Week 375, Saturday 21st until Friday 27th August 2021.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East & Surrey.

Week 375, Saturday 21st until Friday 27th August 2021.

Something I have been very good at over the years is biting my finger nails, if there were qualifications in how to chew the ends of a finger, I would be highly qualified.

“I only went in for Bamboo canes and Compost”.

A few days before the recent Ibiza family trip I was determined to have fingers that I am not ashamed of allowing others to see.  I coloured the nail stumps and went on holiday.  Just over a month later I have nice small nails.  The problem is the nail varnish after all this time was scrappy and chipped and needed a new coat.  Over the course of stressful work day while answering calls I managed to scrap off all the old varnish.  The nails didn’t look that bad and would be coloured later.

“The herb garden has been planted”.

That night I woke up horrified to find a little finger inside my cavernous gob, the nail had been sacrificed while I dreamed.  The repainting didn’t happen, I jumping out of bed and immediately coloured all the nails including what’s left of that little finger.  The ends of my fingers will never look pretty or glamorous but I don’t want to be ashamed of what others think.  Nail biting is something I have done since I was small, as an adult all I need is a couple of coats of colour to stop me chewing them.  Over the years I have tried a number of the nasty tasting nail coatings that are supposed to help stop nail biting.  None of them have worked for me.  But putting on a thin coating of colour does seem to distract me from putting my fingers in my mouth.

“Coffee shop visit with fave people”.

Sadly it’s only a matter of time before I slip back in to old bad habits.  This might be a few months or years’ time, but it will come.  I will be found with a fingertip in my mouth as I chew the nail as if it’s the most important things in the world.  Because of this addiction I am determined to enjoy the small growth that I currently have.  The nails are looking quite nice, I am actually happy.

“During bath time, I was supposed to be the responsible adult. I failed”.

And Finally……

This week I enjoyed the first episode of the final season (the 11th) of The Walking Dead.  That means for the next 24 weeks I smile when I see Co-Executive Producer Caleb Womble name at the start of the show.  

“Caught red handed”.

One day this week within an hour I spoke to a “Lady(that really was her title) and a foreign Princes personal assistant.

“The rain can be pretty”.

Another caller gave me some valuable travel advice (we had talked about travelling; I had mentioned my future plans).  She said to visit Bali her homeland, because it’s beautiful.  But don’t think about travelling to Thailand because it’s full of prostitutes.

“I think of this as a good harvest”.

One evening this week there was an alcohol related incident at home.  My friend picked up my glass and took a big sip.  After I pointed this out (twice) instead of swallowing and enjoying the taste she spat it back in to the glass and handed it to me with a guilty giggle.

“Lovely pic taken by MOZ. This beauty was spotted at a Garden Centre”.

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

“This was to good not to post”.

This week I have watched:

“102 Minutes That Changed America”, (2008).  “ABBA’s 30 Greatest Moments”, (TX: 2020).  “Blake’s 7”, (SB, ep 4).  “After Midnight”, (2019).  “Colony”, (S3, ep 3 to ep 5).  “Did Covid Leak From A Lab In China”, (TX: 22/08/21).  “Entourage”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 6).  “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga”, (2020).  “Gardeners World”, (2021, ep 15, TX: 25/08/21)(ep 16, TX: 2/07/21)(ep 17, TX: 09/07/21)(ep 18, TX: 23/07/21).  “Jaws 3”, (1983).  “Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back”, (S3, ep 2, TX: 26/08/21).  “Missions”, (S1, ep 10)(S2, ep 1 to ep 5).  “Randle And Hopkirk (Deceased)”, (1969)(S1, ep 1).  “Snowpiercer”, (2013).  “Snowpiercer”, (S2, ep 2 to ep 8).  “Star Trek (Original Series)”, (S3, ep 7 & ep 8).  “Star Trek Lower Decks”, (S2, ep 3).  “The Bureau Of Magical Things”, (S1, ep 7 & ep 8).  “The Decoy Bride”, (2011). “The Empty Man”, (2020).  “The Golden Girls”, (S2, ep 4 to ep 18).  “The Last Leg Of Tokyo 2020”, (ep 1, TX: 24/08/21)(ep 2, TX: 25/08/21)(ep 3, TX: 26/08/21)(ep 4, TX: 27/08/21).  “The Simpsons The Good, The Bart And The Loki”, (2021).  “The Titfield Thunderbolt”, (1953).  “The Walking Dead”, (S11, ep 1).  “Van Helsing”, (S4, ep 1 to ep 2).  “Wreck-It Ralph”, (2012).

I Also Watched An Interesting Series Of Science Shorts On BBC Iplayer:

“Rethink The Future”:

“Will We All Live In ‘Plyscrapers’ In The Future?”, (S1, ep 1, TX: 21/04/21).  “What’s The Future For The Office?”, (S1  ep 2, TX: 21/04/21).  “What If The Whole World Went Vegan?”, (S1, ep 3, TX: 21/04/21).  “Is Coronavirus A Chance To Reset The World?”, (S1, ep 4, TX: 21/04/21).  “Welcome To The Smart City Of The Future”, (S1, ep 5, TX: 21/04/21).  “What If Everyone In The World Planted A Tree?”, (S1, ep 6, TX: 21/04/21).   “The Extraordinary Power Of Poo”, (S1, ep 7, TX: 18/08/21).  “The Nuclear Dilemma”, (S1, ep 8, TX: 18/08/21). 

This week I have listening to:

“30 Animals That Made Us Smarter”, (BBC World Service)(S2, ep 9, 22/08/21).  “Betamax Video Club”, (ep 80, 29/10/20).  “Box Of Delights”, (S2, ep 11, 23/12/19)(ep 12, 24/12/19).  “Brian And Roger: Summer Special, Athena”, (25/08/21).  “Coronavirus Global Update”, (BBC World Service) (21/08/21) (22/08/21)(23/08/21)(24/08/21)(25/08/21)(26/08/21)(27/08/21).  “Doctor Who”, (The Incomparable/ TeeVee)( S11, ep 5, 05/11/18).  “Farscape”, (The Incomparable/TeeVee) (25/08/21).  “Game Of Thrones”, (The Incomparable/TeeVee)(S6, ep 10, 27/06/16).  “NASA’s Curious Universe”, (S2, ep 6,16/11/20)(S3, ep3, 26/07/21)(ep 4, 02/08/21)(ep 5, 09/08/20)(ep 6, 16/08/21).  “NASA Gravity Assist”, (27/08/21).  “NASA Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 210, 27/08/21).  “Nick Abbot Whole Show”, (21/08/21)(22/08/21)(27/08/21).  “Radio Astronomy (The Sky At Night Magazine)”, (29/07/21)(12/08/21)(26/08/21).  “Rob Beckett And Josh Widdecombe Parenting Hell”, (S3, ep 13, 24/08/21)(ep 14, 27/08/21).  “Smersh Pod”, (“Moonraker”, 01/04/21)( “For Your Eyes Only”, 01/04/18).  “Space And Things”, (STP7, 15/10/20)(STP 8, 22/10/20)(STP 50, 12/08/21)(STP52, 26/08/21).  “Space Soliders Podcast – Flash  Gordon’s Trip To Mars”, (Chapter Eleven, “Human Bait”, 21/08/21).  “Star Trek Universe Podcast“, (23/12/18).  “The Nick Abbot Habit”, (23/08/21).  “The Space Above Us “, (124, 07/01/21)(125, 21/01/21)(126, 04/02/21)(127, 18/02/21)(128, 02/0/21)(129, 18/03/21).  “The Supermassive Podcast “, (ep 20, 27/08/21).  “This Week In Time Travel”, (The Incomparable)(05/11/18).  “Toby Hadoke’s Time Travels – Happy Times And Places”, (21.1, “Tooth And Claw”,22/08/21).  “What’s Your Problem With Nick Abbot And Carol Mcgiffin”, (23/08/21).  “WTB”, (S3, ep 2 (ep 45) 27/08/21).  “Wolf And Owl”, (ep 38, 25/08/21).

Songs I enjoyed this week, were by:

“Morrissey”,  “Aerosmith”,  “Air”,  “Anthony And The Johnsons”,  “Ash”,  “Bastille”,  “Biffy Clyro”,  “Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine”,  “Doves”,  “Garbage”,  “Green Day”,  “Kings Of Leon”,  “Lilly Allen”,  “Lorde”,  “Mercury Rev”,  “Mick Jagger And David Bowie”,  “Natalie Imbruglia”,  “Paul Hardcastle”,  “Placebo”,  “Roxette”,  “Simple Minds”,  “Stereophonics”,  “The Temper Trap”,  “The XX”,  “Visage”.

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