Week 368, Saturday 3rd until Friday 9th July 2021.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East London, Essex, East Sussex (Twice) and Northamptonshire.

This is being published at my mums, I can’t seem to add any pictures.  Keep reading maybe this is a good thing.

Last Saturday my friend and I went to Hastings, we spent the day pottering around nick-nack shops, walking on the beach, dodging the miniature train and enjoying chips and donuts (not together).  One thing that shock me was the size of the Seagulls, they are absolutely massive.  I dropped a chip (by accident) and littered the pavement for less than a second because a couple of these flying giants landed and fought over my lost food.  Very little goes to waste in Hastings, could these be the cleanest streets in the UK.

I did come away with a few purchases that had been cluttering the shelves of an antique shop, which will now clutter mine in my bedroom.  It was while driving home I said to my friend that there were a few other bits and bob’s that I wanted to buy but didnt.  Sunday I was on the phone to the shop at opening time, within a few minutes I had spent more money.  The plan was to collect these on Thursday morning (I finished work on Wednesday for nearly two weeks, woo hoo).

Thursday came, my plan was as follows.
Get up early, drive to Hastings (about an hour and a half) grab my stuff  drive straight back to East London.  Once in the doorway drop the purchases (not literally) then drive to mums (two hours away).

I opened the curtains and saw two of the regular local cats sitting on the grass with a pile of feathers between them.  The feathers moved, the bird was alive.  I rushed outside, the cats disappeared, the clump of feathers moved around without any coordination.  The Pigeon was badly injured and covered in blood.  After picking it up I felt its claws gently grip my fingers, and its heart beating fast.  The left wing was twisted awkwardly, the right wing was mostly missing.  All over the body were horrible scratches, with deep gouged areas.

With help from my friend the bird was placed in a box (with plenty of ventilation).  The Pigeon would struggle occasionally making the box move a little, this didnt happen after I put a boot on top to ensure the box was firmly closed.  We left the bird to calm down, both of us would gently have a look now and then making sure it was still alive.  I got straight onto the internet looking up charities and organisations for help.  I left text and voice messages as requested.  I even rang Battersea Dogs and Cats home to see if they were able to suggest organisation who might be able to assist.

None of the charities got back to me, luckily my friend found a wildlife hospital about half an hour from home, who said to come round.  The vet examined the Pigeon saying he would X-ray and clean up the casualty and see what he could do.  My worry is that “its just a Pigeon”, the hospital will do what they can, but who is really going to rehabilitate a feral Pigeon?  I drove to Hastings feeling upset, wandering if I could look after the bird and care for it with the help from the hospital.  Of course these thoughts were totally impractical. I hope I did the best for the animal.

Once at Hastings I picked up my tatt, then drove straight home. My trip to mum would have to be on Friday morning, because I was knackered

Friday early morning I made my way up the M1. In the afternoon with my sister beside the canal I rang the hospital to see if there was any update, good or bad. Sadly the volunteer was very busy and wasn’t able to tell me anything. I leave for Ibiza with mum and sister early Saturday morning. I will try to contact the wildlife hospital again, I just need to find out what happened. As I have said sadly I am prepared for bad news. When I return from this short break I am going to find out about volunteering at the wildlife hospital (if they will have me) maybe I can actually do some good for a sick animal. It’s been a really stressful couple of days. I am looking forward to this break in Ibiza with family even more now, but in the back of my mind will be the image of a injured bloody bird my hands.

And Finally…..
A number of neighbours have been singing (I think they call it singing) “its coming home” extremely loudly in there gardens. Personally I will locked the door, leave an Oyster card on the door step and tell it to go away.

Next week is the Ibiza 2021 special, and am not able to promise there wont be a picture of me in a swimming cozzie (I can’t be responsible if your eyes burn and you need years of therapy. You have been warned).

This week I have watched…..

12 Facts You Didnt Know About North Korea”, (Facebook)(14/09/20). “Black Summer”, (S2, ep 3). Click”, (03/07/21). “Colony”, (S2, ep 6 & ep 7). “Discovering Queen”, (2013). “Family Finally Opens Mysterious Safe That’s Been In House For Years”, (Facebook)(07/06/21). “Friends”, (S7, ep 11 & ep 12, 21 to ep 24)(S8, ep 15 to 18, ep 23 to ep 24)(S9, ep 1 to ep 6). “Fringe”, (S5, ep 12 & ep 13). “Gardens World”, (2021, ep 9, TX: 14/05/21). “Hangman”, (20XX). “Ice Rinks Aren’t Really White”, (Facebook)(11/06/21). “Monsters At Work”, (S1, ep 1 & ep 2). “Parallel Worlds Probably Exist. Here’s Why”, (Facebook)(16/06/21). “Star Trek, (Original Series)”, (S2, ep 25 & ep 26). “The Bureau Of Magical Things” (S1, ep 1 to ep 2). “The Golden Girl”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 6). “The Tomorrow War”, (2021). “The Umbrella Academy” (S2, ep 1 to ep 2). “Van Helsing”, (S3, ep 2). “V Wars”, (S1, ep 7). “What It’s Loke Being A Mortician”, (Facebook)(27/06/21). “What The Last 24 Hours Of A Death Row Prisoner Look Like”, (Facebook)(06/06/20).

This week I listened to……

30 Animals That Made Us Smarter”, (BBC World Service/Sounds)(S2, ep 2, 05/07/21). “Anglophilia”, (11/12/18). “Betamax Video Club”, (ep 17, 16/05/18). “Box Of Delights”, (S1, ep 29, 22/11/19)(S2, ep 1, 13/12/19). “Coronavirus Global Update”, (BBC World Service) (03/07/21) (04/07/21) (05/07/21) (06/07/21)(07/07/21)(08/07/21)(09/07/21). “Doctor Who”, (The incomparable/TeeVee) (S10 ep 11, 25/06/17). “Game Of Thrones”, (TeeVee)(S6, ep 7, 06/06/16). “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Buddha”, (bonus, 05/07/21). “Liza Tarbuck”, (BBC Radio 2/Sounds). “Makes Art Will Travel”, (S1, ep 9, 24/03/21). “Mystery Hour”, (08/07/21). “NASA: Gravity Assist”, (09/07/21). “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 204, 09/07/20). “Nick Abbot Whole Show”, (03/07/21)(04/07/21)(09/07/21). “Smersh Pod”, (ep 4 & ep 6, 01/04/18). “Space And Things”, (Trailer, 27/08/20)(STP1, 03/09/20). “Space Soliders Podcast – Flash Gordon’s Trip To Mars”, (Chapter Four, “Ancient Enemies”, 03/07/21). “Talking Bottom”, (03/07/21)(05/07/21). “The All New Angelos And Barry Podcast”, (04/07/21)(09/07/21). “The Audio Guide To Babylon 5”, (ep 36, 20/09/15)(ep 37, 05/10/15). “The Friendship Onion”, (S1, ep 6, 06/07/21). “The Incomparable”, (The Incomparable)(ep 572, 04/07/22). “The Old Doctor Who Show”, (ep 114, 07/07/21). “The Space Above Us”, (053, 05/04/18)(054, 19/04/18)(055, 03/05/18)(056, 17/05/18)(057, 31/05/18)(058, 14/06/18)(059, 28/06/18)(060, 12/07/18)(061, 26/07/18)(062, 09/08/18)(063, 23/08/18)(064, 06/09/18)(065, 20/09/18)(066, 04/10/18)(067, 18/10/18)(068, 01/11/18)(069, 15/11/18)(070, 29/11/18)(071, 13/12/18). “Toby Hadoke’s Time Travels – Happy Times And Places”, (18.2, “The Highlanders”, pt 2, 05/07/21)(18.3, “The Highlanders”, 09/07/21). “The Skewer”, (BBC Radio 4/Sounds)(S4, ep 6, 07/07/21). “This Week In Time Travel”, (The Incomparable)(27/06/17). “WTB”, (S1, ep 10, 25/09/20)(ep 11, 02/10/20)(ep 12, 09/10/20). “What’s Your Problem With Nick Abbot And Carol Mcgiffin”, (05/07/21). “Wolf And Owl”, (S1, ep 31, 07/07/21). “

I also heard songs by……

Bad Manners”, “Bananarama”, “Beck”, “Broadcast”, “Elbow”, “Florence And The Machine”, “Lilly Allen”, “Odyssey”, “Queen”, “Smiths”, “Suede”, “The Communards Ft Sarah Jane Morris”, “The Foo Fighters”, “The Specials”, “The Subways

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