Week 115, Saturday 27th August until Friday 2nd September 2016

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East London, and Croydon (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 115 Saturday 27th August until Friday 2nd September 2016.


2016-09-01 09.15.51 14117675_1066654000120295_8729562023963452779_n A nice way to spend a Thursday morning.

This week’s blog was mainly written in Café Nero Reigate, after I had taken my nephew and niece to nursery.  After I had popped in to the local Sci-fi shop and bought a few old “Doctor Who” novels (I used to have the entire collection but that’s for another time).  After all of this I finally found myself in the coffee shop writing this rubbish.  Why do I mention this because this all took place on a Thursday morning?  A time I would normally be found sitting behind a desk in an office.  This week was the end of another chapter of my mid-life crisis.

IMG_4754  IMG_4760 IMG_4759 I called the 5th floor home until the middle of this week.

Since I returned from Africa in March I have been working in an office in Croydon.  The same one as I worked in last year, this meant there were no shocks when I walked in and remembered that it was a call centre.  This is a problem as I really hate telephones; I would actually go as far to say that I suffer from “telephonophobia”.  Maybe I should explain, in real life I hardly use the phone as a phone I would rather use smoke signals than speak in to the mouthpiece.  My problem is I sound so terrible over the phone and often get called the “wrong thing” (gender) which I won’t lie always hurts.  I freely admit to flicking the “V’s”, or muting the call and calling whoever is on the line something unpleasant.  I have really hated the last few months, there have been a number of times when I have really wanted to put the phone down pick up my bag and walk out never to return.  But I was brought back to reality by the colleagues around me and realising that I needed to earn a crust.

IMG_4768 IMG_4767 These people kept me sane over the recent months.

Of course I realise that most jobs are stressful.  However I can only talk about the one I have been doing, which was very statistic driven we were expected to do a certain number of contacts (phone calls, letters/emails) per day, I actually thought it was 36 but recently I found out it was 40.  Every time I did a phone call or worked on an email I pressed a button which started a timer so that when I had completed the enquiry I knew how long it had taken.  I did cherry pick e-mails and letters to work on, this was because in the back of my mind I knew this ticking time bomb was counting the passing seconds and I didn’t want to get pulled up over the amount of work I had finished at the end of the day.  There were only a couple of occasions that it was mentioned by management that I had either not completed the required amount of work or my calls were taking too long.

IMG_4778 IMG_4783 The metroplis that is Croydon.

As I mentioned earlier it was only because of the lovely people around me that I managed to stay the course.  I look forward to keeping in touch with Eileen, Jo, Mary, Jill, Colin and the lovely Rogers.  These people are really the only reason I kept my cool.  I never want to work in revenues again or a call centre ever again.

IMG_4766 The board of doom, informing us of how many angry people were waiting.

During my last day I didn’t care about the ticking clock or whether I had done the amount of work that was required.  In a strange way I enjoyed my day in fact at 4pm I was not in a rush to race out of the office as I normally did.  I did confuse a couple of people by the fact that I was still there at 4.01pm.

IMG_4459 IMG_4617 IMG_4649 Fun on the South bank, a little culture by the Thames.

Writing this while drinking a slightly expensive bucket of coffee in Surrey I have no idea what the next chapter of this Mid-Life Crisis has in store.  The first thing is to look for a job, in a perfect world I would love to be doing something creative.  But there is no such thing as a perfect world; I know my future is either in another office or a shop.  The creative side of me will never amount to anything I suspect, I will always be a frustrated, writer, comedian, painter, actor.  Whatever happens I have to remember the real goal, I want to return to Mozambique in January 2017.

IMG_4499 IMG_4506 IMG_4531  L to R, Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, The Craze sound checking, then suited and booted for the performance.

In other news…..


Walking around Richmond on a sunny day with MOZ, I pointed out a shop and said “Muriel’s Kitchen that was a good film”.  MOZ looked at me disapprovingly and said while continuing to walk “That was Muriel’s Wedding”.

IMG_4654 IMG_4670 Richmond on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

On a train a group of college boys were sitting talking about “boobs”, “girls” and “drinking”, I was sitting near them with headphones on.  Suddenly one squealed like a girl because of a flying insect as he jumped up to escape the menace.  This group might think they live a “Skins” life but they wouldn’t have made to the end of episode one.

IMG_4674 IMG_4663

The Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:   “Are You Being Served”, (2016).  “Black Books”, (Season 3, ep 1).  “Home From Home”, (BBC Pilot 2016).  “Horizon: Sports Doping-Winning At Any Cost”, (2015/16, eps 12).  “Lost Sitcoms:1, Till Death Do Us Part”, (2016).  “Monsters Inc”, (2001).  “NASA TV: Various Progs”.  “NASA TV: ISS Live, Spacewalk 195”, (01/09/16).  “National Theatre Live: One Man, Two Guvnors”, (28/08/16).  “Night Tube: The First Weekend”.  “Operation Ouch”, (Season 4, ep 7 & 8).  “Our Ex-wife”, (BBC Pilot 2016).  “People Just Do Nothing”, (Season 3, ep 3).  “Porridge”, (2016).  “Raised By Wolves”, (Pilot 2013).  “Ripper Street”, (Season 4, ep 1 & 2).  “Robot Wars”, (2016, eps 6).  “The Chronicles Of  Nadiya”, (ep 2).  “The Coopers vs The Rest”, (BBC Pilot 2016).  “The Great British Bake Off”, (Season 7, ep2).  “The Great British Bake Off: An Extra Slice”, (Season 3, ep 2)The Out-Laws”, (Season 1, eps 7).  “The Wizard of Oz”, (1939).  “Tomorrows World”, (Season 22, TX 22/01/87 & Season 30, TX 23/01/95).      

This week I have mainly been listening to:  “Iain Lee: TalkRADIO (Bonus)”, (31/08/16).  “Iain Lee: TalkRADIO (Highlights)”, (26/08, 29/08, 31/08/16).  “Iain Lee: TalkRADIO (Live)”, (01/09/16).  “LBC Podcast: Mystery Hour”, (01/09/16).  “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Mid-Week)”, (31/08/16)”LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (28/08, 02/09/16).  “The Angelos & Barry Show”, (12/12, 02/12, 25/11, 20/11, 12/11, 04/11, 28/10/14).  “Toby Hadoke’s Who’s Round”, (No 1, Jan 13) & (No2, Jan) & (No3, Jan 13) 7 (No4, Jan 13).  “Morrissey”, “MGMT”, “The Bangles”, “ABBA”, “Barry White”, “Nico”, “Jamie T”, “Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker”, “The Craze”, “Kasabian”, “The Divine Comedy”.



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6 Responses to Week 115, Saturday 27th August until Friday 2nd September 2016

  1. Rogers Garey says:

    I just wanted to say I’m so glad Dana passed thru my life’s landscape. As we’re not given any guidebook of life and how to go about it she is figuring out a way to be true to herself and also give back to the world. No matter where her life takes her in her ‘midlife crisis’ she will always be remembered for her spirit and attempt to follow her heart in spite of the restrictions we are under due to the unconcious way we relate to life and each other.

    Liked by 1 person

    • misfitscully says:

      I so glad that I met you hun, you are a calming influence on all you meet. Rogers there is only one of you look after yourself, the rest of us need you.


  2. Mary says:

    Cherry picking!!!! The truth is revealed 😁
    Hope BP has remained low.
    I feel guilty now, calling people by the wrong title. In fact that’s something I changed awhile ago and get people to tell me. No screamers so far this week but still 2 days to go.. Was told to abcde ghijk…..off today though – the joys.
    Roll on Jan 17 I say also don’t you watch a load of tv…..xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • misfitscully says:

      Thinking about my stats I would have got a little more done if I just worked on the first doc or email I found. But after reading it you just knew most of the time it was going to be hell. I like a nice move in or out, most of the time they were good to work on. Yes I was a move in or out expert. Sorry to hear that you were told to @&?€ off, there is no need for it. Being called the wrong thing is part of my life no matter how painful it is. But thankfully it happens very rarely in real life now. On the phone that’s a different matter but I have to just grow up and except it I suppose. Have a good last few days, send my love to all on the 5th floor Hun xxxxx


  3. George says:

    Old chapters have to end before new ones can start.

    Liked by 1 person

    • misfitscully says:

      Your very right hun, the Croydon chapter has finished, but what will happened next who knows. I signed on today hopefully something will come round. I like to think that good things happen to good people, but am I a good person. I am applying for things which will hopefully be the start of a new chapter…..


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