Week 283, Saturday 16th until Friday 22nd November 2019.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East, South West, North East, South London. And Surrey (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 283 Saturday 16th until Friday 22nd November 2019.


This week’s blog is being published on Black Friday.  That means that you, yes you are guaranteed** even more enjoyment than normal.  With extra special bonus content.

20191122_162227 “A remembrance roundel”.

I need to start this week by saying hearing Crimbum songs this early is ridiculous (in my opinion, which I realise doesn’t count for much).  I love to hear “The Pouges and Kirsty MacColl” like any sensible music lover, but not in November!  Business is tough for many companies at this time I know, which is possibly why Crimbum appears to start earlier and earlier each year.  But playing songs that traditionally used to be heard only over a two to three-week period might have to reverse effect, shoppers staying at home to order online, resulting in companies losing even more money and further physical shops closing.  I enjoy a seasonal tune, you be surprised at the songs that make me (a old grumpy boot) feel warm and fuzzy inside.  But hearing them in November is a little much.

20191117_155651 “Im tickled pink”.

Rants over!  If you would like to know what Crimbum songs make me feel uncharacteristically cheerful, please send a cheque for 42 Altairian Dollars payable to “You Grumpy old Grinch, an occasional smile now and again might make things not feel so bad” to the usual address, P.O.BOX 666, the bus stop opposite Betelgeuse Cash and Carry, Helsinki, W12 8QT.

20191117_160111 “MOZ, just hanging around”.

And Now For Something Completely Different……

20191117_160459 “My view looking up from the Yoga sling”.

I did a lot of driving last weekend and noticed that drivers seem to be even more impatient than normal.  There were a couple of times when I let out a panicked yelp because the car behind approached faster expected, or weaving in and out of traffic as if the driver was playing a game.  Something that happened twice was being flashed (no not that type of flashing. That’s for another week) by impatient drivers.  I was driving at the speed limit (this feel like I am making a police statement. Just to be clear I never have.  It’s because i watch too much TV) if the signs say 50 mph, I travel at that speed.  But the person behind who needs to get to the shops to secure that bargain of something they probably don’t need, spending money that they don’t have needs to be faster.  Last weekend I was determined not to be bullied by nodding a defiant “NO” in the rear view.  Of course, the flasher wouldn’t have seen my protest, but it made me feel better.  After a few seconds they got bored and overtook speeding away until they were stuck a couple of car lengths in front at lights.  Its times like that I would have asked them if that aggressive behaviour was worth it considering how much further it got them.  Instead I sat at the lights enjoying the moment with satisfaction that karma won.

20191120_113356 “Look in to my eyes……”.

Please don’t think I am an angel on the road, if I make a mistake I always apologies (mouthing “Sorry “like a demented goldfish always makes things better).  Being behind the wheel i am aware that I control a couple of tonnes of metal that could kill.  Driving in London is stressful enough, the last thing anyone needs are adults acting like child having a strop who are also in control of a killing machine.  There’s not a lot in life I am confident about, but ending up as a smear on tarmac is not something I want to happen.  If these people do play video games I wonder if they have realised that real life unlike what’s on the screen can have terrible consequences.

20191121_081425 “Hello, mum”.

With a lot of things in life I have always liked to be a rebel the outcast, it’s what makes me who I am.  But when it comes to pushing the accelerator pedal, I do what the signs tell me. Yes, I’m boring!

20191121_081244 “Go to school”.

And Finally……

20191122_162423 “Interesting rush hour attire”.

I commented to a friend I wonder how soon in 2020 will Prince Charles have a marathon of all nine Star Wars films (not including Rouge One and Solo.  There welcome to be added to the bill.  There great!).  MOZ laughed as she realised, I was talking about The Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square and not the person.

Licking a foil lid that I had pierced so that the container could be microwaved. I said out load to a friend, “I don’t want to cut my mouth on that gash”!

DSCF5017 “A pretty time of the year”.

MOZ said “get your hands off my muff”.  While I cleared a messy table we sat at in a coffee shop.  I had picked up a bag with her muffin in.

Saw a puppy in a different coffee shop that had been given a tiny cup of cream.  Nice to see on a chilly morning in the capital. The environmental issues of the paper cup, and is cream good for the dog, never crossed my mind.

20191118_224200 “How i felt at work a couple of days ago”.


Shopping for “things” that little ones can unwrap in about four and a half weeks’ time.  I overheard one teenager say to another “Heard you told your dad to Fuck off”.  That’s one prezzie list thrown into the recycling bin.

20190925_224125 “What a beautiful couple”.

** Black Friday guarantee is not available in your part of the Western Spiral Arm of the Galaxy.  Please check the ultraviolet small print for more information.

Oh, this is the special extra content. Hope you enjoyed it.

DSCF5137 “Writing this shiz, but very distracted by a Galaxy far, far away…”

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:  

“Ad Vitam”, (S1, ep 1 & ep 2).  “Better Than Us”, (S1, ep 10).  “Blakes 7”, (SC, ep 1 to ep 3).  “Cheers”, (S1, ep 7 to ep 18).  “Click”, (TX: 16/11/19).  “Cul-De-Sac”, (S1, ep 4 to ep 6).  “Giri/Haji”, (S1, ep 7 & ep 8).  “His Dark Materials”, (S1, ep 3).  “Horizon: Jupitar Revealed”, (2018, ep 5, TX: 07/08/18).  “Hot Fuzz”, (2007).  “Junior Bake Off”, (S1 (S5), ep 11 TX: 18/11/19)(ep 12, 19/11)(ep 13, 20/11)(ep 14,21/11)(ep 15, 22/11).  “Lucy And D.i.C: D.i.C Auditions For Mortal Kombat (YouTube)”, (23/07/19).  “Mars”, (S2, ep 5 & ep 6).  “Spiral”, (S7, ep 11 & ep 12).  “Star Wars: The Mandalorian”, (S1, ep 1 & ep 2).  “Terry Nation Army Extra: Q&A On Props, Research And More! (YouTube)”, (TX: 19/11/19).  “The Apprentice”, (S15, ep 8, TX: 20/11/19).  “The Apprentice: Honest Subtitles”, (S5, ep 8, TX: 20/11/19).  “The Apprentice: You’re Fired”, (S14, ep 8, TX: 20/11/19).  “The Last Leg”, (S18, ep 4, TX: 15/11/19).  “The Name Of The Rose”, (S1, ep 5).  “The Richard Dimbleby Lecture: Sir Tim Berners-Lee – The World Wide Webb A Mid-Course Correction”, (TX: 17/11/19).  “The War Of The Worlds”, (S1, ep 1).  “Timeless”, (S1, ep 3).                   

This week I have mainly been listening to:  

“Daddy Look At Me”, (S2, ep 6, 21/11/19).  “Gossipmongers”, (S2, ep 8, 16/11/19).  “Griefcast”, (ep 105, 19/11/19).  “Iain Lee (Highlight)”, (15/11, 18/11, 19/11, 20/11, 21/11/19).  “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (16/11, 22/11/19).  “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 119, 22/11/19).  “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 168, 15/11/19).  “Space Rocket History Archive”, (ep 36 to ep 38, 05/01/18).  “Sue Perkins: An Hour Or So With….”, (ep 8, 21/11/19).  “Talking Bottom”, (S2, ep 6, 28/12/18)(Bottom Live, The Stage Show, 19/07/19)(Ed Bye Interview, 26/07/19)(S2 Round Up, 18/10/19)(S3, ep 1, 25/10/19)(ep 2, 31/10/19)(ep 3, 08/11/19)(ep 4, 15/11/19).  “The Adam Buxton Podcast”, (ep 109, 16/11/19).  “The Nick Abbot Habit”, (18/11/19).  “The Old Doctor Who Show”, (ep 9, 25/06/15)(ep 10, 15/07/15).  “Walking The Dog With Emily Dean”, (ep 23, 27/07/18).  “Morrissey”,  “Pouges And Kirsty MacCall”,  “ACDC”,  “Van Halen”,  “Talking Heads”,  “The Red Hot Chilli Peppers”, “Liam Gallagher”,  “Artic Monkeys”,  “T. Rex”,  “The Dandy Warhols”,  “Mott The Hoople”,  “The Black Keys”.



















































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