Week 218, Saturday 18th until Friday 24th August 2018.


Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures In East & West London and Surrey.

Week 218, Saturday 18th until Friday 24th August 2018.


Firstly this week, HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY TO SAZ & TIM.


Now this week’s ramble.

Its been a tough week, a week that has felt very long, which is of course a stupid thing to say as every week is exactly 100,080 minutes.  But to my tiny mushy excuse for a mind it’s felt longer than normal.  I won’t lie but these last seven days have felt more stressful than normal.  If you have read this ramble before you will know that I work in a contact centre (think of battery hens wearing headsets, saying the same thing over and over and over again).  In once sense we are a very popular because so many people ring us, but we are also the most unpopular department because of what we do and say.  One day this week as soon as the phones opened at 9am there were 3 calls waiting, that was an early sign that the day was going to be good.   Another time during the week there were 20 calls waiting.  Yes it’s been a horrible week.

0A263087-A003-4458-9FF0-D480F6312147 “Yes I really feel like this”.

But I didn’t want to not produce a blog after 218 weeks and disappoint my thousands of readers!  Opps did I say thousands; I meant the two or three who regularly read of this shiz (who I gratefully thank) plus the other lovely people who dip in and out when they have time.  Looking at the stats (I don’t know how accurate they are, but I look regularly) It’s always interesting to see which countries people live in who have looked at the blog.  However I still haven’t after 4 yrs had any views in Russia or China, my domination of the world is incomplete.  If you do have friends in those to amazing countries then please share the link and suggest that they have a look.  This small time blogger will feel satisfied when there country appears on the stat page.  I’m easily pleased!

603F53D5-AF5A-45CE-8CB6-244BE4FB0089 “Even West Ham Station looks good in the early evening sunshine”.

Because it’s the end of August I thought should think and start planning for the rest of the year.  This is because I am great at “talking the talk” but terrible about actually getting things done.  As you can tell from previous paragraph I hate what I do, and have applying for lots of jobs which don’t involve the public or telephones, or as little contact with both as possible.  But so far no one has wanted this washed up old hag of an applicant.  Therefore I need to ramp up the application process applying everyday so that by the end of the year I am not in such a stressful environment.

F56DE0FE-1633-4B2E-9EAB-24694BEDEBAD “I know how to enjoy myself in bed”.

The other thing I MUST DO is make a list of agents who I can send my short film scripts and children’s books to.  There may/might be someone out there who could be mad enough to actually like what I have done and want to help me.  Of course I could just start a collection of rejection letters which in a year’s time would make a lovely collage as an art installation which a gallery might like to exhibit.  This really is important, I need to get off my large lardy arse and do this.  Even if in the end everyone says  “bugger off you talentless bleeping fool”  at least I tried and can grow old knowing I did my best.  But at this stage all I am doing is growing older and continually moaning.

DE41D249-A1C8-4998-9F33-48AE4E2BE691 “Spotted on way to work. I’m not getting political promise”.

I think what I need is gentle reminders from the lovely readers of this shiz, to give me a kick every now and then.  Think of yourselves as bare electrical wires giving me a shock.

Hopefully next week will be a little more back to normal when I moan about public transport, the weather all the usual shiz that you know and love from this wonderful blog.

6EEA068D-1CE5-49F2-BE2D-AE63C93F38CE “I’m a little short on decent pictures this week, as you can tell.  I won’t tell if you won’t”.

And Finally……

Think I passed actor “Nick Frost” near work.  I smiled, he ignored me, it was early so he can be forgiven.

Bought a pint of milk that sat on my desk all day.  In the afternoon  I took a swig and it was already tasting strange, I didn’t waste it of course.  Not sure what that says about the office and/or me.

9EEA3033-7C7D-4D10-B8DE-8FF27CF614E1 “She’s got fashion”.

This Weeks Blog Derogatory Work Of The Week……This weeks Blog derogatory word of the“Pillock”,a species of Sardine found in Europe.  It is the local name in Great Britain and elsewhere” (Britannica.com).  Oops that’s a Pilchard, what a Pillock

20180614_121525 “Writing this Shiz, while being distracted”.

The Mid-Life Crisis Conts…..

This Week I have Been Watching……

A quickie in the office (TX: 09/08/18).  Click (TX: 08/08/18). Disenchantment (S1, ep 1 to ep 4).  Friends (S5, ep 1 to ep 24)(S6, ep 1 to ep 5).  Happy! (S1, ep 1 to ep 8).  Hidden Britain by drone (S2, ep 3, TX: 19/08/18).  Krypton (S1, ep 1).  MARVEL’s Iron Fist (S1, ep 1 to ep 13).  MARVEL’s The Punisher (S1, ep 1 to ep 13).  Matrix Reloaded (2003).  The Crystal Maze (S5, ep 5, TX: 17/08/18.  The Last Leg (S14, ep 9, TX: 17/08/18).  The Real Marigold Hotel (S3, ep 4, TX: 22/08/18)

This Week I have Been Listening To……

Bbfc (ep 8, 26/10/12)(ep 83, 08/06/18)(ep 82, 30/04/18)(ep 80, 02/03/18).  Chasing Earhart (ep 56, 18/08/18).  IAin Lee (Highlights) (17/08, 20/08, 21/08, 23/08/18).  LBC NIck Abbot (Whole Show)(17/08, 18/08, 24/08/18). NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast (ep 58, 17/08/18).  Quick Question (s2, ep 5(ep 19), 20/08/18).  Skeptoid (ep 637, 21/08).  Soundtracking with Edith Bowman (ep 102, 17/08/18).  Strange Times (ep 272, 17/08/18).  True Crime Finland (ep 27, 10/08/18).  The Adam Buxton Podcast (ep 78, 18/08/18).  The Bad Day (ep 4, 17/02/18)(ep 5, 23/02/18)(ep 6, 02/03/18)(ep 7, 12/03/18)(ep 8, 08/08/18)(ep 9, 16/08/18).  MORRISSEY, Elestica, Sleeper, Iggy Pop, Buffy Clyro, MSP, Marilyn Manson.

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