Misfits Mid Life Crisis Adventures in ………….. Mozambique.

Misfits Mid Life Crisis Adventures in ………….. Mozambique.

Week 20, Saturday 1 to Friday 7 November 2014.

This week I have mainly been listening to….. Morrissey, Lana Del Ray, Santigold, MORE MORRISSEY, Kate Bush.

And have been watching…. Star Wars Episode 1, (No Phantom, No menace). Lillyhammer (All of Season 2). Doctor Who “Dark Water” (Season 8/34, eps11,). Citizen Khan (Season 3, eps 1). Not Going Out. The Big bang Theory (Season 7, eps 18 & 19). Fringe (Season 2 eps 1-10).


Saturday. Started the day at yoga, went and saw a lovely woman who is a teacher/instructor in Yoga really good hour one to one session. Have got home work to do really hoping that this helps my back, the rest of the day it didn’t feel too bad hope to be back diving soon. Phil Mitchell the mad dog that attacked Alice Cooper was killed today just down the road, I saw the body being dragged away (this was maybe 50 meters or so away, so I didn’t see it up close but I saw the body). It appears that the dog was ill and some people have been using the R word in connection with it, it has been said that it has attacked other dogs and people. It did have an owner who was having trouble controlling it. I don’t think its death was dignified and to be honest I do feel sad for it. Alice is back but doesn’t appear to be the same relaxed cat, I think he still in shock and stressed and hopefully not in pain.   Today was the start of the new Liquid dive centre as the new owners officially took over, until we move in to the new space next door there won’t be much in the way of change I suspect. But it’s a new start looking forward to the future (the past has been great by the way), just hope this damn back gets better. My little nephew Jesse crawled for the first time, I saw this for myself when I skyped my sister. Am doing Doctor Who tomorrow as the sound has to be load for it to register well over Skype, I don’t want to wake Jesse and Anaia who are staying the night.

Sunday, yes I’m going to grumble about my back again, there are a group of French people diving with us, they must think I’m some sort of dive shop groupie as I’ve not dived with them but I am always here. Feeling a little fed up about the situation, I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it over here, so I might vent on this so called blog. Alice Cooper is back and spent most of the day around the back of the shop where its quieter. He just lay there doesn’t want the company that he did before, he used to previously snuggle up with, but now… I took him some water twice which he lapped up and of course i fed him in the morning, hoping that in time he will get back to his usual self. Jenny a lovely woman that is going to open a little café in the new dive shop was round this morning testing how long it takes to make things. Today she was making amazing fried egg and bacon with tommy sauce bun (“Heaven in a bun” I think it should be called), she also brought homemade cake woo hoo, were all going to get very fat but happy in the future. A very sexy woman came to the dive shop today (to dive) have spoken to her a couple of times I don’t know if she’s gay (I think so) of course she doesn’t know I exsist even though we had a long conversation about life the universe and everything (remember kids the answer is 42) and I got a small back rub (enough said I think about this now)..


Monday, a rubbish day, felt shit, back felt crap I hung about at the dive centre for a couple of hours but in the end I left and went to the pharmacy and got more pills. I tried to ask if there was a doctor around here, the man didn’t understand I even showed him the word “Doctor” but that didn’t help. I have heard that there is a hospital and a private clinic in Inhambane (23km away) if thing go on for too long I might have to go there. Anyway walked back to the house with tears in my eyes as I feel frustrated that I can’t do anything, am very fed up with the world and really do just want to cry and sleep all the time. When I was in the UK that’s what I’d do I’d shut myself away and stay in bed. But here it’s a little more difficult, with housekeepers and a decorator still about. So I came home and looked about the WWW. Carla one of the lovely housekeepers shared some of their beautiful fish meal so sweet, I think she knew I was a little down. I leave this house in a couple of days after 3 month and I will be giving both of the housekeepers a tip to show my appreciation they have looked after me so well.

Tuesday, I didn’t feel great yesterday so today I stayed home. I really didn’t do anything apart from watch lots and LOTs of fringe season 2. I’m taking the anti inflams, the back is getting better but it still hurts I still feel it. I am hoping that after this week I will be back in action. It’s so frustrating being around excited people who have been diving and seen wonderful things and all you have seen in the shop or the street. I went to Casa Barry the place I will be returning to in a couple of days, and found that the room I’m due to move in to has been let to someone very soon, this means that I will move in but then have to move out soon after. It is frustrating as I did speak to them and say I wanted to room, but oh well these things happen, so I’m not really sure where I will end up for a period of time. This evening I discovered as it was becoming dusk 2 nests hanging by branches next to the house, it will be tough if impossible for tiger to get them but I have been advised that a snake could easily get there. The Birds are possible “Weaver Birds” (the nest is actually woven with grass) very yellow and beautiful I think there are chicks in one nest as that’s the one that seems to be getting all the visits from the adults with food. I love watching nature progs and always look out for nests but have never had one right outside where I’m living, and typical I’m leaving the house tomorrow so I won’t be able to follow up on their progress. I watched them for as long as I could, so sweet. I packed my belongings ready for the big move, will be very sad to leave this lovely house.


Wednesday, back at the dive shop. I have borrowed a tiny projector (I was expecting a huge thing that you connect to the laptop, oh no). The tinny tiny projector was used to put the new Liquid logo designed by my Tofo husband Miki on the wall which I’m going to paint. I love art and to draw and paint but I have never painted on a wall before, never done anything like this before. As I started to draw the pencil outline of the projected image on the wall I have to admit I really didn’t know if I could do it. 4 hours later the first coat was completed and it actually looks good (of course Miki’s design looks great, I mean the paint job actually looks ok for something done by me). Jenny who is going to be our resident coffee/baking wonder arrived with beautiful chicken and egg rolls, yummy scrummy…. Oops I reverted to being a child at wonderful food arriving. Once fed Jenny and I got talking, and the result of this is I’m moving in to her place. Went to see her lovely house it’s huge and has a sort of sea view (I say sort of as there is a house obscuring part of it, but you can still sit on the porch and see the sea). So I’m moving in with her and her dog Sally Bear and Cat Jemima. I have been to Casa Barry and informed them and they were not angry so all is good in Tofo. Been watching the birds and I think there are chicks now in both nest, how exciting. I have also been told that Martina and family are not back until Friday now.


Thursday. Was kept up by terrible winds, and yes I was worried about the Weaver bird nests, there ok in fact one bird was making repairs to the nest it appeared. I spent the morning finishing the logo, a second coat and fine tuning edges and boarders making them look sharp and clear, also blotted out with white a few finger prints and a smudge or three. I really like it and yes I will for once say I have done a good job. The rest of the day was spent helping to paint benches and rails while, and lots of surf boards that are used as signs black. A few of us came up with an idea that if I borrow the projector again and make stencils then I can spray paint in true Banky style the logo on the benches and the surf boards, also it will be a hell of a lot quicker than painting it. As I said before ive never painted like this before but am totally enjoying it. My back is better I still feel it, it’s not totally right but its better I hope to be back diving in a couple of days. I think my main worry is the boat as the ride can be very bumpy so standing up at the front might help (I’ll bugger my knees but my back will be ok…..lol). No Alice Cooper at all today, this is the first time in a very long time that we haven’t seen him, am still worried after the attack last week he has never quite got back to being the cat he was do hope that all is ok. What an evening, spent with Jenny at Mozambeats and then in downtown (not sure it’s really a downtown, but it sounds good) Tofo, had a lot to drink, chatted with lots of lovely people most I do already know and a few I don’t. Live music at “What U Want” was really good. It was nice to get home even if it was very late (I had already collected tank earlier in the evening). I spent my last night with Tiger and Tank very sad lots of drunken cuddles.


Friday. I don’t feel great I will admit, I think I’m slurring a little but I have painting second coats on Goth surf boards and designing stencils for spray painting so I have plenty to do. Everyone has gone on a double tank so I’m all alone which is nice in a way as I really don’t feel up to much in the way of company. I deffo cannot party like that regularly or drink like that as I feel totally shit and can’t really function. Just writing it here is probably saying too much really. I move in to Jenny’s tonight and from Sunday it’s just me and Sally Bear (the dog) and Jemima (the cat) as jenny has to go to South Africa for a couple of weeks. No Alice Cooper again this morning, should I be concerned, I am that’s the problem. Been painting surf boards black to make in to signs and tables white, by the end of the day I way as high as a kite from fumes. I have moved this evening from Casa Martina (I did cry when I left), I left a bog roll, lol. Tonight I moved in with Jenny in to a beautiful large house by the sea….. more to follow.


The end of another week, a week of painting walls and furniture, a week of realising that I can paint a logo on a wall, a week of no diving and a bad back. Next week I want to dive I need to dive…….

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  1. Debbie Woodcock says:

    Brilliant Dana xx


  2. Helen lucas says:

    You need to start reading what you wright, a few times it dosnt make sense.


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