Week 145, Saturday 25th March until Friday 31st March 2017.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East, North London,  & Surrey (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 145 Saturday 25thMarch 2017 until Friday 31stMarch 2017.


This week is not just the last week of March but also the week that had the hottest day in London so far of 2017.  Please don’t quote me on this; I am not a meteorologist I was just listening to what the nice man on the box in the corner of my room told me.  As temperatures soured around the capital people went about wearing one coat and two layers underneath for the first time in months, there was also flash on show wrists could be viewed.

IMG_3900.JPG IMG_3902 Met some film stars this week.

This has been my first winter in the U.K for a couple of years; as a result I have actually felt chilly on occasion.  This is a strange sensation for me because I am normally a person who feels warm all year round.  While others are walking around as if there living in the Antarctic, I wouldn’t look out of place on Brighton beach during a pleasant English bank holiday.  I probably look strange walking around in short sleeves during the dark months but I’m used to being peered at in an unusual way.

IMG_3888 IMG_3846 “Calamity” and “Lunge”, showing me how to bowl.

I have never dealt with heat very well.  I am the first person to seek out even the smallest strip of shade, fan or air con unit.  On many occasions over the years my best friend has looked as she’s walking in the sun chatting to herself, while others crossing over to avoid her.  What they don’t see is I am walking in the shade.  This is all very strange considering my love for south-east Africa a place that is rarely ever “cold”.  On the odd day that locals have to put on an extra layer due to rain or wind blowing the palm trees.  I could still be seen walking the sand roads in a vest top and short with my trusty hat (which I found out was made from paper and shouldn’t get wet, which it did regularly when out at sea on the boat).

IMG_3892 IMG_3873 Great time with friends, food and a film…..  Oh i didn’t do very well with the bowling, maybe next time.

It will also be factor 50 season soon, that’s right when the sun comes out to play not only do I seek the shade but lots of sun cream.  For more months than is probably good I’m covered in a layer an inch thick.  Thinking about it I wonder if that’s why I feel hot, maybe my skin can’t breathe due to the layer of sunscreen smeared all over.  When I went to Mozambique I took more sunscreen than clothes and toiletries.  During my South Africa visa run trips not only would I see lots of new first run films cheaply, but I bought so much sun cream that I could have be accused of smuggling it over the border.  I should also say that I would buy a lot mozzie spray even though I took litres with me.  What a combination sun cream and mozzie repellent, maybe that’s why I attracted so many strays when walking the sand roads beside the Indian Ocean.

IMG_3682 IMG_3681 Who’s teaching who?

This is a time of transition, it’s getting warmer, people are starting to shed clothes but shops and public transport still have the heating ramped up full.  Public heating appears too only have two settings on and off and nothing in between.  Recently I was standing on a packed train with the heating on full, all I was concerned about the torrent of sweat running down my back and desperately hoping that no one noticed.  What a beautiful image I have just created in your minds, luckily very few people actually read this shiz so there won’t be many needing therapy for years.

IMG_3733 I’m sure they would if they could.

While others are dusting off their summer clothes, I will continue to wear what I have been wearing all year round.  For the next few months I won’t look so out of place.  I’ll just look like every other member of the human race with sweat dripping down my back while covered in sun cream.  At least ill have money to spend on ice cream as I won’t have to buy a any mozzie spray.

IMG_3723 IMG_3715 The sites of Croydon.

And now for something completely different…..

2017-03-27 10.00.28 2017-03-27 10.00.35 Pics from the Dentist chair…

I spoke to a man ringing from Mongolia.

A little old lady told me i was going to win the lotto, i better buy a ticket.

2017-03-28 08.42.54 Writing this shiz.

The Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:  “All Round To Mrs Brown’s”, (S1, ep 1).  “Brian Pern: A Tribute”.  “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, (S3, ep 14 to 19).  “Catastrophe”, (S3, ep 5).  “Clique”, (S1, ep 3).  “Comic Relief 2017: Graham Nortons Big Chat Live”.  “Comic Relief 2017: Greg Davies’ Hot Tub Half Hour”.  “Comic Relief 2017: Russell Brand’s Stand Off”.  “Cradle To Grave”, (S1, ep 7).  “Galapagos”, (S1, ep 1).  “Gravity And Me: The Force That Shapes Our Lives”.  “How’d Do You Get So Rich”, (ep 4)“Incredible Medicine: Dr Weston’s Casebook”, (S1, ep 6).  “Let’s Sing & Dance For Comic Relief 2017”, (ep 4).  “Robot Wars”, (S9, ep 4).  “SS-GB”, (S1, ep 3 & 4).  “Stargazing Live 2017: Australia”, (S7, ep 1 to 3).  “The Last Kingdom”, (S2, ep 2).  “The Last Leg”, (S10, ep 9).  “The Team”, (S1, ep 1 to 6).  “Top Gear”, (S24, ep 4).  “Travelman 48hrs in….”, (S5, ep 3)

This week I have mainly been listening to:  “Hardcore Listing With Chris And Stu”, (ep 1, 27/03/17).  “Iain Lee: TalkRADIO (Bonus)”, (28/03 x2, 29/03 x2, 30/03/17).  “Iain Lee: TalkRADIO (Highlights)”, (24/03, 27/03, 28/03, 29/03, 30/03/17).  “LBC Podcast: Mystery Hour”, (30/03/17).  “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (24/03, 25/03, 31/03/17).  “Scroobius Pip, Distraction Pieces”, (ep 17, 04/02/15) (ep 31, 15/04/15) (ep 67, pt 2, 11/11/15) (ep 144, 29/03/17).  “The Adam Buxton Podcast”, (ep 36, 30/03/17).  “The Rabbit Hole”, (30/03/17).  “These People Podcast”, (ep 17, 25/03/17).  “Morrissey”, “Basement Jaxx”,  “Alanis Morresette”,  “The White Stripes”,  “Blur”,  ”Johnny Cash”, “SIA“,  “MGMT”,  “Pet Shop Boys.    
































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1 Response to Week 145, Saturday 25th March until Friday 31st March 2017.

  1. rogers garey says:

    As i prepare to find a good therapist for the images you have left in my mind I must give thanks to the UK for the four seasons in 24 hours weather. Having spent so many years with four distinctive season in the USA i didn’t know what i was missing. Something else to be concerned with and complain about. What pisses me off is I don’t ever get to wear my beautiful very heavy jumpers (sweaters to the Yanks). Reason being it might suddenly turn 85 degrees and i’ll look like an idiot (i’ve given up the centigrade stuff). The least you could do for our new weather trauma is buy all your loyal readers that ice cream you mention.

    Liked by 1 person

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