Week 3.

Misfits Mid Life Crisis Adventures in ………….. Mozambique

Week 3.

This week I have mainly been listening to Suede, Shed Seven, Arcade Fire and PJ Harvey.

And have been watching Fringe from start of Season 1, World War Z, Ender Game, Snow White and the huntsman (which is very slow, gets better when the dwarfs arrive), Moon (love it more each time I see it), Tron (which has not aged well)

Saturday was supposed to be shop day for me, I opened up at 7am and waited. The first dive was not until 11ish; when one of the other DMT’s arrived and decided they didn’t want to dive, I took their place. It was a double tank (that is not what Jacques Cousteau used to have on his back, 2 tanks) which is 2 dives one after another with a short surface interval on the boat not returning to shore. Going to the first location we were buzzed by a Whaleshark, I got in and snorkelled got some reasonable footage (not as good as last year), then almost immediately a manta went past up. We also had some humpback action on the surface 3 together, pretty awesome site.

The dives were lovely, today was the first time I have bombed to the surface with the buoy line, and then carried the buoy line for the duration of the dive (the buoy floats on the surface so the skipper of the boat knows roughly where we are). At depth we saw a couple of Manta’s sail past us. The second dive I saw a Manta on my own as everyone else had gone through a coral arch. I’m claiming that Manta for myself. We were buzzed again as we were heading home, I shoved my camera in the water and have some nice footage, again I don’t think BBC Natural History Unit will be calling me.

Sunday, a day off, it’s been a very hot winter’s day here, but the weather is on the turn. Just been on the beach with Martina and Kien and you could see the storm clouds rolling towards us from in land. Diving might get rough over the next few days. I’m not a beach bunny, more like a beached whale….lol, sitting on the beach is not something I’d do on my own but with others its really nice. ). This morning went for my run first thing (get it out of the way once at the petrol station I treated myself to a Snickers (emmm… sooo tasty) After a little nap I went out taking pictures, it was the hottest time of the time of the day, I was glad to get in to shade. Oh when I was out and about I got chatting to group of policemen outside the police station (you only ever really see them crowded around the station or maybe near the beach, not sure If there is much crime in Tofo), they were asking where I’m from that sort of thing, where ‘im staying and my name. Then one of them said I’ll come and visit you…….. I didn’t know what to say, I just smiled and said I had to go. Let’s hope I don’t get a visit from the rozzers.

Monday, and no one told me we were opening slightly later, so I sat there and read my dive master book. Another double dive today only about 14 metres, I bombed to the bottom with the line and held it throughout, there was a little current during the second dive which meant I had to fight with it slightly. Good dives relatively near shore saw plenty of puffer fish and lion fish also saw a goat fish. Coming home the boat speeds on to the shore, the skipper beaches the boat, so everyone holds on tight and waits for the violent jolt. The first couple of times you want to close your eyes and hope that we do stop and don’t just plough up the beach and in to the market. After many of these landing I can say its sort of fun watching the boat your on aim for the beach and just keep going.

I know 2 people that have had malaria in the last week.

Tuesday, one day and a personal favourite spotted, an octopus under in a crack, later Mikki spotted another, so 2 octopuses in one dive, woo hoo. We spotted a couple of turtles as well, the first one we were a little worried that it might have been caught by fishing line, as it wasn’t really moving much, but Kris our instructor had a close look and all was fine it was really just chilling on the reef. It’s been an overcast and chilly day; it rained for a couple of hours this afternoon.   I had a chicken curry at a local place (I walked there in the rain, with my towel wrapped around me as I didn’t have a jumper), could have had more chicken really but very nice. Then within an hour and a half I was running, possibly should have left it longer until the exercise. My I-pod also died, so I broke two running rules today. Rule 1 don’t run on a chicken curry stomach and rule 2 make sure your I-pod is fully charged. Oh PIGWATCH, I have seen my pig twice recently on Sunday and today, as far as I can tell it’s the same one, problem is I don’t speak Portuguese and I don’t speak pig, but it’s a pig and it’s black so I feel it’s the same pig. Chatted to Kelvin my policeman friend again and Robb his colleague, they wanted me to buy them food. They work 24 hr shift then have 2 days off, no wonder they all look so tired and fed up.

Wednesday, felt like I was back at home, it was dull and overcast and raining, in fact it rained a lot and I got caught in it a few times. I was actually glad I brought my denim jacket and waterproof army trousers that Janna recently gave me as present when I visited Finland. I had to change back in to shorts soon after as I was too hot again. Another double tank, the sea was rough the wind was strong and it rained so the surface interval (between) dives was not fun. The first dive was beautiful a place called Sherwood Forest (I didn’t see any merry men) the vis was maybe 25 metres, saw a couple of large loggerhead turtles just chilling at 30.5 metres, the singing from the humpback was so load your body vibrated. The second dive at Salon had a vis of maybe 5 metres, still enjoyed but not as good.

I made friends today with a dog called chicken, who i shared a little of my lovely T-Bone with. There’s a lovely man in the market who can’t speak, I found out his name is Nelson. Today while trying to converse, I hope I haven’t agreed to get married, lol. I think he’s going to show me a cheap place to eat for about 70 mets, that’s what I think we were talking about. If I have accidently agreed to get married, then your all welcome, lol.

Thursday, was shop day for me. The morning it rained and rained and guess what, it rained more. I was babysitting dive shop kitty, she’s feeding well but not pooing and peeing, couldn’t get her to do one all day a little worrying. Ploughed through my DM manual to keep me busy, finished the day on the last chapter 9. Tomoz am diving so should be more exciting.

Oh I have paid 1300mts for a dongle so I can access the net, fingers crossed it arrives tomoz and it works.

Friday, got up and went for my run straight away, didn’t see the Pig. Today another double dive, first went to Sherwood Forest again (see weds)but the vis was terrible, such a difference to couple of days ago. Did see a huge Potato Grouper through, do love them they are so inquisitive.   The other dive didn’t have good vis either. On a plus side it didn’t rain during the surface interval, woo hoo. Dive shop Kitty is a little constipated (poor love), she’s not pooing, hope she’s going to be ok, everyone is a little concerned I think. The owners of the dive company have arrived and seem very nice, so meeting new people today and remembering that there top dog. I have my internet dongle now, but won’t work till tomorrow (Boo hiss), this will make contact a lot easier.

I must get pics of the Goat man, well I call him that. He walks maybe 10 or more Goats through town every morning, it’s a nice sight, I suspect that there not pets L. Coming to the end of my 3rd weeks here and all good, having a great time. I get a little lonely at night, but I watch films and TV MOZ downloaded for me.

That’s it for now folks, more soon.

D xxxx


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