Week 59 (or Week 22 of the new adventure), Saturday 1st August until friday 7th August 2015.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in ………….. Surrey, Croydon, Central London,

Week 59 (or Week 22 of the new adventure), Saturday 1st August until Friday 7th August 2015.


Last Saturday I had a taste of what must surely be the most difficult job in the world, being a parent.  For 24 hours I was a surrogate mum.

2015-08-01 11.01.36 “Higher, faster”.

My nephew is 1 ½ years old and my niece is 3 ½ years old.  This means I had to watch Jesse all the time as he gets everywhere, while Anaia is a lot more independent of course I still had to keep tabs on her.

2015-08-01 16.00.42 Fun in the garden.

We spent the morning in the park, trying to keep eyes on Anaia who was climbing on everything while occupying Jesse and watching the buggy was not easy.  Parents have super human vision that allows them to keep track of multiple children and objects at the same time.  I tried my best, in the end I wheeled the buggy while holding Jesses hand and followed Anaia around.

2015-08-01 13.57.46 Jesse reading Stephen Hawkin again.

We then went to the small sci-fi comic, book, toy shop in town.  When I visit a shop like this I spend every penny of the imaginary lotto winnings I receive each week.  There is so much sci-fi tatt that I could buy and until a couple of years ago I would be buying it all.  But now because of the mid-life crisis I am far more responsible in what I spend my non imaginary money on.  Anaia has been there with her dad and with me a few times so she is a regular and the staff recognise her.  We both left happy with our small plastic action figures (Yes I bought a small £2.00 Doctor Who figure) Jesse was fast asleep one day he’ll know the joy of sci-fi plastic tatt.

2015-08-01 14.09.59 Plastic DW tatt, I love it.

The rest of the day was spent in the garden playing “hide N seek the frisbee”.  Anaia hasn’t quite got the hang of this as she would hide the frisbee then point out where it was hidden.  While playing this I was keeping an eye on Jesse as well.  How do parents play two different games at the same time?  Parents are able to split their brain in to too I suspect.

2015-08-06 17.10.20 A treat on the way home this week.

I have always told Anaia that “Mummies and Grandmas make the best food”, I should point out that Daddies are included now as well.  I don’t think this aunty will ever be included on that list.  However the food my sister left was cooked to perfection in the microwave; the most important thing is that both were satisfied.

DSCF7344 DSCF7255 In Surrey with Moira, just a few Geese flying past us.

We watched “The Wizard of OZ” and “Despicable Me” a few times.  But because I was keeping eyes on Jesse I didn’t really watching them.  My niece is very much like me, she doesn’t appear to get bored of a good film.  I still have hopes that one day she will discover “Star Wars” and enjoy watching it again and again…

DSCF7322 DSCF7326 Moira were so lucky to see this beautiful sunset.

Parents are good at putting their children to bed; this is where I failed big time.  Jesse was up all day I tried to put him down for a nap but he just screamed.  After bath time I managed to get him to bed at the normal time and he slept right through till morning.  Anaia also didn’t have a nap during the day and didn’t appear sleepy at all, so we sat on the sofa into the evening watching “The Wizard of Oz” and “Despicable Me” again.  She also helped me eat my pizza, my niece always helps me eat my food.  At 10pm I was tired even if she wasn’t.

DSCF7198 DSCF7195

The night was quiet, I slept with one ear open just in case there were tears during the night, this is something that parents do very naturally I think they hear every noise that comes out of their child’s room.  Both of them are great sleepers I didn’t need to worry.

DSCF7111 DSCF7112 These were found in Regents Park.

In the morning we all had cornflakes together.  After this Jesse ran around humming what sounds like “Bah Bah Black Sheep” while Anaia was getting a little sick of aunty Dee Dee  and asked when her parents were back.  I found that by putting on “The Wizard of OZ” and “Despicable Me” helped her to forget I was there.

DSCF7085 MOZ trying to keep a wasp out of her Larger Shandy.

When mummy and daddy came through the door it was lovely to the little faces light up.  I hope that they had fun with their aunty but there’s no replacing their parents.  Being a parent is not an easy job, I have the up most respect for what they do and how they do it.  I have an easy job I get the best of all worlds I get to play and hand them back at the end of the day.

DSCF7200 Madame Tussauds had horrible loo’s, but I did get distracted in the gift shop.

In other news.  Walking around Regents Park and Primrose Hill with MOZ, didn’t see one squirrel.  We did have a problem with a wasp trying to get in to our Larger Shandy’s. MOZ and I needed a wee so popped in to Madame Tussauds, the terrible loos are through the tacky gift shop, I did get a little distracted by Star Wars tatt on offer in the shop.  Saw a bus spotter (don’t see them that much anymore).  Have done more painting and met up with Moira for a walk.

DSCF7231 Paintings this week.

Am also travelling with SAZ and the kids to Northamptonshire to visit Grandma and Aunty Helen on Friday.

The Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have been watching: Humans”, (eps 8), “Witnesess”, (esp 2), “People Doing Nothing”, (Season 2, eps 1 to 4), “Partners In Crime”, (eps 2), “Wizard of Oz”, (1939), Despicable Me, (2010), “Snow White”, (US TV Movie 2001)”, “Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang”, (2010), “Dr Seuss’ The Lorax”, (2012), “Continuum”, (Season 3, eps 1), “The Great British Bake Off”, (Season 6, eps 1), “The Road”, (2009).

This week I have mainly been listening to: “Morrissey”, “P J Harvey”, “Kate Bush”, “Kate Nash”, “The XX”, “Jamie T”, “The Flaming Lip”.

Reading on Kindle……“A Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire” book 2 “ A Clash of Kings” by George R.R. Martin.

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  1. Helen lucas says:

    Over my dead will eaither of them like STAR WARS it will be Star Trek and Dr Who


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