Week 18, Saturday 18 to Friday 24 October 2014.

Misfits Mid Life Crisis Adventures in ………….. Mozambique.

Week 18, Saturday 18 to Friday 24 October 2014.

This week I have mainly been listening to….. Cocteau Twins, Birdy, The Divine Comedy, LOTS of Morrissey and Smiths.

And have been watching…. Sleepy Hollow (Finished season 1), Homeland (Season 1, eps1 to 12) (Season 2, eps 1 to 12) (Season 3, eps 1 to 3)


Saturday wasn’t a good day, got to the shop at normal time 6.45(ish) and apart from the Mozambiquian guys no one else turned up for a few hours. Tofo was suffering from a huge hangover due to a big party the night before. I was invited but didn’t go; I have a problem going out and as a result I seem to have cut myself off from the world. I do get lonely some evenings and definitely felt it Friday night. As the morning went on and people started to arrive my internet dongle decided to stop working, I rushed round the market to recharge it with 1000mts (£20). However I found that it was still not working I ended up going back and forth from dive ship to the market 2 or 3 times and nothing. It’s getting hot, happy smiley people are taking to me but inside I’m just panicking and wanted to cry. In the end the man in the market says that he knows someone that can help for 1200mts. I reluctantly hand the computer over and hope I haven’t done something stupid. I ended up keeping myself busy by doing a drawing of the dive centre from across the road (the new owners Satu and Jari have asked me to do a drawing like that). I spent all afternoon doing it, it’s a cartoon not a technical drawing which is not to scale, but it looks ok. I got a text and collected the computer about 5ish it worked I was so relived I felt a weight had been taken off me. When I got home I found that the landlord has been here with work men who are re-thatch the patio area and the garage area out front, looks very nice, they are using the leaves from coconut trees.


Sunday I slept really badly, my tummy is not right I think my Master Chef recipe last night has poisoned me, lol. I decided not to go in to the shop today, took Tank to Peri Peri but decided that she could stay with me at home. However Tank and Buster (a sort of Fred Basset hound type dog) decided that they wanted to go to the beach. So we went to the beach had a paddle, walking on the beach with 2 puppies made me happy and made the world feel better. Bugger, I’ll say it again in capitals BUGGER, the internet dongle has stopped working again, nothing I do seem to do has helped I’ll try someone else dongle and see what happens. The most upsetting things is i was supposed to Skype today to my mums surprise 70th birthday party, bugger… I’m not happy and a little stressed again. I ended up watching 11 out of 12 episodes of Homeland season 1, bloody good until something happens in ep6 which I think lets it down slightly (no spoilers here)


Monday was what I like to think of as a wet day, started out helping with a rescue training dive, I was Anna’s unconscious diver. This meant i lie on the sea floor face down and go limp and then get woman/man handled to the surface and eventually on to the boat, closing my eyes I zoned out completely and quite enjoyed being a fake unconscious diver. Once back it was time for an ocean safari, had time for a quick sandwich and a coffee then off we went. The sea was rough and big the sky was dark and cloudy. After 40mins or the captain decided that we would have to go back, the conditions were not good, we wouldn’t have been able to snorkel well in them comfortably. We saw some dolphins which always brings a smile to any persons face. In the afternoon there was a dive to Giants Castle one of my fave deep sites, nothing large seen but still a lovely site and great to be deep again. After work (it’s not really work I know) I tried a Vodacom (the other internet/mobile provider) internet dongle, it wouldn’t work, it’s as if the computer has a block on any dongle. I know the USB ports work, it’s so frustrating I do feel a little cut off at the mo. Had a nice pizza this evening with a few of the dive shop guys.

Tuesday consisted of new dives of epic(ness). Giants Castle once again, this time it proved why it’s called Giants. On the drop in amazing 30 metre viz (we could see the reef as soon as we hit the water) I could see a giant manta on the cleaning station and it stayed there as we descended to its depth. The rest of the dive was just as spectacular, another couple of huge GIANT with a capital G Manta’s. One came out of the blue in Nadia’s direction it didn’t change its course it ploughed straight on, Nadia had to move quickly out of the way. Not to be out done we had a very large small eye sting ray as well. The second dive was to the beautiful Sherwood forest, so called because of its green tree corals. Nothing big spotted but again great viz and a damn good dive. Coming up to the surface (to do our safety stop) we had a couple of “old woman” yes that’s what they’re called, fluttering around Anna. Chris and I very inquisitive they came right up to your face. Haven’t seen any humpys recently they are starting to head south now, but I did hear them on the second dive. Later I did another drawing at the dive shop to keep me busy and my hand in. I saw Birgit as I went home before my run, she was leaving first thing in the morning, said goodbye to another lovely person leaving Tofo (My snorkel test buddy). I had a reasonably good run, I say this as most runs are not easy. No pig was spotted during PIGWATCH. The landlord of the house I’m staying has now started work on the inside, the bedroom had all been packed up stuff moved out and what hadn’t had been packed on top of the bed. I looked at it and thought…..emmmm so where am I sleeping. I unpacked the bed and rigged the mozzie net up as best I could and slept well. Both tiger and Tank were confused as to what was happening Tank more so I felt poor love as her space where she sleeps had a couple of other things in it. Spent time this evening watching a tiny gecko walking around the walls, I sat there wondering about its life…..

Wednesday, another really wet day and I loved it. Went on ocean safari with some of the people from Mondays bad weather aborted safari. Saw dolphins but not a lot else, the whales seem to deffo be heading south now not seen any on the surface all week. While bobbing up and down in the water a person who shall remain nameless said to me “I’m having a wee, can you feel it” we just laughed together in the ocean (what happens in Tofo, stays in Tofo). Once back I found my gear set up and within 30 mins I was back out on the boat doing a double tank dive. Really lovely viz at Manta Reef and Simons Town, big Groupers and Morays a couple of Crocodile fish but nothing BIG spotted. At home the decorators have been busy the house smelt badly of paint, I opened every window and re-rigged the mozzie net (again) and put the fan on full, by the time I went to bed I was able to close windows leave the fan on the smell had mainly gone.

Thursday, started the morning leading an Ocean Safari for a group of 6, it turned out to be an epic safari. We had 2 whale sharks (people at the dive shop were jealous). The second Whale shark just floated in the water with its nose feet from our idle propellers, it just floated following the boat.  I was in the water and came face to face with this beautiful giant a couple of times, from the side the profile of the head has that classic shark shape. When the water washed through and over the gills it made the head and gills rippled. As usual I didn’t have a camera with me; however it’s all recorded in my head. Its times like this that I will remember for the rest of my life. I also saw something that will haunt me for ever for the wrong reasons, standing at the dive shop I heard squeals, when I looked down the road I saw 2 men carrying a black pig (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the PIGWATCH pig) by its ears and hind legs, the poor animal was in distress. I couldn’t do anything to help, they carried the pig away it was very sad.   On a plus side we had a small puppy arrive at the centre who we called “Fruit Loop” it looked hungry so we fed it scarps and gave it water its tail was moving frantically so fast that you had trouble keeping track of it. Once fruit loop was fed and watered he wondered off, the little lady had nasty looking cuts on her ears. Not sure if we will see her again. Did a dive to the wonderful Giants Castle (love that site) I was on reel duty at the back of our small group. The conditions were perfect for big stuff to appear but we didn’t see anything HUGE. Giants is in the bay and is only a few minutes away from shore, but the ride was bumpy the waves were big. Once home I found that the decorating has continued, the living room was packed up I had to move things so I could sit on the sofa during the evening. Tiger and tank are not impressed with the recent goings on at home.


Friday still no internet, and on shop duty so while everyone was out on a training dive I started to look over our dive site maps. I am redrawing and reorientation them, I had completed about 6 by the time that Nadia and gang returned, Nadia has given me tips as to things that need to be changed and added. Once there all drawn and finished they will be scanned or photographed so that the new Liquid logo and other writing can be added. These maps will be used to show divers where we will be going and what they may see. Went home a little early the painter was still there, the fumes were so strong I felt high as a kite just standing there for a mo. I had to open every window and door to fumigate the place. I went for a run which was not as pleasant as the one earlier in the week in fact it was bloody tough to be honest. Got home and the fumes were better at the house but I have to get used to it as I’m in for the night. Its Friday night I should try to go out, go to the hotel where people will be drinking and listening to live music…. We’ll see.


It’s been an internet free frustrating week, I have felt a little cut off from the world not able to e-mail or Facebook people or get any news about the outside world. But it’s been a great week for Mantas and Whale sharks, a little puppy and of course Alice Cooper. Not such a great week after seeing that poor pig being dragged down the road…….. I suppose life continues and the planet keep turning it’s the circle of life. What will week 19 hold, stay tuned….

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5 Responses to Week 18, Saturday 18 to Friday 24 October 2014.

  1. Helen lucas says:

    Very good we’re glad your back

    Liked by 1 person

    • misfitscully says:

      Ive just been informed that I have already had more views in the last couple of mins than all of last week. Its annoying that no one really bothers to read it as a rule. I know its long and boring I suppose that’s the thing.


  2. misfitscully says:

    Its good to be back really is, I was so upset I couldn’t be at the party via Skype. I might stop this blog as according to the stats there was 1 view last week, its just not worth me putting all the energy in to it.


  3. Jean Price says:

    Nooooooo, don’t stop the blog Dana.
    It does’t matter how many views you get (And those widget things that count the views arn’t always right)
    Great to have ya back though xoxoxoxox Love ya heaps xoxoxoxox


    • misfitscully says:

      Thanks hun. Its not really a blog I know, its far too long and not of any interest. I really should do something better. I will this week send you my children’s story to see what you think. Thanks again hun, love ya d xxxx


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