Week 324, Saturday 29th August until Friday 4th September 2020.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East London, Surrey & Kent.

Week 324 Saturday 29th  August until Friday 4thSeptember 2020.

Close friends know that if I see a button, I have to press it (there are so many stories I could relate, but these will be saved for future weeks.  It’s all content). When I worked in a Sci-Fi shop in the mid-90’s I couldn’t resist pressing all the buttons on animated action figures and toys.  On many occasions when the shelves were filled with merchandise for the first Toy Story I couldn’t resist setting off all the Woody’s and Buzz Lightyear’s making a real racket.

Other than strangely interested in large friendly buttons, I am also attracted to signs which for instance tell me to “keep out” (Don’t panic, I do have the sense not to be silly and risk life and limb).  Last weekend I visited Lullingstone Castle in Kent with a friend who absolutely loved the beautiful gardens, while I loved enjoyed the coffee/tea and cake tent.  The afternoon became a little more exciting when I discovered a group of Beehives.  There was a sign which just mentioned something like “don’t get too close”, there were no barriers, nothing to stop the hives from being approached.

After reading the last 191 words, I think you can guess what happened next.  Because Bees are a favourite fascinating creature that always makes me smile I crossed the invisible line.  After a couple of steps one of the on duty workers from the hive made it clear that it was unimpressed with my trespassing.  As soon as it buzzed me of course I stepped backwards.  But this Bee wasn’t in a good mood and continued to fly around my head very fast.  I don’t know if it landed on my hair or just got tangled, but either way I could hear the insect buzzing angrily. Nothing I did, including shaking my head from side to side or up and down helped.  I dropped everything I was carrying on the ground and managed to grab my brush from inside my bag to try and gently brush the bee out of my hair.

You will have already guessed the end of this story the Bee stung me on the back of the head. It wasn’t the pain which lasted only a couple of minutes that hurt, it was seeing the Bee that had fallen out of my hair on to the ground with its sting hanging out of its abdomen which was very upsetting.  I really do care for the environment and other creatures that I share the planet with.  We have been told a lot over the last few years about how Bees are endangered.  My foolish ignoring of a warning sign resulted in one less inhabiting the planet.  This sounds all very dramatic I know, but it really was my fault.  It’s time I took notice of a warning sign in the future.  Before leaving I bought two pots of honey made from those very hives, I felt this was my way of paying compensation to the bees.  Of course didn’t admit to being an insect killer.

I think I am a lot safer pressing buttons, than ignoring signs.  Sadly I haven’t been in a shop for a while, next time I come across things/toys with large friendly buttons I will have to press them all, step back and feel satisfied.

P.S… The entire soundtrack of the incident (the sting) can be heard on video because I was filming at the time I encountered the Bee.  When the camera was laid on the floor luckily the lens was face down which is why you can only hear what happened.  Maybe one day I will let you hear the moment I got stung and regretted ignoring a sign.

And Finally……

Queuing in a local shop, I became aware of a smell which made me think of a 1970’s council estate lift or a leaky public loo.  The person in front was wearing gym/sportswear, I couldn’t tell if they had a very hard work out or were rotting. Breathing through my mouth made waiting for the little old lady at the till fumbling for change in her purse a little easier.

The child noise pollution (screaming and shouting) from next door has been extreme over the last seven days.  I’m hoping that they start nursery soon.

Wacthing these two, made me thinking i should fish.

Because I was in such a hurry one lunchtime after doing my physio exercises I stupidly washed my hair with shower gel.   I stood looking at the shampoo bottle trying to work out what I had done wrong for more seconds than I should admit.  For the rest of the day my hair felt and looked even more glossy than normal, “like I had just come out of a salon”.

Name of the week, Mrs Grubb.  Of course I kept a professional call centre calm voice when the name was confirmed.  In my mind I like to think of her looking like a Pepperpot from “Monty Python”.  A silly name really helps working in a call centre so much more bearable.

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:  

“3%”, (S1, ep 4).  “Away”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 3).  “FOX 26 Houston: News at 9pm (Central US) With Tom Zizka”, (FaceBook)(TX: 31/08/20).  “Glitch”, (S1, ep 6).  “Justice League”, (2017).  “Little Fires Everywhere”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 6).  “Mortimer And Whitehouse Gone Fishing”, (S3, ep 1, TX: 23/08/20)(ep 2, TX: 30/08/20).  “Peter: The Human Cyborg”, (TX: 26/08/20).  “Plebs”, (S1, ep 4 to ep 6).  “October Faction”, (S1, ep 6 & ep 7).  “Reunited Apart With Josh Gadd: The Lord Of The Rings Reunion”, (YouTube)(ep 4, TX: 31/05/20).  “Strike: Lethal White”, (ep 1 & ep 2).  “The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King”, (Extended Edition)(2004).  “The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers”, (Extended Edition)(2003).  “Tracy Beaker Returns”, (S1, ep 1).  “Van Helsing”, (S3, ep 13).                                    

Doctor Who Watched This Week:

“The Doctor Dances”, (S27 (S1), Prod Code 1.10)(TX: 28/05/05).

“Boom Town”, (S27 (S1), Prod Code 1.11)(TX: 04/06/05).

“Bad Wolf”, (S27 (S1), Prod Code 1.12)(TX: 11/06/05).

“The Parting of the Ways”, (S27 (S1), Prod Code 1.13)(TX: 18/06/05).

“The Crimbum Invasion”, Prod Code 2X)(TX: 25/12/05).

“New Earth”, (S28 (S2), Prod Code 2.1)(TX: 15/04/06).

Gerry Anderson Watched This Week:

“Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons”, (S1, ep 3, TX: 13/10/67)(ep 4,TX: 20/10/67)(ep 13, 22/12/67).

“Space 1999”, (S1, ep 4, TX: 25/09/75)(ep 5, TX: 02/10/75).

 “Thunderbirds”, (S1, ep 11, TX: 09/12/65)(ep 15, TX: 06/01/66) .

“UFO”, (S1, ep 4, TX: 07/10/70).

This week I have mainly been listening to:  

“A Wheezing Groaning Sound”, (ep 1, 19/03/20)(ep 2, 26/03/20)(ep 3, 02/04/20).  “Betamax Video Club”, (ep 1, 04/10/17)(ep 12, 28/02/18)(ep 13, 24/03/18)(ep 27, 12/09/18)(ep 32, 07/11/18)(ep 42, 21/02/19)(ep 68, 30/04/20).  “Coronavirus Global Daily Update”, (BBC World Service)(29/08/20)(30/08/20)(31/08/20) (01/09/20)(02/09/20) (03/09/20)(04/09/20)“CNN, Coronavirus: Fact Vs Fiction”, (ep 132, 31/08/20)(ep 133, 01/09/20)(ep 134, 02/09/20)(ep 135, 03/09/20)(ep 136, 04/09/20).  “David Tennant Does A Podcast With….”, (S2, ep 4, 01/09/20).  “Doctor Who On Trial”, (ep 1, 13/07/17)(ep 2, 13/08/17).  “Griefcast”, (ep 110, 02/09/20).  “In The Village”, (S1, ep 11, 08/12/17).  “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 160, 04/09/20).  “Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (29/08/20)(04/09/20).  “Rob Beckett And Josh Widdecombe’s Lockdown Parenting Hell”, (S1, ep 36, 29/08/20)(ep 37, 01/09/20)(ep 38, 04/09/20).  “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 209, 28/08/20).  “The Bomb”, (BBC World Service)(ep 5, 29/08/20).  “The Nick Abbot Habit”, (31/08/20).  “The Supermassive Podcast”, (ep 8, 28/08).  “We Will Get Passed This”, (ep 36, 13/06/20)(ep 37, 14/06/20)(ep 38, 15/06/20)(ep 39, 16/06/20).  “What’s The Problem? With Nick Abbot And Carol McGiffen”, (S1, ep 32, 31/08/20).  “Morrissey”,  “Queen “,  “Florence And The Machine”,  “Nirvana”,  “Feeder”,  “The Undertones”,  “That Petrol Emotion”,  “Electronic”,  “Underworld”,  “Blur”,  “Ash”,  “Massive Attack”,  “Faithless”,  “Pulp”,  “Cornershop”,  “Sixpence None The Richer”,  “Alanis Morissette”,  “Starsailor”,  “The Seahorses”,  “Shed Seven”.

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