Week 176, Saturday 28th Oct until Friday 3rd November 2017.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in Southwold, Suffolk, Surrey and East London (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 176 Saturday 28th October until Friday 3rdNovember 2017.


This week has been full of emotional ups and downs after the fun of the family get-away last week to Southwold.  I’ll be crossing off the next 50 weeks on the calendar looking forward to when we return to that lovely part of the UK in 2018.

IMG_4038 “It’s not cool to sit on the Friendship Bench, ive never been cool”.

If you have been reading this shiz recently you will know that I have again become a government statistic.  However news broadcasts tell me that the UK is at maximum employment.  Well I can personally report that this is a load of balls.  When I walked into the job centre this week it was packed full of people, none of them appeared to be enjoying life at that moment.  Everything about the place is intimating.  Something that doesn’t help is the constant parade of unfit, out of condition security guards who you can see are just gagging to bundle a claimant to the carpet and throw them out onto the pavement.  Surly no one (including the staff from the look on their emotionless faces) really wants to be in or near the building.

20171103_164003.jpg “Is this too dressed up for a shop interview.”

During the middle of the week while in Surrey, I was invited to attend an interview.  A job I fancied because they said that a person can walk up to 8 miles per shift, I need the exercise.  The email gave a link but due to the fact I am a crunt, I needed help from a friend to work out how to accept an interview slot.  Once on the website I discovered that the only time available was the next day during the morning.  There was just not enough time to get back home, change and arrive prepared for the interview the next day.

20171103_143408 “Loving the changing colours of nature at this time of year”.

Friday afternoon I had an interview with a retail entertainment company.  After I arrived there was a moment of panic when a clipboard was handed to me and I was asked to answer questions about various products.  No one said I couldn’t walk around looking for answers.  Then there was the section which named 6 albums from 2017 that I had to name the artist.  There wasn’t time to look through the racks, so I fired up the phone which had recently fallen down the loo and consulted “Uncle Google”.  I felt like a naughty schoolchild in the corner of the shop sneaking glances at my phone as I noted down the names of artist I’d never heard of.  The interview went well, I will find out if I am worthy of a minimal wage job next week.  It’s a job that’s the most important thing.

DSCF9795 “Thats no moon?”.

And Now For Something Completely Different…… 

20171031_182902 DSCF9810 “Worm mud pie, and party carnage”.

Halloween when I was small wasn’t that important, my knowledge of the occasion came from watching American TV.  Trick or treating wasn’t something seen on the mean streets of downtown Croydon, South London.  October 31st is now a huge festival of sugar for kids up and down the country.

IMG_4116  IMG_4046 “The beautiful of  Surrey”.

With the help of my sister, I fully embraced the occasion by painting my face green.  Looking in the mirror I resembled a second rate, fan-fic “Orion” woman from Star Trek.  When I took my niece to school the next morning both of us still had smudges of green on our faces.  Note to self: cheap face paint is tough to scrub off even with a lot of rubbing.  Another good reason I was unemployed this week.

IMG_4030 IMG_4133 “SAZ throw a great party”.

There was a prearranged route only visiting house with lit pumpkins outside.  We weren’t of course the only group moving from door to door.  Constantly opening the front door to groups of grinning children high on E numbers and other additives for a number of hours on a Wednesday evening wouldn’t have been my idea of fun I have to admit if I was at home.  Yes, even I, a cynical fat 49yr old had a wonderful time that evening watching kids rush from door to door filling there buckets with sweets.

20171031_180229 20171031_175906 “Some people really went the extra mile”.

My sister then had our entire group back to hers for a party of pizza, goulash treats containing more sugar, plus fireworks and a film.  Once the little ones had left it was time for the adults to enjoy Halloween.  I’m already looking forward to Halloween 2018.
This week I need to say a big thank you to “SAZ”, “Tim”plus “Gatford” for computer advice.

IMG_4165 IMG_4168.JPG “A lovely Thursday lunchtime with my sister”.

My Mid Life Crisis Conts…… 

20171031_140104 “Writing this shiz, or attempting to”.

This week I have mainly been watching:  

“Black Lake”, (ep 7 & ep 8).  “Blue Planet II”, (S2, ep 1: TX 29/10/17).  “Celebrity Hunted: Stand Up To Cancer”, (S1, ep 4: TX 31/10/17).  “Click”, (TX 28/10/17).  “Columbia With Simon Reeves”, (TX 16/04/17).  “Don’t Tell The Bride”, (TX 25/10/16).  “Fraser”, (S10, ep 13 7 ep 14).  “Have I Got News For You”, (S54, ep 5).  “Josh”, (S3, ep 5).  “Louis Theroux: Talking On Anorexia”, (TX 29/10/17).  “Man Down”, (S4, ep 2).  “Monster House”, (2006).  “Phillip k Dicks; Electric Dreams: Human Is”, (S1, ep 6).  “Red Dwarf XII”, (S12, ep x).  “Robot Wars”, (S10, ep 2).  “Spider House”, (TX 29/10/14).  “Star Trek Discovery”, (S1, ep 6 & ep 7).  “The Apprentice”, (S13, ep 5: TX 01/11/17).  “The Apprentice: Honest Subtitles”, (S3, ep 5: TX 01/11/17).  “The Apprentice: Your Fired”, (S12, ep 5: TX 01/11/17).  “The End Of The F***ing World”, (S1, ep 3 to 5).  “The Ganges With Sue Perkins”, (S1, ep 2: TX 26/10/17)(ep 3; TX 02/11/17).  The Gardeners Of Kabul”, (TX 20/10/17).  The Graham Norton Show”, (S22, ep 6: TX 03/11/17).  “The Great British Bake Off”, (S8/S1, ep 10: TX 31/10/17).  “The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice”, (S4/S1, ep 10: TX 02/11/17).  “The Last Leg”, (S12, ep 5: TX 27/10/17).  “Timewasters”, (S1, ep 4).  “Weather World The Power Of Hurricanes”, (TX 20/10/17).  “Zapped”, (S2, ep 4).          

This week I have mainly been listening to:

“Iain Lee: TalkRADIO (Bonus)”, (31/10, 3x 02/11/17).  “Iain Lee: TalkRADIO (Highlights)”, (27/10, 30/10, 31/10, 01/11, 02/11/17).  “In Poor Taste”, (ep 5, 06/01/15)(ep 6, 12/01/15)(ep 82, 30/10/17).  “LBC Podcast: Mystery Hour”, (03/11/17).  “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (28/10, 03/11/17).  “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 62, 27/10/17).  “Strange Times”, (ep 238, 20/10/17)(ep 239, 21/10/17)(ep 240, 27/10/17).  “The Adam Buxton Podcast”, (ep 55, 03/11/17).  “The Bitter Sound”, (ep8, 23/04/13)(ep 9, 13/05/13)(ep 10, 24/05/13)(ep 11, 08/06/13)(ep 12, 18/6/13).  “The DHB Radio Show”, (ep 4, 28/02/11)(ep 5, 08/03/11).  “The Nick Abbot Habit”, (ep 15, 02/11/17).  “The Rabbit Hole”, (ep 33, 02/11/17).  “Morrissey”,  “Len”,  “Moby”,  “Echobelly”,  “Smith”,  ”The Style Council”,  “Foo Fighters”,  “Alanis Morissette”, “Neneh Cherry”.    






























































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