Week 35, Saturday 14th to Friday 20th February 2015.

Misfits Mid Life Crisis Adventures in ………….. Mozambique.

Week 35, Saturday 14th until Friday 20th February 2015.

This week I have mainly been listening to….. Morrissey, XX, Pulp, Sleeper, Echobelly,

And have been watching…. Weeds (Season 3, eps 4 to 15) (Season 4, eps 1 to 6), Top Gear (Season 22, eps 3), Hotel Transylvania, Cats and Dogs, 22 Jump Street,

Still reading on Kindle…… “A Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire” book 1 by George R.R. Martin.

IMG_6537IMG_6527 My Valentines “Bah Humbug” picture, the set up on the left and the finished product on the right.

Saturday 14th, today started off with my 5th double tank in 4 days, that’s 10 dives, woo hoo. We went north about 15k out from Tofo not somewhere we go often which is a pity, I lead both dives. The dive to “Office” didn’t quite go to plan the drop seemed a little off which meant that we missed the reef. But we did have a White Tip reef shark and a large Grouper who just swam up to me and stared at me. After a long surface interval the second dive to “Reggies” was much better. As I dropped I saw a Small Eyed Stingray (the world’s largest ray), no one else saw it as I was first to the reef. The rest of the dive included a number of Jenkins and Blotch Tail Fan Rays just chilling on the ocean floor, a couple of large Leopard sharks and another White Tip. Reggies was such a lovely dive, overall a really good morning. One customer who is an instructor with over 1000 dives under his weight belt, said to me not to feel bad about the “Office” drop. He also said really nice things that I wouldn’t say myself and to be honest can’t believe, but they were lovely words from someone with so much experience. Another very hot day in Tofo being in the water really is the only place to be. I had a Valentines (yes I mentioned that terrible word) skype from my lovely 3 yr old niece it melted even my ice cold heart. Early to bed as I have a snorkel trip first thing in the morning

picture3070 Rough and windy.

Sunday 15th, was up at silly-o-clock and met the customers as agreed at their lodge 6am. However the bakkie, the transport was late, after investigating it turns out that he had been waiting outside another dive centre. I really don’t know how that happened as last night at 6pm he was clearly asked to meet at Turtle Cove. After picking up Mani (another of the Liquid guys) we arrived at the estuary. There was 100% cloud cover, in the distance the clouds got darker and heavier looking, we knew rain as coming. Then the thunder and lightning started, always an impressive sight. Walking over the dry estuary floor we all watched as the storm came our way fast. As if on cue once we reached the snorkelling location the heavens opened, the rain drops were big plopping into the estuary water. This mixing of fresh water and sea water meant that the viability deteriorated we couldn’t make out detail which meant that spotting a Sea Horse was going to be impossible now. Looking up at the surface of the water you could see rain drops breaking the surface and sparkling with stormy daylight. We found we were surrounded by mist, couldn’t see much past 10 metres, with the rain and thunder and lightning increasing it was decided that we should end the trip. Once back at our pick up point we discovered that someone had been struck by lightning and the bakkie had taken them to Hospital. The customers didn’t want to wait and get cold so we walked the 1½ to 2 ½k in the rain back to the main road. People’s faces as they saw us pass by in the rain were a picture. The rest of the day was very quiet due to a daylong power cut from about 6am onwards finally returning at 5pm. Tonight I’m staying at Satu and Jari’s place (the place I spent crimbum in) as there away for a couple of day’s I’m taking care of Alfie the dog.

picture3090 Alfie is handsome.

Monday 16th, I was woken up in early hours by rain hitting the metal roof, the noise was deafening. It was still raining when I had to leave for the shop, Alfie didn’t want to come I had to result to bribery with ham i found in the fridge (Soz Satu). We must have looked a right pair at 6.20am walking in the rain into downtown Tofo (there isn’t really a downtown). The double tank this morning was canx due to the wind and rough sea, the rain doesn’t really affect a dive but on a double tank it can make the surface interval a little miserable. We are hoping to go tomorrow now but the prediction is more of the same, with extra helpings of wind and large sea we’ll have to see in the morning. Chris did a DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) but could only do the pool part today the ocean dive will now be later in the week. I spent the day with Alfie keeping myself occupied. Once home I discovered a Mozambique monster snail (like the one in SA in December), it was near the gate I suspect it was trying to make its way across the road to Mozambeats for a Lettice leaf and Cabbage juice. I couldn’t bear the thought of this magnificent creature getting squashed so I picked it up and relocated it in Jari and Satu’s garden.

picture3063 Mozziebeaks monster snail.

Tuesday 17th, a windy rough day, this meant that we didn’t launch again. I did a little dive shop housekeeping sorting fin sizes and wetsuits, but of course that didn’t take all day. It’s Jesse my little nephew’s b’day on Saturday 21st February and I want to do a cartoon keeping in line with the new tradition of cartoons for family b’days and occasions such as New Year. I did have an idea about a number of Jesse masks on local kids but that didn’t materialised. I have taken the mask I have drawn and used it to make a model. I plan to go to Tofo beach on Friday at sunrise which is about 5.30am and take some pictures. Highlight of the day is Mike my Tofo son has returned. He left for the UK a couple of weeks ago and arrived this afternoon. A car stopped outside, a number of men got out carrying large bags. I thought we haven’t got someone diving booked with their own gear or maybe there booked in to the accommodation above the shop. That’s when I saw Mike with a huge grin. This is the moment when Alfie decided to go AWOL again. Mike is staying with me at Satu & Jari’s place tonight as he didn’t really have anywhere booked. Alfie was seen near his old home and was returned, I was really relieved as losing him on my watch really was not something I wanted.

picture3147 The return of my Tofo son Mike.

Wednesday 18th, Staff dive to “Giants Castle” with Kev and Mike, Mikes first dive back in Tofo, The current was a reverse but still great dive. When we got to the location we found all the other dive shops had picked this morning, i like to think they were welcoming Mike home. Today I moved my stuff from Nadia’s house to the big house I lived with Jenny in from Oct to mid December last year. The new house is actually just round the corner from Nadia’s so I didn’t have to move my stuff far. I will miss the scary dogs (Alan Minter, Mumble, Wiggly woo and Ringo) as they had gotten used to me and me them. But it’s nice to be in the big house again. Mike is moving in with us which will be great. I like to stand on the porch and watch the sea (the view is not great due to another house in front but I can still see the sea). Mike and I went to Turtle Cove lodge for a drink and food. I was captivated by a beautiful tiny kitten who I fed some of my burger to. I really hope a kitten as young as is being looked after as it should really be with its mother. Once home watched 22 Jump Street with Mike who feel asleep, but was convinced he hadn’t, until he realised he was seeing the end credits. I haven’t arranged my room, In fact I have been living out of suit cases for the last 9 months I haven’t bothered unpacking never saw the point. Woke up to a terrible banging sound in the middle of the night, I actually lay there and left it for a moment then had to put a light on and get up. The power lead was being knocked by the fan blades which meant the control box was bashing about making a noise. Luckily Mike and Jenny are deep sleepers as they didn’t hear a thing.

11003934_913281162039207_814254402_n I was not naked on the Epic naked dive.

Thursday 19th, today was a special dive, Mikes 100th Tofo dive, so he decided he needed to go naked (I have passed my Tofo 100 a long time ago and managed to escape a naked dive). It wasn’t just Mike who was up for this there was a customer who has been around Tofo for a few weeks he wanted to dive in his birthday suit. I have to admit I was actually tempted but I didn’t as marine life is already very fragile and really doesn’t want to see me naked. The boys slipped off their shorts off on the boat as we were kitting up and after pre dive check. It really was a funny dive to “Sherwood Forest” with the two of them holding there bits. I was tasked with taking pic’s, I didn’t take any close up just wide shots. Nothing big (as in sea life) was spotted, it was a pleasant gentle dive to one of my fave sites. I woke up this morning with a slight sore throat and it’s played on me all day, after the drop on the dive my ears felt a little strange but it soon corrected itself. But the rest of the day I didn’t feel my usual jolly (haha) self. It is Jari’s (one of the bosses) bday I made him a very quick and rough card which everyone at the shop signed (I pp it from people away). Later we had cake made by Jenny, after a “Surprise” moment and a rendition of Happy birthday in English and Portuguese (I think we should have had it in Finnish) we ate yummy cake. I managed to get the afternoon off, went home and slept then painted the Jesse cartoon for tomorrow morning.

picture3170 Pee Pee keeping me company on my day off.

Friday 20th, my day off, woke up at 4.30am and made my way to the beach with cardboard Jesse under my arm. I already knew the spot I wanted so it was a quick set up once arrived. There was a little wind so I had to improvise with wire stuck in the sand and the back of Jesse’s head to hold him up. I started to take pictures getting what I think are good shots. The sun came up exactly on cue it’s a wonderful thing to witness, it’s a pity there were as many clouds as I didn’t quite get the shadows I hoped for. Miki my Tofo husband is back after a break of a few months it’s so great to see him, he walked across the beach and gave me a huge hug, so excited to dive with him again. Walking back with a slightly wet cardboard Jesse under my arm must have looked strange to the early morning Tofo people I passed. Spent the rest of the day choosing the Jesse pictures I want to use, catching up on sleep and skyping with family. Saw Nadia very briefly she’s been away a month, hope her house is ok after I was living there.

End of yet another week time seems to be flying by quicker and quicker. Only 3 weeks left of this adventure, I am heartbroken to have to leave this beautiful place; I will be leaving all my dive gear at Liquid so I have to come back. Unless I win the Lotto I will be back in July or August.

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