Week 38 (or Week 1 of the new adventure), Friday 6th March until Friday 13th March 2015.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in ………….. Mozambique, South Africa, UK.

Week 38 (or Week 1 of the new adventure), Friday 6th March until Friday 13th March 2015.

I watched: “Theory of Everything”, “Interstellar”, “Ninja Turtles”,Edge of Tomorrow”, Top Gear (on Dave), “Mel & Sue”.

This week I have mainly been listening to….. Alt-J, Morrissey, Smiths, Lana Del Ray and radio in the UK, BBC6 Music, Xfm, LBC.

Reading on Kindle……“A Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire” book 2 “ A Clash of Kings” by George R.R. Martin.

Congratulations to my Brother Paul and his wife Sigrida on the birth of their new son “Leo” on 11 March.


On 6th march I left Mozambique, I felt sick as the plane lifted of East African soil, I really wanted there to be a problem so that we had to land again.

picture3334 My little plane out of East Africa.

Getting back to the UK was easy, I just sat there watched lots of films and looked out of the window being constantly amazed that I was in a metal flying bird tens of thousands of feet in the air. I have no fear of flying quite the opposite I love it, take-off and landing are the best bits of course, the noise the juddering the vibration make the experience all the more exciting. I find the actual flying part boring, that’s why a window seat and good films and food are always important. Yes I am one of life’s strange people I love plane food.

picture3339 My big plane to Heathrow.

I was met at Heathrow by my sister and her daughter and my best friend, 3 of the most important people of my life. I was really seeing everything through the eyes of a child. I was wide eyed at all the people and the traffic around me; this reminded me why I love Tofo so much the lack of people and traffic.

Life got stressful once the week actually started when I found out I had a lot less money than I thought and the car was dead. For 2 days I just fretted when I was supposed to be having fun with MOZ (who had taken time off, soz). This is when the depressive duvet started to cover me, for the last 9 months it’s been pushed to the bottom of the bed just covering my feet now and then. I had not felt like this for a long time.  The answer is simple I really wished I hadn’t come back (of course I would have had to come back soon due to the lack of money). I have discovered that dealing with this “so called normal life” is not for me.

2015-03-08_16.33.411 (2) Me trying to live a “boring normal life”.

The last few days I have spent looking for a job, deep down I found it embarrassing at first but you soon get over that feeling. Everyone works, were all just trying to make it to tomorrow. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a farmer in Mozambique who is out in their field from sunrise to sunset or a shop worker in Surrey we all have to make ends meet. I have applied for work in shops either by filling in their application form or just handing in my CV (hastily composed) asking if there is any work. I also sent CV to agencies that deal with the type of office work I used to do. One of these agencies has contacted me about a job in local government (Not with Sutton another borough) maybe this will materialise next week.

Monday I have to go to the Jobcentre for a “Habitual Residence Test” I imagine it to be something along the lines of “who is the Monarch”, “who is the Prime Minster”, “Do you like vinegar on your chip” (YES). You never know I could be lucky and fail the test resulting in my deportation to Heathrow and finding myself sitting in a metal bird tens of thousands of feet up looking out of a small window, or watching lots of movies and eating great airplane food. I like this idea; I’ve never been good at tests.

picture3351 Jesse my nephew.

It’s been a week of highs (seeing family and friends and other friends not seen in over 20 years). A week of lows (realizing that I have no money or the car won’t start, meaning that I cannot visit my mum). But I have dreamed a lot about seeing my friends in East Africa while tramping around Tofo in flip flops (my feet are buggered from wearing shoes this week). Life carries on I have to make the most of it……..

IMG-1426112225931-V1 IMG-1426112305652-V1

The adventure cont…..

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