Week 21, Saturday 8 to Friday 14 November 2014.

Misfits Mid Life Crisis Adventures in ………….. Mozambique.

Week 21, Saturday 8 to Friday 14 November 2014.

This week I have mainly been listening to….. Alanis Morissette, Sophie B Hawkins, Morrissey, all on repeat.

And have been watching…. Doctor Who “Death in Heaven” (Season 8/34 eps 12),The Apprentice (season 10 eps 5 & 6), Citizen Khan (season 3, eps 2), Not Going Out (eps 4), Fringe (Season 2, eps 11, 12 & 13).


Saturday, first proper night over at the new house “Casa Jenny” all good, we went out and about last night and had a few drinks… A small problem was feather pillows, will change pillows)…. Saturday was a decorating day (again), however we have dives taking place as well so there were people lugging dive gear, dripping wet in amongst people painting and moving things about. I have the projector again; I’m hoping to do some Bankys style stencils of the logo. This evening it was Anna and Louis Snorkel test, tonight they became DM buy dropping the T, it was also a goodbye from the previous owners and a hello from the new owner’s meal. Anna and Louis snorkel test was very funny, I think it’s safe to say Anna won the drinking down the snork (soz Louis). Because the white board pen failed, Nadia came up with a great idea that Anna and Louis mime the briefing went very well very funny.


Sunday we were all allowed to have a little lie in, after my shower found that breakfast had been made. A lovely man called Gilbert (he works for the landlord of the house I’m in,, has been staying here for a couple of nights). He had made brekkie so nice; I should mention that Jenny left in early morning to go to South Africa for a couple of weeks. Anyway had a lovely breakfast then attempted to drive to Liquid in Jenny’s car, so glad had Gilbert with me as the car has a immobiliser (a sort of clitoris type hidden button) I could find it (story of my life… lol) and the car bleared its alarm in the early Sunday morning waking Tofo up the car was stuck in the middle of a sand road. I won’t be trying that again (oh Gilbert managed to start the car and got it home before the alarm went again). Been attempting to stencil the logo on to the black surf boards and use spray paint on them, it’s not easy I don’t know how Banky does it’s. In the end I had to use normal white paint brushed over the stencils, it looks messy and has blobs of stray paint. Once they were dry I did touch ups with a fine brush. Gilbert and I had pizza, I skyped and watched new WHO while he was out getting food. Showed him on Street view Sutton and we looked up his old London address which brought back many memories.


Monday, started to walk to Liquid, and then got beeped by a Diversity (another dive company) car, I jumped in the back holding on sitting on the wheel arch. Dropped off at the dive shop and realised I didn’t have the computer, so I walked the 15mins back home and sure enough it was on the table, grabbed it said hello to Martha the housekeeper and rushed out again, I just made it in time for 7am to open. The day was spent painting, I have been touching up logos on the goth boards and doing large versions on benches, I also painted a whale shark and manta on the rinse tanks. I have looked in the Market for fine paint brushes, couldn’t find any but I did get some cotton buds, have been using them, they don’t last after a few dips in the paint they start to fall apart, but there useful. Going home I passed Martina’s house ( I was returning Frieda’s projector) anyway as I passed Martina house she appeared. Ohhh BREAKING NEWS….. The weaver birds have 4 nests instead of 2 (last week), the 4th is still being built. I’m going to Martina’s tomorrow so will bring the camera. Lovely to see her she looks so happy and healthy, such a lovely person.

Tuesday, its deffo getting hotter and hotter summer is here. The main attractions of today were the arrival of PADi and Suunto two puppies bought by the new owners of liquid, the bogs are really there boys puppies, but they will be sending most days at the dive centre. As soon as they arrived everyone fell in love, they pretty much stick together, and play and play and play. I continued to paint the rinse tanks this morning, adding a blue colour to the back ground. The other main news is I was back in the water diving, woo hoo after 2 weeks I was at sea again. Went to the mighty Giants castle, saw a couple of giant morays other than that it was just nice to be in the water, doing a negative entry and breathing air at depth. This could be my last dive with Louis who returns to OZ on Thursday another lovely person met in Tofo and now leaving Tofo Had pizza for lunch, emmmmm so tasty. I got home, no water, I spoke to the lovely night watchman (well I showed him the tap, he understood) It was a difficult conversation but he had to speak to someone else resulting in the water getting turned on soon. I had to go out to Martina’s place had a lovely meal and a pedicure gel overlay. Tomorrow we do fingers. When I got home there was aqua…. Yeah….


Wednesday started with a Top Gear moment, the boss had a flat so I drove the green very old Liquid land rover that has nothing working on the dash, you have to keep your elbow clamped to the driver’s door to keep it closed, move the steering wheel and nothing happens, you have to turn it a lot to get any change of direction. Yes this could have been a moment out of a Top Gear Africa special, driving down very bumpy sand road, I was deffo channelling my inner Clarkson/May/Hammond. Finished painting on the rinse tanks then started work on a huge stencil for a surfboard sign. In the afternoon took my second scuba review today this is for a qualified diver that has not dived in a couple of years, . oh I get paid for that as well, im a dive pro. BREAKING NEWS…… Alice Cooper was seen by Chris at Alice’s house, this is great news, I was beginning to fear the worst as it’s been a week since we saw him.

Thursday, BREAKING NEWS, i saw Alice Cooper this evening after leaving the dive shop, I’m convinced he recognised me as there was lots of meowing, and rubbing of his head on me. I of course stroked him and told him how much I missed him; he really seemed to remember me. He then climbed down off the wall and wanted to follow me, this is sweet but I can’t let him get lost so I walked him back home, he jumped back on the wall when a car came. It was s great to see him again, I am extremely happy. Today was a wonderful wet day, started out on a dive to the beautiful Sherwood forest. At one point I turned to look at mike and behind him swimming towards us was a large turtle, I shouted in t my regulator and pointed, mike looked round sharply (thinking id seen a manta) and the turtle changed direction instantly amazing to see this beauty up close. Once back on land got kitted up for an Ocean safari, we initially had problems with the boat but after some tinkering we were off. We saw a pod of Dolphins and 2 or 3 mantas just under the surface one or two had visible shark bite marks on their wing tips. Once back at the shop I conducted another scuba review, as before everything came back to the person I was demonstrating things too. This evening the night watchman came and had a conversation with me, I didn’t understand until I heard a work that sounded like one of the days of the week. I showed him my calendar on the phone and he was it seems talking about different days. I had to ring someone and ask them to translate; he needs a couple of days off over the weekend, fine by me.

picture2200 picture2201

Friday, a very bust water day, an early dive to Giants Castle, this didn’t quite go to plan. The second dive at Salon was really good, and I was leader, taking the punters on a tour. A few weeks ago there was Octo sex, today we had Octo fight club. I came across an unusual shape I couldn’t work it out so approached, it was only when I was very near I could see it was an Octo that was wrapped around a Huge Lobster, all that could be seen of the lobster was the long feelers and lots of kicking legs. About a food away was another Octo trying to get the Lobster meal there was some amazing colour changes from the Octo’s. The 3rd dive was at Marble Arch, it didn’t last that long for me as I had a slightly panicked diver that I brought up to the surface, she is find and I think glad to be on dry land. We did have another boat problem (engine pods had to be controlled by brute force as some hydraulic thing went wrong) but all good now. Spend the evening Skyping with Hel watching some BBC tv, yes I’m a sad frakker.

The weeks are flying by they really are, it won’t be long and I will have been here 5 months. I still love Tofo, the people, the place and Mozambique. It’s getting very hot but it’s not really affecting me, yes I stick to the shade if I can. The diving is wonderful and the ocean safaris are fun. Yes my adventure continues. Next week I must start running again, my back does feel a little sore at time but its better, so I have to run soon.

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2 Responses to Week 21, Saturday 8 to Friday 14 November 2014.

  1. Helen lucas says:

    Great as usual, you really need to start learn the laungage Dana, and be carful with your back it’s at that stage were it’s still healing any wrong move could set it off again if lifting bend knees.


    • misfitscully says:

      Thank hun, I am trying to be as careful as poss, not lifting heavy stuff, sitting at the back of the boat instead of the front. Not running, but I will soon. Trying to be careful, it feels uncomfortable now and then.


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