Week 19, Saturday 25 to Friday 31 October 2014.

Misfits Mid Life Crisis Adventures in ………….. Mozambique.

Week 19, Saturday 25 to Friday 31 October 2014.


This week I have mainly been listening to….. Lana Del Ray. LOTS of Morrissey, The XX, and more MORRISSEY…..

And have been watching…. Doctor Who “Flatline” (eps 9 Season 8/34). Doctor Who “Night of the Forest” (eps 10 Season 8/34). Homeland (finished Season 3). Lillyhammer (season 1), The Apprentice (season 10, eps 2, 3 & 4)

Saturday, while I sat outside having breakfast, Tiger jumped over the gate with something in her mouth. A green bird, I quickly managed to pick her up, the bird promptly flew away with hopefully only a few feathers missing. Two lovely dives, the first at Salon. There were moments when I was surrounded by what I call curtains of fish, fish everywhere static in the water completely unfazed by your presence. Later at Marble Arch where you have these wonderful swim thru, you hover above the sandy/silty/crushed coral/shell floor and look up at the solid rock above your head and all the life that calls this home. When I got back to land a lovely man called Carlos had arrived, I don’t know him but he had come to fix my computer. A small smiley slightly gap toothed man who has magic fingers, he sorted the dongle and the computer all for only 200mts, I have to admit that he had to struggle to get his feet back on to the ground as I gave him a huge cuddle. I must buy him a drink, and have him on speed dial if there are future probs. Later I skyped my mum and chatted about her surprise bday party last week which I missed, it sounds like she had a great time. I then spend the rest of the evening watching new Doctor Who via Skype catching up on last weeks and watching the new episode live. While cooking (my attempt anyway at cooking) I heard a loud meow, it was Ginger Geri Spice the cat, I texted the owner who said that its run off again and he (the owner) was not in town today. Geri didn’t hang about (I was a little naughty and gave it a few biscuits) it disappeared soon after, if it returns tomorrow will txt owner again. My backs hurting a little by the way…..

Sunday, another 2 great dives, these are Tofo2014 number 95 and 96, which means that l have hit the 200 dive mark since I started in 2009. Lovely dives to Giants castle and Simons Town. The viz at Giants was not great at first but it soon cleared nothing really huge seen, plenty of Big Eye Trevally cruising about. At Simons Town I helped Louis map the site as part of his DMT course, highlights was a huge Loggerhead turtle free swimming at depth who’s front left fin was missing, there was just a stump. But the best part of the dive was Octopus sex, yes today was Octopus” sexy time” Sunday. We had close up and personal view of a pair of Octos getting jiggy. Skyped with both Hel and SAZ and her lovely family, my little nephew Jesse is almost crawling so sweet to watch him. My bad back has really been niggling me today, so tomorrow I’m going to rest it, no boat rides or carrying heavy Scuba gear for a few days.


Monday was my day off. I slept in a little then went for a long walk around Tofinho. Walked on the beach watching very strong waves breaking against the shoreline, the wind was strong. I made it to the monument a place I pass every time I go south on the boat for a dive or an ocean safari. I did try to get to the monument last year by walking on the beach but found it wasn’t possible. Today I did it walking on a sand road. The monument is a huge pyramid with an arm and a clenched fist coming out of the top, I have heard conflicting stories about what the monument is for. Made my way back to the dive centre only because the painter will be at the house I’m staying at for hours. At the dive shop not a lot was happening, they have painters in as well (yep paint fumes everywhere I go at the mo….lol) the new Liquid dive shop is going to look great. Spent the afternoon chatting with Satu and Jari (the new owners) children who are young about Star Wars and the film Cats and Dogs (the Cats and Dogs things was because Alice Cooper the cat was there looking cute as normal). When I did get home the painter was still there so I treated him to a free Morrissey concert, he didn’t say he DIDN’T like it.


Tuesday was a dry day, not a lot happened at the shop. I spent most of it going over and revising our dive site maps for the new Liquid. I am really having problems with my back at the mo, got some pills which might help and have been given some exercises that I will have a go at. No running for me, I will have to take up swimming. This will sound strange but I haven’t been in the sea to just swim much. I’m in the sea a lot for diving and ocean safaris but don’t just go to the beach and swam. Swimming is supposed to be good for the back so I think a couple of times a week I will have to just go for a swim in the bay. I have to do some form of exercise if I can’t run and I don’t have a bicycle then swimming is all I have left. I might have put a few pounds on as I’m eating so much yummy bread here, I deffo have to stop and start swimming. I also have a cough which I think is from the paint fumes I can taste the pain in my mouth and my lungs feel tight. When I got home tonight everything has been moved back in its normal place, the internal decorating has finished it appears so the fumes should be gone in a couple of days, it has been a bit tough living with the smell the last week

Wednesday, I really forget what day it is and have to sometimes ask. I was convinced that it was Tuesday today, every day is very relaxed and when not a lot happens it’s easy to forget the day I suppose. The weeks are shooting by which is scary. I am enjoying every day so much here and that doesn’t help with remembering is it Tuesday or Wednesday, I realise that this sounds a little strange. Today I continued to draw dive site maps as well as help people get kitted up for Ocean Safari or help put dive stuff away. I was asked to write some bullet points for the Ocean Safari briefing that we do before each trip, 3 versions later I think I have a final list have e-mailed to the new bosses will be interesting to see what they think. I had to go in to the market to return some empty Coke bottles (Coke really does tastes so much better out of a small glass bottle, I’m certain of that). In the space of 15 minutes I bumped in to so many happy smiley people, most people shake your hand they tell you there name, ask yours and just chat. But in this short period of time I was asked if I had internet on my phone (I don’t, I have a cheap phone from ASDA) or 100mts to help a “brother” who runs a market stall or keep in contact with someone who wants help getting a modem from the UK (I think that’s what he wanted, he was slurring his words a lot at 4pm). I wish I could help everybody, but I have to help me first, I’m not earning any money I’m living on a tight budget over here. My backs still hurting just trying to take it easy at the mo…. But I want to get in the water and dive…….

Thursday a day of not a lot really, the wind is up and the sea is high were not diving at the mo, but there was a dive with a different centre and we had a Kayak trip. I was at the shop did some more mapping but there is only so much mapping a geek can take. A new dog appeared a squat ugly dog with nodules on its nose, I’ve called him “Phil Mitchell”. He went for Alice Cooper, Alice bolted up a tree. Half an hour later it happened again this time the Phil got hold of Alice, I chased it away throw rocks at the damn thing, Alice as a result has a cut to the chest, you can see its red amongst his white fur and there was appeared to be dog spit all over his back where he had been grabbed. A few minutes later Alice who was shaking in shock disappeared I went looking but didn’t find him; I desperately hope this kitty is safe. Cats over here really don’t have a good track record to be honest. Tank and Tiger of course get on well it’s a different relationship. Alice and Chicken and Boobies also get on well, they sort of live together when Alice is not at the dive shop, that is. I really hope Alice is ok, again my heart has been stolen by a little fur ball. Still have a bad back as a result I went home early going to give the local yoga instructor a call to see if she can advise anything. I need to be well and want to dive and do Ocean Safaris again. Oh Satu and Jari (the new Liquid bosses) have discussed with me about working at the centre and getting a little money, you will never make much money doing this but you don’t do it for money. As I said to them as long as I can pay rent that’s all that matters. I’m a Tofo resident for a while, and I love it.


Friday, Halloween the one time of the year that I seem to fit in, the one time of year I’m not the only freak around I would say. Still dive shop bound, back feels better now and then, I have a very early appointment with the yogis in the morning, hope that they can advise and help me. I will try to dive over the weekend. Once the scuba gears on and I’m in the water it will be fine, I just must try not to be silly carrying heavy stuff around. I was like an old lady today, carrying one weight belt then another and another, one BCD then another. Normally I would have a couple of BCD and 2 or 3 weight belts each time, frakk I’m an old hag. Alice Cooper came back for an hour or so, I was so pleased to see him. He was very wary of everything lots of sniffing and smelling things, he also stayed on top of the counter it’s as if he knew that any dog would have trouble getting up there. It’s a good sign I think that we saw him; he must feel reasonably safe otherwise he would never come back. Not seen anything of Phil Mitchell, which is a good thing. Been mapping again, I have different versions of maps must show them to the new bosses, I’m a little mapped out I think. This evening I’ve been Skyping with my sister watching The Apprentice, it’s not meant to be a comedy but I laugh like a drain while it’s on….. Yep its Halloween at my house big time…..


End of another week, I really hope that this bad back gets better, I want to get back in the water and do what I’m here for. Fingers crossed for next week.

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2 Responses to Week 19, Saturday 25 to Friday 31 October 2014.

  1. Helen lucas says:

    I agree with you about the coke bottle it is so much better from a glass bottle, hope the back gets better. As always a great blog


    • misfitscully says:

      Thanks hun, glad you like the blog, no one else seems to really. I write it for you and mum and for me when i’m old with Alchemizes it can be read to me so I hopefully will have some memory of what I got up too. I need to make it better, and try to find ways of publishing it I suppose. Oh love a Coke from a glass bottle, glad you agree…..


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