Week 56 (or Week 19 of the new adventure), Saturday 11th July until Friday 17th July 2015.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in ………….. Surrey, Croydon, Central London,

Week 56 (or Week 19 of the new adventure), Saturday 11th July until Friday 17th July 2015.

2015-07-12 19.53.02 Watching classic Hammer Horror in bed.

I’m in the process of getting ready again for my return to Mozziebeak the passport form is going in with new pictures.  Once I have received the new passport then I can book flights and get my visa. Money is a worry, I’m not earning as much here as I hoped I am saving as much as I can but there are things I have to pay for and that has an overall effect on the final amount of money available to me for the trip.  I can however live out there very cheaply like I did last time.  I have sent a CV in to a Sci-Fi shop I used to work for who is looking for casual staff in Croydon; I suspect however I’m too old to be staff these days.

2015-07-12 19.33.23 A lovely little lady I met on the way home one night.

Doing the passport is helping make sitting in an office in Croydon easier, I’m only doing it so I can return to Mozzibeak.  The building is new and has a lighting system that could have been created by “Sirius Cybernetics Corporation” (see The Hitchhiker Gide to the Galaxy) which has sensors that brightens the lights if it gets darker outside even if a cloud passes by.  The most important thing is my trip is finally happening, at the moment I think I will be returning in early September which gives me more time to save.

DSCF6186 Get off the train tracks.

Last Sunday MOZ and I were in London on a perfect July summers day, it poured with rain.  We were near the Tower of London, there were tourist all around in ponchos some even had plastic bags on their heads.  I was dressed for warm weather, summer skirt and vest top with flip flops. As the rain got harder I regretted my choice of clothing and it would appear I was not the only one that afternoon.

DSCF6254 DSCF6255 More childish painting this week.

When I was growing up everywhere you looked in London there was a red telephone box.  Now everywhere you look there is a green sign, a Starbucks logo.  The coffee shop rules supreme in the capital and I am a regular customer I do love a SB.  When the coffee corner shop boom started at the end of the 90s I worked in Bayswater and the chain that you saw most was Café Republic a name you don’t see very often these days on the high street. The green mermaid (I think she is a mermaid) on the SB logo is everywhere, there’s nothing quite like an additive filled calorific creamy SB coffee or a frappe.  On this occasion trying to keep out of the summer rain i felt robbed; they had run out of cream which wasn’t mentioned when I paid.  In my mind I did think of asking for a reduction but of course I smiled and took my plastic cup of gulp and walked away. In my personal SB guide inside my head they lost points on that occasion.

2015-07-12 16.55.45 2015-07-12 16.56.11 MOZ and I hiding from the Summer rain in London. No cream on my drink, not happy.

We seeked cover in a small arcade, selling tacky “Made In China” London gifts, nodding and waving Queen figures standing next to bobbies on the beat and spoons with double decker buses on them.  There was one stall that was taking advantage of the bad weather as they hurriedly re-priced all there umbrellas.  This arcade had nothing for us; we stood there watching people enjoying London even in the rain, but for us we really needed to find better cover.  We nipped across the road to the Tower of London gift shop, a treasure trove of tatt.  The product that made me laugh the most was a pencil with a small topper with a gallows and a man hanging from a noose, quality product from London.

2015-07-11 16.09.47 Some people really didn’t get the message.

As the rain got worse I found that I lost traction.  There is a joke in this country about the trains coming to a standstill due to the wrong kind or leaves and snow.  It was the wrong kind of rain for me.  I found I was slipping and sliding around as if I was on ice. I had to walk with pigeon steps, my whole body tensed up as I took each step.  I was worried that i would go over in front of lots of people and no one would come and help me.  MOZ raced off in front trying to keep dry under her brolly that kept blowing inside out.  Once on the tube I had to be careful due to slippery floors.  All part of a perfect London Summers July day.

2015-07-11 09.43.48 Anaia with her popcorn and drink before the film.

Took Anaia to the cinema she wanted to see batman or Spiderman I wanted to see Minions.  But the kid’s club film was Cinderella; she’s a little too young and got bored with all the waiting before the film.  The film wasn’t great; and Anaia didn’t last the whole film.  I have hope she’ll enjoy Star Wars more next time. Saw a naughty squirrel walking on a train track, didn’t its parents teach it how to be safe.  Walked around Reigate Hill with Moira watching the sunset. Have had two new tattoos and I’m loving Pluto hearts so much.

IMG_7225 IMG_7264 Reigate Hill, with Moira.

The Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have been watching: “Interceptor”, (ep 6), “Clangers”, (eps 21 to 25), “Humans”, (eps 5), “Cordon” (eps 5 & 6), “Dirk Gently”, (Season 1, eps 3), “Dracula”, (Hammer Films 1958), “The Curse of Frankenstein”, (Hammer Films 1957), “The Mummy”, (Hammer Films 1959), “Cinderella”, (2015), “Spy”, (2015), “new Sherlock Trailer” (BBC), “Doctor Who preview trailer” (BBC, Season 9), “Orphan Black”, (Season 2 eps 9).

This week I have mainly been listening to, “Morrissey”, “The Cure”, “Catfish and the Bottlemen”, “The Verve”, “PJ Harvey”

Reading on Kindle……“A Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire” book 2 “ A Clash of Kings” by George R.R. Martin.

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  1. Helen lucas says:

    Stop sending on new tattoos to save more money would help, thought that was a seat belt A was sitting in, in the cinema just shaped like popcorn, now know better.


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