Week 55 (or Week 18 of the new adventure), Satuday 4th July until Friday 10th July 2015.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in …………..Surrey, Croydon, Essex and Central London.

Week 55 (or Week 18 of the new adventure), Saturday 4th July until Friday 10th July 2015.

This weeks So-Called Blog is a hotchpotch of ideas; so much to say.

1397909607428 There ugly, but someone liked them.

I have had some nasty experiences on trains; verbal abuse and threats of physical abuse because of who I am.  I’m not sure what to make of what happened last Saturday when travelling into London.

DSCF5878 DSCF5885 “Drink”…

I was watching my small illuminated device when a man sat opposite started to talk; this is when things turned strange.  He asked what make my flip flops were, he reached down and touch my feet.  He then asked if he could massage them, I refused politely saying “I didn’t feel comfortable about this on the train”.  A little later as the journey was coming to an end he said “how about a massage on a bench in the station”.  Once the doors opened I bolted as quickly as I could.

DSCF5701 DSCF5706 Lets play Pirates on the Thames.

Toward the end of last week I noticed a number of people walking around in Salvation Army uniforms, not a site you see every day (I should mention I used to work for them in a couple of their London homeless hostels).  After escaping foot fetish man I noticed a few more people walking around in crisp white shirts with red epilates.  I met up with MOZ, we didn’t have anything to do on such a hot day and we were by the river so we jumped on river boat (a bus on the river).  It was interesting seeing places I knew from a different perspective.

DSCF5841 DSCF5872 The Dome and Happy 150 B’day SA.

We decided to head to Greenwich and the 02 (formally the Millennium Dome).  It was only when we were leaving the boat I noticed that there were a lot of Sally Army people around.  All I could see were Salvationist in uniforms and bright coloured clothes from all over the world; they were there to celebrate to the 150 anniversary of the organisation (according to the huge banner I read).  I did wonder if there was anyone I used to work in attendance (I later found out there were a couple there).  MOZ and I got separated in the crowd; I made my way to the loo and queued up.  I texted MOZ asking where she was, her reply said she was in a queue also for the loo, I looked up and there she was a few people down from me we just looked and laughed at each other.   There is something special about seeing a large group of people all together for common reason, it could be a sporting event, a gig, a convention like comic-con or something like this a massive b’day celebration.  Maybe there was a part of me that looked around the O2 at all the happy people and wanted to join the party and have cake (I don’t know if there was an actual b’day cake).

DSCF5976 Maldon in Essex.

I have dabbled in religion over the years.  As a child I was thrown out of Sunday school due to “being a bad influence” a badge I still wear with pride.  I came to the conclusion a long time ago that I don’t believe in God.  My personal view is that there might have been a very ordinary man called Jesus, who did nice things and over time these stories have got more and more fantastical.  In some ways he could be looked at as the first famous superhero.  MOZ and I ended up in a bar within the O2 drinking Larger Shandy, after all it was a very hot day as a result i soon forgot about religion.

DSCF5982 DSCF6052 Happy B’day Rac.

Spent a lovely day off during the week with MOZ and Rachel in windy rainy Essex, it was Rac’s b’day (she’s not as old as the Sally Army).  Nice time strolling about taking pics of the countryside, the harbour (we were in a place called Maldon) and birds such as Swans and Signets, Moorhen’s and fluffy chicks and a Rat.  We took Rac to a Harvester; I won’t be eating for a week after.

DSCF6079 Look carefully for the Rat, highlight of the day.

Due to a tube strike in London it was a rush to get back into town.  I had planned a route, but as there were still tubes running after the official start time of the industrial action i managed to make it to London Bridge to only find that due to a signal failure nothing was running.  I raced back to the tube and luckily travelled 2 more stations west to Waterloo, by now the time between tube trains was getting longer due to strike.  At Waterloo I jumped on a train which sailed passed Clapham Junction at speed (I thought all trains stopped at Clapham). It stopped at Wimbledon where I joined the crowed leaving the Tennis.  Got a train back to Clapham and carried on with my journey home.  I really must check before I get on a train in future.….  I still had a lovely day especially seeing the Rat.

DSCF5532 John Keats in the grounds of Guys Hospital London.

Found Keats sculpture in the beautiful grounds of Guys Hospital.  Had a number of Starbucks frappe drinks during hot days. Filled out a new passport form.  Seen Season 9 Doctor Who trailer, bring it on….

The Mid Life Crisis Conts……

IMG-1436311659752-V It doesn’t look that far away.

This week I have been watching: “Vicious” (Season 2, eps 6), “Interceptor”, (ep 5), “Clangers”, (eps 16 to 20), “Humans”, (eps 4), “My Mad Fat Diary”, (Season 3, eps 3), “The Last Leg”, (Season 6, eps 3), “Cordon” (eps 3 & 4), “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”, “Britain Beneath Your Feet”, (eps 2), “The West Wing”, (Season 1, eps 3 & 4), “A Song for Jenny” .

This week I have mainly been listening to, “Morrissey”, “Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds”, “Stereophonics”, “Nirvana”, “Kate Bush”, “Pulp”.

Reading on Kindle……“A Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire” book 2 “ A Clash of Kings” by George R.R. Martin.

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