Week 126, Saturday 12th until Friday 18th November 2016.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East London, Surrey & Uxbridge Middlesex (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 126 Saturday 12thNovember until Friday 18thNovember 2016.


I don’t have a faith, I don’t believe in a god.  I do respect others who do and find comfort in what they believe.  When I think of Jesus (which is rare) I think of him as possibly the first superhero, let me explain.  I suspect that there was a nice man called Jesus who was kind to people, picked others out of the gutter maybe even gave food to the poor. Who was surrounded by a gang of mates who hung out with him?  I feel that over the year the stories of kindness have been embellished possibly by a bored monk who sat there sucking on the end of his quill while inscribing a new edition of the big book got bored and added little bits to stories that over the years have become what appear to be superpowers.

2016-11-13-17-35-28 Emmm, this was all i could get of the so called Super Moon.

I have dabbled with religion now and then, I am proud to say that I was asked to leave Sunday school as a child because I was a “bad influence” a badge of pride I wear to this day.  Sunday was Remembrance Day when we traditionally remember those that have fallen in conflicts all over the world.  This Remembrance Day I also thought of people I personally have lost over the years, I should point out I do think of them during the rest of the year.  this Sunday I attended a remembrance service which my best friend whose mother sadly passed away earlier this year and was mentioned during the service. I was surprised that as soon as I cross the threshold i didn’t burst in to flames and make a mess on the carpet getting In to everyone’s nice shoes.

img_8676img_8679img_8687 My trip to Pinewood was a lot of fun.

We sat at back trying not to be noticed, we stood up and sat down when required and mimed our way through all the hymns that felt like they went far too long. I was there to mainly support my fiend but also I thought of dad and David, loved ones who are no longer here but will never be forgotten people that made a huge impact on my life. I have many regrets but I am constantly told that regrets are pointless, so I sat there and thought of these special people.  The service was nice, but I didn’t feel the presence of a higher being.  I am so glad I went not only to support my friend but to remember special people I have lost.  As I said I do admire people who do have a faith and believe in the stories, I have been told many times that there is always hope.  Time will tell.

2016-11-15-10-38-23 2016-11-15-11-00-06 Went for a job interview, these are the note for the role play i had to take part in.

And now for something completely different…. 

IMG_8706.JPG Post interview treat.

I took my niece to school today, and I realised how things have changed.  It’s carnage out there, why I hear you say.  So many children race to and from school on their scooters and a number of these riders appear to be so high on E numbers that I feel that they should have left the wheels at home.  Walking there and back today it felt like a battlefield, I saw children crying with scraped knees, elbows and bumped heads nothing serious I should point but there were casualties.  If there is one thing a number of Brits enjoy it’s rubbernecking.  Until today I had only seen this on motorways, but today I saw it with class mates and parents stopping to have an ogle before carrying on with their journey home to have their evening meal.  The kids of today really are growing up fast, I just hope that they learn to control their wheels better by the time they are in control of a petrol engine.

DSCF6079.JPG dscf6080 Its getting windy out there.

In other news…..  

2016-11-18-10-10-33 In Nero getting distracted while writing this shiz.

While in the reception of Pinewood Studios I saw a pass waiting for Richard Osman from Pointless, I’m easily pleased.  Had an interview for a job, I GOT it.  Sitting in Cafe Nero feeling very out of place as it was full of mothers drinking and chatting who were very noisy while I was trying to writing this shiz, so if it’s really bad it’s their fault. 


The Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:  “60 Days In Jail”, (ep 1).  “Asian Provocateur”, (Season 2, ep 6).  “Children In Need”, (2016).  “Class”, (Season 1, ep 5).  “Click”, (05/11/16).  “Crazyheads”, (Season 1, ep 5).  “Dangerous Earth: Avalanches”.  “Destination Titan”.  “Doctor Strange”, (2016).  “Have I Got A Bit More News For You”, (Season 52, ep 6).  “Humans”, (Season 2, ep 3).  “Horizon: Mir Mortals”, (1997/8).  “Horizon: Is Your Brain Male or Female”, (2014/15, ep 7).  “Peter Pan”, (2003).  “Planet Earth II”, (ep 2).  “Secret Life Of Prisons: Cutting Edge”.  “Spaced”, (Season 1, ep 1 to 4).  “Star Trek, Original Series”, (Season 3, ep 22).  “Stuff: A Horizon Guide to Materials”, (12/04/12).  “Tangled”, (2010).  “The Apprentice”, (Season 12, ep 7).  “The Apprentice: Honest Subtitles”, (Season 2, ep 7).  “The Apprentice: Your Fired”, (Season 11, ep 7).  “The Grand Tour”, (Season 1, ep 1).  “The Jonathan Ross Show”, (Season 10, ep 11).  “The One Show”, (15/11/16).  “The Sky At Night”, (ep 769).  “Timeshift: Penny Blacks And Twopenny Blues, How Britain Got Stuck On Stamps”. (Season 16, ep 3).  “Toast of London”, (Season 1, ep 1).  “Undiscovered Peter Cook”.      

This week I have mainly been listening to:  “Iain Lee: TalkRADIO (Bonus)”, (10/11, 14/11, 15/11 x 2).  “Iain Lee: TalkRADIO (Highlights)”, (10/11, 11/11, 14/11, 15/11, 16/11).  “Iain Lee: TalkRADIO (Live)”, (11/11, 15/11, 16/11, 17/11, 18/11).  ”LBC Podcast: Mystery Hour”, (17/11/16).   “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (11/11, 12/11).  “Scroobius Pip, Distraction Pieces”, (ep 1, 13/10/14)(ep 124, 15/11/16)(ep 125, 16/11/16).  “The Adam Buxton Podcast”, (ep 13, 08/04/16)(ep 33, 13/11/16).  “Toby Hadoke’s Who’s Round”,(ep 92, ep 93, ep 94, ep 95, ep 96, ep 97, ep 98, 12/14)(ep 194, 11/16). “Morrissey”, “Green Day”, “The White Stripes”, “The Strokes”, ”New Order”, “Patrick McNee And Honor Blackman”, “Nancy Sinatra”, “Scissor Sister”, “The KLF”.   












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2 Responses to Week 126, Saturday 12th until Friday 18th November 2016.

  1. rogers garey says:

    Thanks for sharing your encounter with the church and the service. Being a believer in the ‘higher power’ i’m always happy when someone at least contemplates creation, this world, and all the pain and pleasure life offers. I will note that the GOD I believe in is inside everyone, not a great being with glowing robes. I have just always felt that the wonders of the world shown in caring and kindness for our fellow beings of all types and how nature seems to work so well (when mankind doesn’t get involved!) is not a happen stance. Conversely the pain we inflict on others (nature and all beings) is generated by an evil force which exists to thwart mankinds natural tendencies to be kind. And as the preacher said “Amen”. Now onto the real juicy stuff you shared. Yes isn’t it crazy out here when you stop and observe how no one seems to take notice of everyone else when moving about? It’s like some daze everyone is in and also not connecting with other beings as if the world must make way for only them. About the noisy parents and kinds, may God forgive me (hey you started it! 🙂 ) I get a big smile on my face everytime I see an advert for the hotels and vacation spots the bar children and dogs. Please don’t call the RSPCA on me as i feed the stray cat on my road. Thanks for the great blog as usually.


    • misfitscully says:

      It’s always great to hear from you. I find it comforting that others for instance you and another friend Rachel have a faith, I do wish I had it. For me it doesn’t matter what the religion is I think it’s nice that there are people who find comfort and peace in what they believe. I sort of hope that people of faith will think of us who don’t have any and just keep an eye on us out of the corner of your eye to make sure we don’t totally fall down a well. I also like to have long chats as you may remember about what I think and believe and how it fits in with what you believe, I find it interesting.

      On another note parents you have the toughest job in the world, you should get paid plus danger money. I’m just as bad as everyone else, I am plugged in to my own little world not taking notice of who and what is going on around me. It’s very sad really, social media is nothing to do with being social at all.

      There is a time and place for children, adult only holiday locations are probably a lot of fun, that might be my next trip. You never know who I’ll meet.

      We must meet up sometime, glad to know your back safe from your trip.

      D x


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