Week 128, 26th November until 2nd December 2016.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East London & Central London, Laindon Essex (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 128 Saturday 26thNovember until Friday 2ndDecember 2016.


I was going to write about something completely different this week; it was all prepared and ready.  But after a trip into town I decided to keep that shiz for another week, as I want to get a little serious

Engage Rant Mode……  

dscf6269 dscf6268 Central London is full on empty buildings.

Earlier this week I was in Central London and noticed that there appeared to be so many more homeless people on the streets.  I can’t give money to everyone especially at the moment because I don’t have any myself.  In a city like this there shouldn’t be anyone sleeping in a doorway in December.  The nights recently have been really cold and frosty which looks pretty when your inside a warm house or flat, but from a sleeping bag or under damp cardboard in a doorway I wouldn’t have thought it’s as nice.

2016-11-26-12-37-512016-11-26-12-47-38IMG_9439.JPG Filming inside a large marquee in a London park.

Many years ago I helped out the Salvation Army volunteering on a soup run in the west end of London on a Friday night.  You would see people waking about in posh suits and glittering dresses stepping in and out of expensive cars while ignoring a fellow human a few feet away who might be in need of help.  I always enjoyed chatting to people while handing out food and more importantly hot drinks.  There really was something satisfying about helping someone you may never meet again.

2016-11-29-19-03-192016-11-29-19-27-552016-11-29-17-58-37 Filming at Greenwich Uni, i had to do proper acting.

Volunteering eventually lead to me actually working in a couple of Homeless hostels.  When I think back to those days I mainly have fond memories.  I regularly think about residents I used to know and wonder what happened to them, did they move out and find a stable home, get clean from drink and drugs and most importantly did they find happiness.  I probably will never know and in some ways that might be the best thing.  One grubby memory that always makes me chuckle is when I worked a night shift and we found a huge turd in the middle of the floor of the lift in reception.  We never did find out who did the dirty protest.  Yes I mainly have happy memories of my time working in the hostels.

dscf6253dscf6255dscf6257 Ended up in a couple of sex shops with a friend at the start of the week.

Before I forget I must mention something I saw last week.  There was a man sitting on the street asking for help, while he was doing this he was breaking of crumbs from the food he was eating and feeding a single pigeon, this really lifted my heart.  You may or may not know but I love a pigeon (that’s a story for another time) seeing this filled me with joy and hope for the human race, I had to stop and give him some money.

2016-11-28-19-52-34 This guy on the tube was either cold or just didnt want to be around his fellow passengers.

In a city like London in the 21st Century there really shouldn’t be people living on the streets. There are so many empty buildings, properties that have been empty for far too long that could become occupied quite easily without a lot of development.  A huge number of properties all around the city and beyond have been purchased as an investment for the future.  Many landlords or property owners don’t appear to be bothered about the way there buildings stands silent and empty for so long.  Surely an occupied property is better than an empty one, an occupied property has less chance of being broken in too and damaged.  Also the occupants might want to look after and take pride in their home.  I would have thought that this is a win win scenario for the owners, big business and more importantly the occupants.  I’m not overly political, I have my views and ideas like everyone about how and why things have gone tits up, but I’m a nobody so who’s going to listen to me.  In my mind I feel that there needs to be a peaceful revolution, but that’s never going to happen.  I’ll just dream on then.

dscf6227 Writing this shiz.

As I mentioned I can’t help everyone, but I always acknowledge people I can’t just walk past ignoring a person pretending they don’t exist.  I hope that people sleeping on the streets get the help from charities and organisations both private and government that they need.  I am sad that I can’t do much more to help, I realise that a smile, a “hello” doesn’t really help a person sitting in a doorway but it’s all I have.  From speaking to people many are just pleased that they were not ignored.

img_9519 dscf6261 I’ll never be known as a fashion icon.

Disengage Rant Mode….

In other news…..  

img_9690 IMG_9730.JPG IMG_9757.JPG Drinking in the morning…….

Happy Bday on 2nd December to my sisters Helen and SAZ, and best friend MOZ.  Spent a really lovely day in deepest Essex with Bday girl MOZ and a mutual friend Rachel.  Really enjoyed the morning bowling while drinking cocktails (just MOZ and me I should point out) my non-existent bowling skills got decidedly worse during the course of the session, I blame the drink.  After this we all eat our body weight in beautiful food.  I’m not a big fan of celebrating a bday, but I always like to make it special for a friend.  I really hope that MOZ and my sisters enjoyed there special day.

img_9817 img_9820 Look at the size of those chips, Rac smelling the Baileys coffee.

The Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:  “60 Days In Jail”, (ep 4).  “Citizen Khan”, (Season 5, ep 4).  “Class”, (Season 1, ep 7).  “Dangerous Earth: 3 Lighting”.  “Deep Water”, (ep 2 & 3).  “Have I Got A Bit More News For You”, (Season 52, ep 7).  “Horizon: 40 Years Of The Moon”.  “Humans”, (Season 2, ep 5).  “Men in Black”, (1997).  “Planet Earth II”, (ep 4).  “Seven Ages Of Starlight”.  “The Apprentice”, (Season 12, ep 9).  “The Apprentice: Honest Subtitles”, (Season 2, ep 9).  “The Apprentice:  Inside The Apprentice House”.  “The Apprentice: Your Fired”, (Season 11, ep 9).   “The Graham Norton Show”, (Season 20, ep 8).  “The Grand Tour”, (Season 1, ep 3).  “The Last Leg”, (Season 9, ep 7).          

This week I have mainly been listening to:  “Iain Lee: TalkRADIO (Bonus)”, (29/11 x 2 repeats).  “Iain Lee: TalkRADIO (Highlights)”, (25/11, 28/11, 29/11, 30/11).  “Iain Lee: TalkRADIO (Live)”, (28/11, 01/12, 01/12/16).  ”LBC Podcast: Mystery Hour”, (01/12/16).   “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (25/11, 26/11, 29/11, 30/11/16) “Scroobius Pip, Distraction Pieces”, (ep 107, Drunkcast MK4, pt1: 26/07, pt2 & pt3: 27/07)(Pip’s Bday mini Episode 02/08)(ep 108, pt1, pt2, 04/08)(ep 109, 09/08)(ep 110, 11/08)(ep 116, 21/09)(ep 117, 28/09)(ep 118, Drunkcast MK5, pt1, pt2, pt3, pt4, 05/10)(ep 119, 12/10).  “These People Podcast”, (ep 005).  “Toby Hadoke’s Who’s Round”,(ep 103 to ep 105, 01/15)(ep 106 to ep 107, 02/15).  “Morrissey”, “Scroobius Pip”, “The XX”, “Margo Guryan”, ”Shania Twain”, “Natalie Imbruglia”, “Elton John”, “The Cranberries”, “Sixpence None The Richer”.   














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