Week 1.

Misfits Mid Life Crisis Adventures in…… Mozambique.

Part one,

This week I have mainly been listening to Lana Del Ray (including the great new album, Ultraviolence), my mega mix of over 100 Mozzer song (both Smiths and solo) and Elbow.

I have been watching episodes of Fargo, and Orphan Black (both highly recommended).

I left the UK on Saturday 21 June at 4.30pm, an hour and a half later than planned, I love flying  (take off and landing are the exciting bits, the rest of the journey is boring), I even like airplane food (which you don’t get on AIR Norwegian as I experienced when I recently went to Finland) . Any way the flights to Mozambique were all late, so at Cairo I had to rush to get my next plane, just like last year. But the flight ended up leaving 30 mins late so it wouldn’t have mattered If I hadn’t have rushed.

At Johannesburg I was approached by a bearded man who asked me if I was “Dana”, I was a little surprised at this, as I didn’t have a sign telling the world who I was. Anyway it turned out that he was going to the same dive company as me (he had been at Joberg airport a day due to tech problems with the LAM, Mozambique airline plane). Sure enough we met up again at Inhambane airport (Mozambique) and were driven in to Tofo by a driver waiting for us (the driver works in the local market and sells mobile phone airtime, and is very helpful with getting good deals in the market from relatives selling fruit and drink). A few people in Tofo market have come up to me and said they remember me from last year which is nice

The dive company I am with are very nice, I met up with the other DMT (Divemaster trainees) there are 4 of us, and yes there much younger and fitter looking then me. Sunday the day I arrived I really didn’t do anything, I was tired as I had dozed on the flights but had not really slept (the night before Friday to Saturday I had hardly slept as I had to drive to mums unexpectedly, thank u mum and Hel for letting me stay over. I was too tired to drive back to Essex, I got about 4 hrs sleep before driving back to MOZ in Essex and then leaving for Heathrow on the tube about 9.30 to 10ish). Any way Sunday the day I arrived I was tired but didn’t go to sleep until it really was night time. I was staying at a lodge, lots of huts and houses that sort of thing. Mine appeared quite nice, and yes I slept well, had to be up for 6.30am as needed to be at the dive centre for 7am.

I will get this out now, on Thusrday I moved to Casa Barry, the place I stayed at last year. I moved from the original place as I was moved the Monday and the Tuesday nights to different huts (that’s 3 different huts in 3 nights). I have to admit I was a little miffed, but you have to go with the flow. I wasn’t very happy with the original place, blood stains on the sheets that sort of thing. So I am back at Casa Barry, im paying extra for it but it feels like home really does, all the staff remember me and have welcomed me back.

Ok working at the dive centre has been great, diving every day this week (except today Friday) at about 7.30am. Got my sea legs straight away, did have to work on my negative entry (not done one since last September) but that was soon sorted. So nice to be in the sea with clear beautiful visibility, some dives 10 to 12 metres. So much beautiful aquatic life, loved seeing Moray Eels, and Potato Groupers again. On Monday heard Humpback singing at depth didn’t see them.

Oh the dive centre has a kitten (not really, but a couple of the other DMT were given a kitten who could have only been a couple of days old, they have been looking after and feed the kitten. everyone at the dive centre has been pitching in looking after the little one. I even babysat for a couple of hours early eve last night)

On Tuesday during the ocean safari (after the morning dive) we had Humpback whale first contact, mum and calf on the surface they were near us for 20 or so mins quite happy. We were also buzzed by Dolphins later.

Thursdays dives were the mutts nutts, only one word says it all MANTA, yes I have finally seen giant Mantas (after a month here last yr and seeing nothing). I have encountered Manta for real in the wild, on both the dives (dive sites Reggies and The Office) on Thursday morning. They are truly amazing and more beautiful in real life than in any picture. When they glide past you at the bottom of the ocean, you can only smile (no one can see you smile as you have your regulator stuffed in your mouth, but you know your smiling). I have video need to edit it before it can be seen. I fell in love with these gentle giants of the ocean even more. Thursday was MANTA DAY.

Today Friday, there was no actual diving; instead I have been in the pool practising rescue diver scenarios as part of my Divemaster course. A lot of it might appear to be just splashing about, but it can save the life of your buddy when out on a dive.

I have done my run to the petrol station twice this week, will go again tomorrow morning, I try to do it 3 times a week. I think its about 4,5k twisty turny road that has hills, you have to watch for traffic as people seems to drive on any side of the road. It’s the only tarmac (most of it anyway) road in the area (I think). It’s a run I did 3 times a week last year, and really enjoy it. I pass stalls/small shops, houses and a school most people wave and say hello, the little children as so sweet, I haven’t lost any bangles yet to them

I think that’s it for this week, I really gave done a lot. I need to structure this and make it a proper blog.

Until next time……


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