the RRP. Don’t worry I didn’t queue up at 6am, pushing others out of the way, no this was a far more civilised affair.


“I didn’t drop the phone, down this one”.

My phone has never worked properly after it took a dive into the bog 6 weeks after I bought it just over a year ago. While in town last weekend I stumbled across a worldwide electrical company (not the fruit named one) which sells products that to my simple mind must be powered by pixie dust. Fifteen mins later, I stepped onto the pavement holding a small box which made my credit card feel a lot heavier. That evening I really felt for the staff of a large UK high streets electrical shop across the road who were turning people away, because there systems being down. It must have been painful for them to see potential “Black Friday” customers crossing the road to the worldwide name. For me, this just goes to show how our reliance on computers may have gone too far. Except of course when systems at work go down, “oh dear” I have to sit at my desk writing this shiz or doodling. Honestly I love tech, but at heart I think I am a Luddite.



“Two tiny slugs and mushrooms seen this week”.

Next I need to contact my phone provider. Because i work in a call centre I really don’t want to speak to another “call centre monkey”. Finding a branch to visit is proving difficult. Looking at my old device I found that there was a branch in Oxford St, when I reached the location the shop had camouflaged itself as a foreign language school. During the week I tried to visit a kiosk stall, which I discovered was closed during the afternoon I visited. If I do have to ring a call centre, I will really empathise with the poorly paid sole on the other end and try to make that call the easiest of their day.

And Now For Something Completely Different……



“All aboard”.

Last weekend I took MOZ on the Necro bus, a ghost tour around central London in a black-double decker Routemaster. It’s claimed that the bus is the last of its fleet, due to a fire in depot in 1967. This it turns out is a fictional history, but could be based on the very real “London Necropolis Railway” which ran between 1854 until 1941.



“Which of these two more scary”.

The trip is not scary, it funny and informative. The conductor who would stand on the open platform at the back appeared on screens around the bus, and tells stories of ghost in various locations as we passed them. Not long after the tour started, while sat in traffic a man stepped on to the bus. I was expecting the conductor to say something, he didn’t! It soon became apparent that the additional passenger is part of the act. For the rest of the tour both men raced between the two deck telling us chillingly ghoulish tales, while at the same time weaving a narratives that the passengers were included in which had a conclusion at the end of the tour.



“Mum would love one of these, is it bolted down?”.

I imagine that both hosts are actors, who after spending years studying “Shake-in-spear” or the “Stanislavski method” have ended up telling spooky tales in an old black Bus. I Imagine that this would probably be a really fun job, I’ve done a little acting and wonder if I should apply. Anything is better than sitting in a call centre.


“The tour starts and stops here”.

MOZ really enjoyed herself; it was definitely an interesting way to spend 75mins. By the way, we bag the best seats, front of the top deck. As a child these were the seats I was desperate to occupy, and of course I would pretend to drive the bus. During the ghost tour I left the driving to the ghoul in the driver’s seat.


“If the Ghost bus didnt scare you, this might”.

And Finally……


“Nearly a Strike”.

RAC and I took MOZ bowling (a continuation of her bday celebrations). The embarrassing memory I won’t forget is when I did a “Johnson” (a reference to Bojo the ex London major who floored a child accidentally years ago) as I stumbled while snuffling backwards after bowling and missing every skittle. The reason for this was because a small child from the next lane wondered into ours. I am thinking of having flashing lights and a reversing siren fitted for future occasions.


“If you don’t want to know the final score, look away!”.

Honorary mention must go to the women who had a couple of bowling balls spilling over the top of her dress. Once her boobs were pointed out, I couldn’t help not see them.


“The Shuffle, Fabulous50 (Calamity) and Lunge”.

And finally, honest!


“She pissed on me last week”.

Is it good luck when a Hamster whizzes on you. Aries the Hamster enjoys running from hand to hand, what I call hamster juggling. A couple of nights ago I felt a wet patch on my fingers. Am I about to win the lottery?


(Writing this shiz, while Vic & Bob are dancing)

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:

“Altered Carbon”,(S1, ep 5 to 10). “Black Mirror”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 3)(S2, ep 1 to ep 4). “CBeebies Bedtime Stories”, (ep 667, TX: 07/12/18). “Click”, (TX: 01/12/18). “Colin Murphy’s Panic Room (BBC NI)”, (S1, ep 2). “Digging For Britain”, (S7, ep 1, TX: 28/11/18). “Doctor Who”, (S37/S11, ep 9). “Frasier”, (S3, ep 10 to ep 24)(S4, ep 13 & 14). “Have I Got News For You”, (S56, ep 9, TX: 07/12/18). “Hey Duggie”, (S1, ep 18). “Horizon (2008/09): 10, Can We Make A Star On Earth?”, (TX: 17/02/09). “Jamie And Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast”, (S6, ep 1, TX: 07/12/18). “Lego Masters”, (S2, ep 5, TX: 04/11/18). “Ministry Of Justice”, (S1, ep 1, TX: 30/11/18)(ep 2, TX: 07/12/18). “Origin”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 4). “People Just Do Nothing”, (S5, ep 4). “Rouge One: A Star Wars Story”, (2016). “Searching For Starlite (BBC News)”, (TX: 10/11/18). “The Apprentice”, (S14, ep 10, TX: 05/12/18). “The Apprentice: You’re Fired”, (S13, ep 10, TX: 05/12/18). “The Graham Norton Show”, (S24, ep 10, TX: 07/12/18). “The Last Leg”, (S15, ep 7, TX: 30/11/18)(ep 8, 07/12/18). “The Mash Report”, (S2, ep 6, TX: 07/12/18). “Tomorrow’s World: The Science Behind Spiderman”, (TX: 19/06/02). “Vic & Bobs Big Night Out”, (S1, ep 2).

This week I have mainly been listening to:

“Anti Social Show”, (ep 64, 30/11/18). “Best Bad Movie Ever”, (ep 19, 19/06/18)(ep 39, 06/11/18)(ep 40, 13/11/18). “Brian Gittens And Friends”, (ep 48, 06/12/18). “Chasing Earhart”, (ep 67 02/12/18). “Clinton Baptiste’s Paranormal Podcast”, (ep 2, 04/12/18). “Griefcast”, (ep 62, 05/12/18). “Iain Lee (Bonus)”, (30/11/18). “Iain Lee (Highlights)”, (30/11, 02/12, 03/12, 05/11, 06/11/18). “LBC Podcast: Mystery Hour”, (06/12/18). “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (01/12, 07/12/18). “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot Habit”, (S2, ep 5, 05/12/18). “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 74, 07/12/18). “Skeptiod”, (ep 652, 04/12/18). “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 117, 04/12/18). “The Adam Buxton Podcast”, (ep 86, 03/12/18). “The All New Angelos And Barry Podcast”, (ep 1, 21/11/18)(ep 2, 30/11/18)(ep 3, 07/12/18). “The Rabbit Hole”, (ep 69, 06/12/18). “Morrissey”, “Kate Bush”, “ACDC”, “Ash”, “Bran Van 3000”, “The Wannadies”, “Kula Shaker”, “Heaven 17”, “The Human League”, “Alanis Morissette”.

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Week 232, Saturday 24th until Friday 30th November 2018.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in Northamptonshire, East & West London and Surrey (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 232 Saturday 24th until Friday 30th November 2018.


At junior school I really admired Andrew Oakley (The last time I saw him would have been in 1980). Maybe admire is the wrong word, I was jealous because he was such a good artist. One of those naturally talented children who could draw anything. Thinking back I wonder if he got this ability because of his habit of sucking on the business end of the pencil. Remember this was the 70s, kids! There was no internet or millions of TV channels to veg in front of, so sucking the end of the pencil had to suffice.


“Work doodle, before and after”.

Art was the only subject at school I enjoyed or any good at. I continue to draw today, during work I sit and doodle which helps keep what little brain I have from seeping out of ears while in the call centre. Looking back I don’t remember that there was ever the mention of Art College, I left school and went straight to work. Maybe today I would have been offered or at least had the opportunity to go. But because I was regarded as one of the thick kids none of these avenues were considered. Instead I was just shown the exit and told to get on with life.

“I could hardy see my hand in front of me it was that thick. Ok i lied”.

Painting is something I have never mastered; in fact I kept away from brushes for a long time. This all changed a couple of years ago when I approached them slowly, like a solider walking up to a bomb there about to defuse. The mess (painting, not an exploded bomb) I leave on paper is always disappointing, the end result looks so much better inside my skull.

“Who’s watching who!”.

Last year I thought about approaching an art agent because I have lots of drawing and paintings as well as a couple of completed kid’s book. Most publishers won’t look at anything sent to them unless an agent is involved. A friend mentioned that he knew a man who ran an agency. Of course I sent some of my finest shiz with fingers and toes crossed. A couple of weeks later I got a lovely rejection saying that what I presented was good, but not right for them. This of course is totally understandable. My friend contacted me last week to say that he had arranged a lunch meeting with his friend the boss of the agency and I was asked to bring some of my work.


“Trying to look down the tunnel”.

By the time you read this, the meeting will have happened. Secretly I hope that I will leave with a smile and an agent wanting to help me. In reality I know this won’t happen, hopefully I will get good advice and maybe names and numbers of others I can approach.

“Crimbum rehearsal”.

Andrew really was a good artist, I used to sit and watch and wish I could do that. One thing I definitely learned was not to suck on the sharp end of the pencil; his teeth were always a little discoloured. Also I have never liked putting long pointy things in my mouth!

“Middle of the night, i couldn’t sleep. Lets take a selfie”.


The meeting went well, he “sort of” liked a couple of things pieces I presented. Photoshop it seems would make them better. What concerned me was that I might have wasted his time!

“Did you leave these in my fleece pocket?”,

There are things I need to think about, maybe join a group or art classes to practice different techniques. In reality maybe I should leave art to others like Andrew Oakley (I wonder if he went on to use his talent) and look for something else that I might be good at.

And Now For Something Completely Different……

“Mum practicing her new skill”.

A couple of days ago two managers came over and asked if a new guy could sit with me and listen to calls. The desperation in their faces was visible, they really were scraping the bottom of the barrel asking me.

“Lost Oyster seen at EC”.

The young man was just that, very young! I am probably older than his parents. Making small talk in-betweens calls is not what I normally do, usually I write and draw. At one point after a call I turned and found him with his eyes closed and head lolling to the side.

I hope I was not as bitter as I normally am, I really wouldn’t want to be responsible for making a new starter feel disillusioned about a career in a call centre.

“Green Thai Curry anyone”.

And Finally……

“Mum a little lite on her feet”.

Driving to mums last weekend, a couple of cars passed me with amusing number plates. W1NKEY and BIG 2, made me smile a lot.


A friend overheard a women say “He like’s me coz, I can get my leg up”. A little later it became apparent that she was a dancer in a show. Out of context it certainly sounded strange.

“Just checking my feet are still there. Yep!”.

Best Line Heard In A TV Show This Week……

“Tiff, wrinkles and blow ups” (Louis Theroux).

“Writing this Shiz. So pleased Vic & Bob have returned to save us from political madness at home and abroad”.

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:

“An Idiot Abroad”, (S2, ep 7, 04/11/11). “Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 10). “Click”, (TX: 24/11/18). “Colin Murphy’s Panic Room (BBC NI)”, (S1, ep 1). “Doctor Who”, (S37/S11, ep 8). “Frasier”, (S3, ep 1 to ep 9). “Have I Got News For You”, (S56, ep 8, TX: 30/11/18). “Horizon (2018): The Contraceptive Pill: How Safe Is It?”, (ep 13, TX: 19/11/18). “Hounslow Diaries (BBC Three)”, (Pilot, TX: 05/11/18). “Ireland With Simon Reeves”, (S1, ep 1, TX: 22/11/15). “Lego Masters”, (S2, ep 4, TX: 27/11/18). “Louis Theroux Altered States: Take My Baby”, (TX: 25/11/18). “Mrs Brown’s Boys: Crimbum Special 2014”, (ep 1). “People Just Do Nothing”, (S5, ep 3). “Star Wars: Episode II: Attack Of The Clones”, (2002). “Storyville: Hurt Locker Hero”, (TX: 26/11/18). “Storyville: Poisoning America: The Devil We Know”, (TX: 19/11/18). “Strictly Come Dancing”, (S16, ep 10, TX: 24/11/18). “The Apprentice”, (S14, ep 9, TX: 28/11/18). “The Apprentice: Honest Subtitles”, (S4, ep 9, TX: 28/11/18). “The Apprentice: You’re Fired”, (S13, ep 9, TX: 28/11/18). “The Graham Norton Show”, (S24, ep 9, TX: 30/11/18). “The Last Leg”, (S15, ep 6, TX: 23/11/18). “The Mash Report” , (S2, ep 4, TX: 23/10/18)(ep 5, TX: 30/11/18). “Vic & Bobs Big Night Out”, (S1, ep1). “White House Down”, (2013).

This week I have mainly been listening to:

“Chasing Earhart”, (ep 4, 22/07/17). “Clinton Baptiste’s Paranormal Podcast”, (ep 1, 27/11/18). “Griefcast”, (ep 13, 06/12/17)(ep 16, 27/12/17)(ep 61, 28/11/18). “Iain Lee (Highlights)”, (24/11,26/11, 27/11, 28/11, 29/11/18). “LBC Podcast: Mystery Hour”, (29/11/18). “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (24/11, 30/11/18). “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot Habit”, (S2, ep 4, 29/11/18). “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 73, 30/11/18). “NASA: In Silicon Valley”, (ep 47, 23/06/17)(ep 49, 29/06/17). “Skeptiod”, (ep 651, 27/11/18). “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 116, 26/11/18). “The Adam Buxton Podcast”, (ep 85, 26/11/18). “The Rabbit Hole”, (ep 68, 25/11/18). “True Crime Finland”, (ep 22, 01/06/18). “Morrissey”, “Reef”, “Puddle Of Mud”, “Radiohead”, “Shed Seven”, “Skunk Anansie”, “Biffy Clyro”, “Blur”, “Garbage”.

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Week 231, Saturday 17th until Friday 23rd November 2018.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East & West London and Surrey (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 231 Saturday 17th until Friday 23rd November 2018.


This week has not been great. Originally I was going to write about the dark raincloud that seems to be following me. Instead I want to tell you about an experience with nature last weekend, one that really made me happy, if a little stressed.


“This really is how i felt at the start of the week”.

Last weekend my best friend wanted to continue brushing up on her driving skills at the centre we visited a few weeks ago. This is a series of roads on private land, a safe place for learners and people who are qualified but haven’t driven for a while to practice their skills. In between the roads is grassland with a steep verge beside one of the straight road leading up to housing.


“Real art, Courtesy of JBomb”.

My only complaint about the centre is that there are no lights, when it’s dark its pitch black! For a seasoned driver that’s not so much of a problem, but for less experienced ones this can be tricky. I witnessed how difficult it can be because a couple of other drivers thought they were on the “Top Gear” test tacking when taking a tight corner in the dark at speed. I might work in a call centre, but can confirm that MOZ executed a perfect emergency stop when we spotted a lump moving on the tarmac in front of us.


“Aries picture of the Week, what a cutie”.

The Hedgehog was minding its own business in the middle of the road. I needed to decide quickly, should it be placed on the grass beside/between the roads or in the undergrowth near the verge. The latter seemed like a safer bet! The hog was carefully wrapped in my fleece (thanks Helen for recently giving it to me) but I could still feel the ends of it spines through the material. Once uncovered in the undergrowth Hedgy totally ignored me and wondered off.


“Winter sun”.

A couple of laps later, MOZ made another excellent unplanned stop, because in the middle of the road was another Hedgehog. I would like to think that the “J Walker” was the same animal because this was the exact same location, but I can’t be sure as the first one didn’t tell me its name! Even though there were not many cars on the circuit at that late time there was a good chance that it would end up a sticky smudge looking like a “John Squires” painting if left on the tarmac. This time I climbed the verge and placed Erinaceus Europaeus (yes, I looked that up) on a ledge with a hole at the end which it scurried into straight away. Yet again there was no “thank you”, not even a backward glance. All I saw was a large wobbly bottom disappearing into the darkness.


“Everywhere i look, all i see are cranes in London these days”.

For the rest of the session all I could do was scan the road looking for moving lumps and bumps. I am pleased to report that no further animals were seen. I mentioned to her that I really don’t to visit again in the dark because it’s just too stressful. Seeing these Hedgehogs was really special. The only time I have ever seen a live one was a long time ago at school, when one was brought in for the class to frighten and prod with a thick glove. Otherwise I have only witnessed them sadly as fatal road traffic victims. I do know that there has been a huge decline in the number of Hedgehogs spotted these days. This is partly due to all the extra traffic, but also because of the building work taking place on land that they used to inhabit. Another factor is that people have paved gardens and driveways and replaced fences that they used to travel through gaps and holes.


“I don’t look good in the morning, the afternoon or the evening”.

When i am out and about I wonder what wildlife could be in the bushes just waiting me for and other lardy meat sacks to vacate the area so that they can come out only to be predated by fiercer animals. I do hope the Hog or Hog’s I encountered keep out of the way of speeding cars. What a wonderful unexpected experience.


“I really do doodle shiz while at work, it helps keep me sane”.

And Now For Something Completely Different……

Visited the bank this week which opened late! Once inside i was told the reason for the delay was because they couldn’t open the safe, and were worried they might have triggered the alarms.


“Surrey in the early evening”.

Maybe I should have looked behind the desk, just in case there was a person bound and gagged trying to signal for help that the branch is being robbed. There is a possibility I have seen to many films!

And Finally……


“I know which one i would choose”.

Cough and sneeze season has commenced. All over there are people spluttering and excreting ooze from various orifices all over their faces. I bet the Hedgehogs wouldn’t act like this, “Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle” would have taught them better.

Indulge Me For A Moment……


“Celebrating my fave timelord in style”.

Happy 55th bday to the greatest time travel TV drama ever on 23rd November. “Doctor who” started in 1963, and is still going strong. If you have never seen the very first episode search for “An Unearthly Child”. Have your reviews on my desk Monday morning, sharp!


“Writing this Shiz, loving Jennifer on 12 Monkeys”.

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:

“12 Monkeys”, (S4, ep1 to ep 11 ). “BBC Children In Need 2018”, (TX: 16/11/18). “BBC Children In Need 2018: Mastermind”, (TX: 16/11/18). “Blue Peter”, (ep 5042, TX: 22/11/18). “Click”, (TX: 17/11/18). “Doctor Who”, (S37/S11, ep 7). “Frasier”, (S4, ep 4 to ep 12). “Have I Got News For You”, (S56, ep 7, TX: 23/11/18). “Lego Masters”, (S2, ep 3, TX: 20/11/18). “Louis Theroux Altered States: Choosing Death”, (TX: 18/11/18). “People Just Do Nothing”, (S5, ep 2). “Salems Lot”, (1979). “Space Dive”, (TX: 04/11/12). “The Apprentice”, (S14, ep 8, TX: 21/11/18). “The Apprentice: Honest Subtitles”, (S4, ep 8, TX: 21/11/18). “The Apprentice: You’re Fired”, (S13, ep 8, TX: 21/11/18). “The Graham Norton Show”, (S24, ep 8, TX: 23/11/18). “The Last Leg”, (S15, ep 5, TX: 16/11/18). “The Mash Report: Season 1 Best Bits”, (S1, ep 7, TX: 17/10/18). “The Sky At Night”, (TX: 18/11/18). “Tomorrows World Live: For One Night Only”, (TX: 22/11/18). “Van Helsing”, (S3, ep 1 to ep 7). “Will & Grace”, (S10, ep 6). “Zapped”, (S3, ep 6).

This week I have mainly been listening to:

“Aggy Fox And Dana Podcast”, (ep 4, 18/11/18). “Anti Social Show”, (ep 63, 16/11/18). “Brian Gittens And Friends”, (ep 47, 22/11/18). “Chasing Earhart”, (ep 66, 17/11/18). “Griefcast”, (ep 15, 20/12/17)(ep 17, 03/01/18)(ep 19, 17/01/18)(ep 60, 21/11/18). “Iain Lee (Highlights)”, (16/11, 19/11, 20/11, 22/11/18). “LBC Podcast: Mystery Hour”, (22/11/18). “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (17/11, 23/11/18). “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot Habit”, (S2, ep 3, 21/11/18). “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 72, 23/11/18). “NASA: In Silicon Valley Live”, (19/11/18). “NASA: Rocket Ranch”, (ep 6, 20/11/18). “Skeptiod”, (ep 650, 20/11/18). “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 116, 19/11/18). “The Adam Buxton Podcast”, (ep 84, 17/11/18). “The Rabbit Hole”, (ep 67, 18/11/18). “Morrissey”, “Kenickie”, “Ash”, “Smith”, “Toto”, “Depeche Mode”, “Biffy Clyro”, “Richard Ashcroft”, “Ian Brown”, Simple Minds”, Bill Medley And Jennifer Warnes.

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Week 230,Saturday 10th until Friday 16th November 2018.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in Surrey, East and West London (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 230 Saturday 10th until Friday 16th November 2018.


I am a huge fan of time travel, my fave TV show is the ultimate drama about travelling through Time “Doctor Who” (I am currently loving Jodie Whittaker). Over the last couple of weeks I have been bingeing on “12 Monkeys”, a drama with a story line heavy on time travel. Apart from wanting humans to step foot on Mars or alien’s making contact during my lifetime. I could die happy if time travel became a reality.

“Sitting on the sofa, on a very wet day”.

Sitting on the tube this week watching a very “Timey Wimey” episode of “12 Monkeys”, i noticed that the man next to me was struggling with a package which was taped up extremely securely. Once he had cut through the packing tape with a key, there were 2 further layers of padding protecting the precious cargo. Finally he pulled out was a magazine! This got me even more interested; when a magazine I have ordered or am subscribed to arrives it usually turns up in a clear bag with bent pages.

“(Not my picture) Don’t you wish you could read this classic gem?”.

Then I saw the cover, this was an edition of the “TV Times” from 1991 (doing some research I discovered the date of the magazine is 29 June until 5 July 1991). As he looked through the pages I could see faces popular then who haven’t been seen since. While others are still on TV, a number of them playing the same role. These were that days of 4 terrestrial channels, satellite TV wasn’t as big as it is today. Until he stepped off the train, I wondered why he wanted with such an old magazine. Could he be a collector; did this issue fill a gap on his dusty bulging shelves? Or maybe he is writing a book and this is research about the “quality” entertainment in 1991. Sadly we will never know!


“Its 1991, TV guide porn”.

This really got me thinking about time travel! The early 90s were good! I worked at the BBC, in my spare time I did unpaid work as a stage manager at an amateur theatre that’s regarded as one of the best in the country. Attended parties, went to gigs, and met interesting people. For a couple of years I presented a hospital radio show, music back then (late 80s, early 90s) was really good. The main reason a time machine would be useful is because I was made redundant from the BBC in 1992. With 2018 knowledge I would make better decisions, which might have resulted in me staying at the Beeb or at least having a creative career, instead of ending up in a call centre!

“7.30am, waiting for a tube”.

Of course I live in the real world and realise that time travel into the past is not possible (at the moment). But we are all travellers through time in a sense. We experience time one second (a man-made concept, that far cleverer people can discuss and argue. Remember I’m a call centre monkey who knows nothing) at a time. The future becomes the present, which in turn trails behind as the past. There is no mystical power that can change the future for me, it is only through my decision making that I will escape the hell that is the call centre, and live a creative existence.


“Watching Ghostbusters 2, twice with in 12 hours”.

Of course i will continue to dream of travelling into the past, at least with dreaming I know that anything I do won’t have an effect on today or the future. Whatever the reason for the 1991 magazine, it really got me thinking about the last 27 years. At this late stage in 2018, I’m really hoping that the future will be brighter and better. Also I hope that the publication was as useful to the man, on a couple of vintage magazine sites that particular issues go for a tenner.

“This is what i looked like after spending over 2 hrs on a tube train”.
And Now For Something Completely Different……

This week Stan Lee died at the age of 95. A man responsible for so many memorable characters such as Ant Man, Daredevil and of course Spiderman plus many more.

“Spidey gets everywhere”.

As a child I read the comics, watched the cartoons. These last few years I have enjoyed a number of live action TV series and mega budget films based on his work. One thing that i and others have enjoyed over the years is “Where’s Stan!”. Trying to spot his cameo either in person or a perhaps a picture of him, which would turn up in an unexpected location.

“Anyone fancy a race”.

Not all superheroes wear capes”. This week we lost such a visionary, an amazing creative mind. Thanks Stan for all the entertainment.
And Finally, The Honestly Section……

“Its been a tough week”.

As a women passed I said to a friend, “Mine swells up a lot”. I was talking about pasta honest!

While on the phone another friend asked what I was doing, I replied “Stroking my Hamster!”. The hamster was running around a crate on my lap, I honestly was “stroking the Hamster”.
One Final Quickie……

“Thanks for reading, please SHARE.”

Overheard a woman at work on the phone. “Give them a whirl” (pause), “Give them a bell” (longer pause) and finally with frustration, “Give them a ring”.

“Writing this shiz, sort of. In bed”.
My Mid Life Crisis Conts……
This week I have mainly been watching:

“12 Monkeys”, (S3, ep 2 to ep 10 ). “Click”, (TX: 10/11/18). “Doctor Who”, (S37/S11, ep 6). “Frasier”, (S2, ep 21 to ep 24)(S4, ep 1 to ep 3). “Ghostbusters 2”, (1989). “Lego Masters”, (S2, ep 2, TX: 13/11/18). “MARVEL: Daredevil”, (S3, ep 1 to ep 13). “People Just Do Nothing”, (S5, ep 1). “Predator”, (2018). “Quickies: Life After Brexit (BBC Three)”, (TX: 26/09/18). “Stacey Dooley: The Young And Homeless”, (TX: 13/11/18). “The Apprentice”, (S14, ep 7, TX: 14/11/18). “The Apprentice: Honest Subtitles”, (S4, ep 7, TX: 14/11/18). “The Apprentice: You’re Fired”, (S13, ep 7, TX: 14/11/18). “The Great Model Railway Challenge”, (S1, ep 6, TX: 09/11/18). “The Inbetweeners Movie”, (2011). “The Last Leg”, (S15, ep 4, TX: 09/11/18). “The Mash Report: Season 1 Best Bits”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 6, TX: 17/10/18). “There She Goes”, (S1, ep 5). “Would I Lie To You”, (S12, ep 5, TX: 09/11/18). “Zapped”, (S3, ep 5).
This week I have mainly been listening to:

“Aggy Fox And Dana Podcast”, (ep 3, 16/11/18). “Brian & Roger”, (S1, Trailer, ep 1 to ep 3, 19/10/18)(ep 4, 24/10/18)(ep 5, 26/10/18)(ep 6, 31/10/18)(ep 7, 02/11/18)(ep 8, 07/11/18)(ep 9 & ep 10, 09/11/18). “Chasing Earhart”, (Audio Trailer 12/11/18). “Griefcast”, (ep 58, 14/11/18). “Iain Lee (Bonus)”, (08/11/18). “Iain Lee (Highlights)”, (08/11, 09/11, 13/11, 14/11, 15/11/18). “In Poor Taste”, (ep 30, 13/10/15)(ep 31, 26/10/15)(ep 32, 21/11/15)(ep 33, 10/12/15). “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (10/11, 16/11/18). “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 71, 16/11/18). “Quick Question”, (S2, ep 12 (ep 26), 22/10/18). “Skeptiod”, (ep 649, 13/11/18). “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 114, 12/11/18). “Strange Times”, (ep 283, 09/11/18)(ep 284, 11/11/18). “The Adam Buxton Podcast”, (ep 83, 12/11/18). “The Hitchhickers Guide To The Galaxy”, (S3, ep 5). “True Crime Finland”, (ep 43, 16/11/18). “Morrissey”, “Queen”, “Tears For Fears”, “Johnny Mathis”, “Kate Bush”, “Basment Jaxx”, “Underworld”, “Interpol”, “The Editors”.

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Week 229, Saturday 2nd until Friday 9th November 2018.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East, North East & West London, and Surrey (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 229 Saturday 2nd until Friday 9th November  2018.


And now, its time for a rant about car park’s.

DSCF3002.JPG “I recycled this pointless pieces of paper”.

Last Sunday I needed to do some shopping, the car park I visit is free that day.  To enter though I still needed to press a button take a ticket for the barrier to lift.  Later when leaving the barrier rose automatically as the car approached.  What was the point of the ticket!  Think of the thousands of pointless tickets issued that day and every Sunday.  We are constantly being told that we need think about waste, saving Earth’s precious resources; this is a good example of needless waste.  There could be a good reason for the tickets, but surely there system could be adjusted so that they are not issued on a free day.  But who am I to comment! I’m a nobody working in a call centre!

20181029_132739 “Heard this man giving a call centre worker hell, i would have loved to say something! I didnt!”

In other car park news.

20181031_184453 20181108_130515 “Enjoyed some Sri-Lankian and Indian food this week”.

A couple of nights ago my best friend and I saw the new Halloween film, which was very good.  Because MOZ was with me, I didn’t lose her car (read last week’s blog) in the multi-story.  After the film we hunted around our bags looking for pound coins, while keeping an eye out for any masked lunatic’s brandishing a kitchen knife lurking in the shadows.  Driving down the ramp leading to the outside world we discovered that the barrier was in the “up” position.  We could have exited for free! Couldn’t there be a process that warns drivers that they don’t actually need to pay?  Deep down I felt robbed of four quid, though on the upside I found things in my bag I thought I had lost, and didn’t get killed by an escaped mad man.

And Now For Something Completely Different……

DSCF2980 DSCF2986 “MOZ demonstrating her Chicken Wings move”.

You may remember if you have been reading this shiz for a long time that from November 2016 until late September 2017 my best friend and I were doing Aerial Yoga in a basement in Central London.  This is Yoga which uses a sling suspended from the ceiling made of parachute silk.  This came to an end when the instructor packed up and moved to India.

DSCF2984 “I pay good money to be strung up like this”.

A couple of months ago we got word that he was now in Lithuania and coming back to London for a special session (last weekend).  This will hopefully lead to regular monthly classes from January 2019?

DSCF2988 “Never been here before, not sure what else to say……”

Both of us have really missed this form of exercise.  For me I particularly enjoy lying completely enveloped in the sling while it gently swings back and forth.  My signature position however, is hanging upside down with my feet wrapped around the silk holding me above the floor.  The 75 min session came and went far too quickly.  Not only was it lovely to see instructors Richard and Agne again, but others that used to attend the Whitechapel sessions.  Both of us left with a spring in our step and a totally euphoric feeling.  Once a month is never going to be enough, but if that’s what it has to be, then so be it.

DSCF2977 DSCF2976 “Billy the puppy, and waterfowl.  Not a good mix”.

And Finally……

20181106_071908 “7.30am, looks pretty”.

It’s early November and I am already seeing full on “big budget” Crimbum ads on TV. Traditionally these have appeared in early December.  Seeing them now just points out how desperate shops are to persuade you / me to spend with them instead of going online.

20181106_071853 “7.45am, looking even nicer”.

Crimbum really does seem to be getting earlier and earlier every year.  Tinsel and tacky gifts start appearing on shelves at the end of August.  I heard this week that a branch of a large corporate coffee shop in a fashionable part of London (I assume all branches have had the same memo) has been told to play seasonal song on a Friday.  I love a festive hit like the next person, but I only want to hear them during the week of holiday.  In the late 90s I worked in a Sci-Fi shop, we were told to play annoyingly happy tunes about snowmen and fat men in red suits, which the staff felt didn’t fit the character of the shop.  Of course when anyone from head office visited we played them loudly, but once the visit was over the CD was changed to something that suited the environment better.  Customers might have preferred the jingling tunes, but they were not there for 8 hours a day.  “The customer is NOT always right”.

20181103_193725 “Visit to the local flee pit.  Something was happening, a red carpet”.

Crimbum is fun for kids! For adults (certainly me) it’s a couple of extra days away from the grind of work.  The celebration takes place over 2 days, it should not last for 6 months.  But I’m not a company owner who is trying to keep things afloat I suppose, but to me it does seem over the top.

There Bah-humbug Grumpy rant over.

20181106_172155 20181106_172213 “We remember”.

Oh, One More Thing……

I would to apologise to London Overground passengers a couple of days ago for my Mackerel breathe, which I made worse by eating spicy nuts.  Don’t worry I will be contacting the authorities and handing myself in. “#See it. Say it. Sorted”.

20181108_234855.jpg “Writing this shiz, what a Krunt”.

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:  

“12 Monkeys”, (S2, ep 2 to ep 13)(S3, ep 1)“Click”, (TX: 03/11/18)“Crow’s Blood”, (S1, ep 1 to 4)“Doctor Who”, (S37/S11, ep 5)“Frasier”, (S2, ep 10 to ep 20)“Halloween”, (1978)“Halloween”, (2018)“Have I Got News For You”, (S56, ep 6, TX: 09/11/18).  “Informer”, (S1, ep 5 & ep 6)“Lego Masters”, (S2, ep 1, TX: 06/11/18)“Louis Theroux’s: Altered States: Love Without Limits”, (TX: 04/11/18)“Odd Squad”, (S1, ep 11)“Our Musical History, Indie And Beyond With Shaun Ryder And Alan Mcgee”, (TX: 02/11/18)“The Apprentice”, (S14, ep 6, TX: 07/11/18)“The Apprentice: Honest Subtitles”, (S4, ep 6, TX: 07/11/18)“The Apprentice: You’re Fired”, (S13, ep 6, TX: 07/11/18)“The Great Model Railway Challenge”, (S1, ep 5, TX: 02/11/18)“The Last Leg”, (S15, ep 3, TX: 02/11/18)“The Mash Report”, (S3, ep 3, TX: 09/11/18).  “There She Goes”, (S1, ep 4)“Tuckers”, (S1, ep 1)“Will & Grace”, (S10, ep 5)“Zapped”, (S3, ep 4).           

This week I have mainly been listening to:  

“Brian Gittens And Friends”, (ep 46, 06/11/18)“Chasing Earhart”, (ep 65, 04/11/18)“Griefcast”, (ep 58, 07/11/18)“Iain Lee (Highlights)”, (02/11, 05/11, 06/11, 07/11)“In Poor Taste”, (ep 34, 23/12/15)(ep 38, 29/01/16)“LBC Podcast: Mystery Hour”, (08/11/18)“LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (03/11, 09/11/18)“NASA: In Silicon Valley LIVE”, (06/11/18)“NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 70, 09/11/18)“Skeptiod”, (ep 648, 06/11/18)“Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 113, 05/11/18)“Strange Times”, (ep 282, 28/10/18)“The Adam Buxton Podcast”, (ep 82, 03/11/18)“The Hitchhickers Guide To The Galaxy”, (S3, ep 4)“The Nick Abbot Habit”, (S2, ep 2, 09/11/18)“The Rabbit Hole”, (ep 66, 04/11/18)“Morrissey”, “T-Rex”, “King Of Leon”, “Natalie Imbruglia”, “The Halloween Theme”, “Black Grape”, “The Stone Roses”, “Bowie”, “Fun Boy Three”, “The Sex Pistols”.




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