Who am i…….


My name is Dana and these are weekly ramblings, thoughts and adventures as I continue my Mid-Life crisis.  This started in 2014 when I packed up, sold and took my entire life to charity shops and then relocated my lardy arse to a beautiful place called Tofo in Mozambique to scuba dive in the Indian Ocean.  I returned to the UK for a while in 2015 only to escape back to Mozambique in September 2015 finally returning to the UK in March 2016.

A life long dream has been to act and have a go at stand up comedy, both of these I have recently managed to do.  I’m very much a creative person and want to continue to live my life like that, I’ll never be rich or successful I just want to be happy.

The real aim of these writings is in years to come my small nephews and neice will be able to read about what there old mad fat Aunty got up to while they were growing up.

I hope you enjoy anything you read…….





5 Responses to Who am i…….

  1. misfitscully says:

    This is a test

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  2. Helen lucas says:

    The blog is informative with such information and pictures that someone from a diffrent country would not get to experience, that reading this story of a diffrent way of life is exciting to be a part of.


  3. misfitscully says:

    Thanks babe, glad you find my ramblings interesting xxxx


  4. Silke says:

    I really like to read your blog, dana. Feels a bit like still being there. Maybe see you again in Tofo one day. But i think i can do it in 2016….. (have to visit asia first cause i love the clima)*
    Many hugs


    • misfitscully says:

      Thank you hun, i’m glad you enjoy the So-Called Blog. It really is what I see and hear and experience, so pleased it brings happy memories. Happy travels, keep in touch. Love your TV camera pics 🙂 d xxx


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