Week 1 Extra.

Extra, Extra ****Misfits Mid Life Crisis Adventures in…… Mozambique.

 Part one*** EXTRA

Last year I bored many people sick with the story of the piglets. But many people haven’t heard it. 

When I do my run from Tofo to the petrol Station, I pass fields with various animals in them. On one run I found 8 piglets near the petrol station, I would pass there and check out that there were 8 of them. I was mortified when one day I found that they had learned to cross the road (what was there mother teaching them). I spent many a time standing in the road counting piglets. Towards the end of my stay, the number of little trotters decreased, I like to think that they had gone to Hogwarts…. Others told me terrible stories which I refuse to believe. Any way a couple of days ago on my run in the same field I saw a pig. I had to stop and wonder if this was a child or grandchild of the original 8. So now as I pass the field I’m on the lookout for this pig. I’m on Pig watch (quick call Chris Packham) again. 

I have a couple of other pig related stories from last year which are not as happy and not for this time. I will tell if you really want me to. 

A day off today, I did my run, looked for my pig, I came back a happy fat middle aged DMT (read last night proper entry for what DMT stands for).

I later saw what appeared to be a wedding (or part of it) on the beach; up to a hundred people got out of flatbed trucks (the number of people that can stand up or be squeezed in to a small space is amazing. They were all singing and dancing, and then a car arrived with the bride and groom. She looked beautiful in a off the shoulder number in bright ivory, I waved like all awkward Brits do in this situ, everyone else dancing and singing, there’s me standing with water and bread rolls and bananas id just bought. Congrats to the happy couple. No I didn’t have a camera with me, wish I had, was a pretty site.

I think that’s it for this Misfits Mid Life Crisis Adventures in…… Mozambique*** extra. I had to just tell the pig story.


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