Week 358, Saturday 24th until 30th April 2021.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East London.

Week 358 Saturday 24th until 30th April 2021.

I was hobbling around east London on crutches with a friend last weekend when I became the centre of attention.  In the busy street were a group of people preaching, as I passed a man with a microphone started to ask if he could prey for my foot.  Of course I was polite in saying no; we picked up the pace and continued on our way.  A few seconds later passing a bench occupied by a number of men who had been sitting in the sun enjoying a number of drinks noticed what had happened.  One of them laughed about praying for the foot; once again I smiled and nodded as I limped past.

“I don’t remember ever seeing a blue eyed cat before”.

The next thing my friend and I knew we were accosted by three of the preachers, who were being very nice about my injured foot and really wanted to heal it with prey.  This was when a number of the drinkers approached on the other side, pointing out that I had, had to stop and was standing on the bad leg.  It was all very good natured there was no bad feelings from either side, but I didn’t want anything to escalate.  All I could do was say my thanks to both parties for caring and hobbled off as quickly as my good leg and crutches would carry me, without looking back.

“Very pretty”.

Being the centre of attention is not something I want at all; I spent my life trying to blend in to the background, for a few minutes I really felt uncomfortable being out and about.  The foot is getting better, it might take longer to heal without the power of prey, I don’t mind I’m patient.  

One thing I realised this week.  I get the same satisfaction taking off the boot at the end of the day, as I used to whipping off my bra after a long day in the office and travelling on public transport.  Is that too much information!

“I love to look up and wish I was flying away”.

And Now For Something Completely Different……

This week I was contacted by a TV documentary producer/director who has read this ramble and wanted to talk about their new production.  I think the idea is that people reading may then apply to participate in the forthcoming documentary.  It certainly sounds like an interesting programme idea.

“I spotted the murderer”.

My immediately concern was have they contacted the wrong person.  This blog has a very small audience and I have no influence online or in the real world.  I didn’t want them to think I was someone I wasn’t, but they still seem to want to chat.  Sadly real life has got in the way a couple of times so we are now chatting virtually next week.

As you may know if you have read this ramble for any period of time I have written a number of short film scripts.  In 2019 I approached a number of agents, of course none replied even to say go away you untalented call centre monkey.  The small pile of finished stories continues to grow as I am still coming up with ideas.  What I have decided to do is ask the documentary producer if they know anyone that would at least have a read.  There’s always a tiny possibility someone might like one, and maybe want to help me develop a script.  I have read time and time again you don’t get if you don’t ask.  It’s not in my nature to ask for help like this, which is why I have never achieved anything.

“One of the gardens many customers, who visit for lunch”.

I will keep you informed of any developments over the coming weeks.  If it’s never mentioned again then you know that the producer realised there mistake, I wasn’t the person they thought and never got I touch.  Or they didn’t know anyone that could spare a few minutes to read my pages.

There is a possibility that the documentary producer might actually read this.  Hopefully this won’t stop them contacting me.  I am not saying the scripts are wonderful, but the stories are good and I think there is something that could be worked on.

“Beautiful Plumage”.

And Finally……

Said, while yawning “Daddy Grayson” (this is with ref to a character in Revenge, which I am currently bingeing).  My friend laughter because she thought in said Larry Grayson.  You have to be a certain age to really appreciate this I suppose.

“Standing in the front garden, getting strange looks from passers by”.

I was having issues dumping photographs off an SD card.  I said out load while turning the laptop around “I wonder if I stick it in to a different hole, the card might work”.  Behind me on the floor exercising my friend just started to laugh loudly for many minutes.

“A beautiful site”.

TV quote of the week. “I’ve got my peak stuck in the machine”.  Looking at the list of what I watched (below).  Which programme do you think this is from?  There is no prize other than the fact that you watch the same things, or just guessed correctly.  Either way you will have my full respect.

“It was supposed to be Pink”,

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have watched:

“BBC Archive – 1972 – Nationwide: Flying Saucer”, (FaceBook) (TX: 22/09/20).  “BBC Nationwide – 1970: Nationwide: Shopping In The 70s”, (FaceBook) (TX: 24/09/20).  “Click”, (TX: 24/04/21).  “Colony”, (S1, ep 3) “Don Rodolfo”, (TX: 22/04/21).  “Farscape”, (S4, ep 6).  “Father Ted”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 6) (S2, ep 1 to ep 10). “Frank Of Ireland”, (S1, ep 3).  “Friends”, (S2, ep 19).  “Have I Got News For You”, (S61, ep 4, 30/04/21).  “Not Going Out”, (S11, ep 1 to ep 5).  “Revenge”, (S3, ep 10 to ep 22) (S4, ep 1 to ep 13).  “Shelter (6 Souls)”, (2010)“Star Trek (The Original Series)”, (S2, ep 9 & 10).  “Starstruck”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 6).  “Taskmaster”, (S11 (S2 on C4), ep 7, TX: 29/04/21)“The Graham Norton Show”, (S28, ep 26 (Compilation Pt 2), TX: 30/04/21).  “The Great British Sewing Bee”, (S7, ep 3, TX: 28/04/21)The Thick Of It”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 3)(S2, ep 1 & ep 2)V Wars”, (S1, ep 5)“This Time With Alan Partridge”, (s2, ep 1, 30/04)“What. If. Could Chernobyl Really Kill You?”, (FaceBook) (24/04/21)“Van Helsing”, (S1, ep 5)“Z Nation”, (S4, ep 5).

Gerry Anderson Watched This Week:

“Space 1999”, (S2, ep 21, TX: 25/08/77)“Space 1999 – BBC Mastermind Quizzes Samira Ahmed On Her Favourite Sci-Fi Show Space 1999”, (YouTube) (TX: 12/01/20).

“Space 1999 – Brian Johnson Behind The Scenes Eagle”, (YouTube) (TX: 01/04/14).

“The Metamorphosis of Space 1999”, (YouTube) (TX: 06/03/21).

This week I have listening to:

“A legitimate Salvage”, (ep 27, 27/04/20) (ep 28, 14/05/20).  “Anglophilia”, (S1, ep 2, 18/06/18) (ep 3, 25/06/18)“Betamax Video Club”, (ep 30, 17/10/18) (ep 91, 26/04/21) (ep 92, 29/04/21)“Box Of Delights”, (S1, 17/09/19) (24/09/19) (26/09/19) (27/09/19) (01/10/19) “Coronavirus Global Update”, (BBC World Service) (24/04/21) (25/04/21) (26/04/21) (27/04/21) (28/04/21) (29/04/21) (30/04/21).  “Game Of Thrones”, (TeeVee) (S5, ep 8, 25/05/15)“Griefcast”, (ep 139, 28/04/21).  “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buddha”, (ep 33, 28/04/21)“NASA: Gravity Assist”, (S5, ep 3, 30/0421)Nick Abbot Whole Show”, (24/04/21) (25/04/21) (30/04/21)I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buddha”, (S1, ep 32, 21/04/21) “Rob Beckett And Josh Widdecombe Lockdown Parenting Hell”, (S2, ep 28, 26/04/21) (ep 29 (ep 100) 30/04/21).  “Smersh Pod”, (ep 15, 27/07/17).  “Space Soldiers Podcast”, (Chapter Seven, “Shattering Doom”, 24/04/21).  “Star Trek Universe Podcast”, (ep 6, 16/11/18)Supermassive Podcast”, (ep 16, 23/04/21)“The 99p Challenge”, (BBC Radio 4) (ep 4, 13/07/2000) (ep 5, 20/07/2000)“The Audio Guide To Babylon 5”, (S2, ep 2 (ep 24) 05/04/15) (ep 3 (ep 25) 19/04/15)“The Nick Abbot Habit”, (26/04/21)“This Week In Time Travel”, (The Incomparable) (ep 3, 18/04/17(ep 4, 25/04/17)Toby Hadoke’s Time Travels – Indefinable Magic”, (1.6, 30/04/21) “WTB”, (S2, ep 12 (ep 34) 30/04/21)“What’s Your Problem With Nick Abbot And Carol Mcgiffin”, (26/04/21)“Wolf And Owl”, (ep 21, 28/04/21) (Bonus #11, 30/04/21). 

Songs I enjoyed this week, were by:

“Morrissey”,  “Alanis Morissette”,  “Baby Bird”,  “Blur”,  “Catatonia”,  “Echobelly”, “Frankie Goes To Hollywood”,  “Gin Blossoms”,  “McAlmont & Butler”,  “Manic Street Preachers”,  “Natalie Imbruglia”,  “Nik Kershaw”,  “Prince”,  “R.E.M”,  “Radiohead”, “Republica”,  “Roxy Music”,  “Suede”,  “Suzanne Vega And Dna”,  “The Bluetones”, “The Breeders”,  “The Lightening Seeds”,  “The Shaman”.

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  1. Tim Briggs says:

    Another treasure!! E-mail me some of your scripts, darling – I’m screwing around with ideas that might make interesting movies (short ones, no big budgets here!) maybe resurrecting my animation skills, depending on what’s needed……you never know! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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