Week 314, Saturday 20th until Friday 26th June 2020.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East London (though it felt like The Mediterranean on Thursday and Friday).

Week 314 Saturday 20th until Friday 26th June 2020.


I didn’t have a good start to the working week.  When I became conscious the first thing I heard was myself saying two words (not, “frak off) I say at the start of every call while working Monday to Friday.  I’m not sure what’s worse dreaming about taking telephone calls at work or waking up and saying those “words”.

20200624_094326 “I really did feel like this”.

Once up, I rush around prepping for another day tied to the telephone.  Everything is done as quickly as possible while trying to make as little noise as I can.  Admittedly if I got up earlier, I wouldn’t have to rush around like such a fool.  When lockdown began I calculated how late I could stay in bed, and still be ready for work at 9am.

20200625_10493820200624_170852 “A couple of locals who enjoy my friends garden.  I was tempted to join them”.

Here is a list of what went wrong that particular Monday morning within about of 20 minutes. During that time I mumbled many colourful metaphors, and considered changing my name to “Calamity Dana”.

20200626_20254620200626_202537 “Its Bread”.

  • I stubbed my little toe on a 5k weight I stupidity left on the floor the previous day.
  • Scrapped my arm against the metal part of the living room door lock.
  • Inserted main password wrong.
  • Walked into a chair and bruised my left knee.
  • Missed the brekkie bowl while pouring milk (I did consider getting a strew and sucking it up! I didn’t).
  • Got the password wrong a second time.
  • Opened a kitchen curtain too far, that it ended hanging off the curtain rail.
  • Had to scrabble for a piece of paper with my password written on (Yes, I realise this is not good practice).
  • At 9 am I was seated at the table waiting for the phone to ring.  However 5 minutes later I realised that the thick blue cable which snakes through the house that plugs into the phone had not been unfurled.  It was only then that I though how lucky that no one in the household has tripped over that damn wire during lockdown.

All I could hope for was that the week would get better.

20200624_094351 “Will send this to mum”.

And Now For Something Completely Different.

Friday morning, busy at work when the doorbell rang.  Standing outside was one of the neighbours who asked if I am good with birds?  Especially Pigeons!  My face erupted into a huge smile, because I really am a Pigeon fan.  Years ago, I decided that because most people hate them, I would embrace them.  Forget the image of Trafalgar Square in London during the 70s, stop and have a look at one, they really are rather pretty birds.

20200628_025242 “Yes i am in my PJ’s”.

The neighbours had discovered one hiding with in there large flowerpots with an injured wing.  Because no one wanted to approach they called me.  It really was a privilege to have this freighted creature’s complete trust.  When I had it in my hands, I noticed a ring on one foot.  This is why it allowed me to pick it up.

20200628_025207 “My secret is out.  Why get dressed or brush hair when working from home”.

Once I had secured the box in the neighbour front passenger seat (with the seat belt around it, of course), the Pigeon was taken to a local vet.  I asked my neighbour to point out the ring because from previous experience vets are sadly not interested in a street pigeons.  But a bird with a ring means the owner can be traced.  Sadly, I didn’t make a note of the number on the ring, I was busy trying to ensure that the bird was as happy as it could be while being handled.

20200628_025516 “End of week, celebration”.

The start of the working week was really stressful.  The rest of the week was “ok”.  Those few minutes on Friday morning with a beautiful bird made everything better.

And Finally……

A friend’s package arrived on the doorstep during an extremely hot afternoon.  From another room I heard her shout “oh, my knickers are warm!”.  The plastic bag that her pants were delivered in really was warm to the touch.

20200628_000323 “Chewie picture of the Week”.


I did say “looks like a top shelf tubby Theresa” during the week!

20200626_224454 “Writing this shiz, while distracted by a live Spacewalk”.

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:  

“Click”, (TX: 20/06/20).  “Comedians: Home Alone”, (S1, ep 4).  “Death In Paradise”, (S8, ep 7 &  ep 8)(S9, ep 1 to ep 8).  “DEVS”, (S1, ep 5 & ep 6).  “Game Night”, (2018).   “I May Destroy You”, (S1, ep 5 & ep 6).  “Jack Whitehall’s Father’s Day”, (TX: 19/06/20).  “NASA Spacewalk #63 (Cassidy & Behnken)”, (NASA TV)(TX: 26/06/20).  “National Theatre Live: A Midsummer’s Night Dream (From The Bridge Theatre)”, (Original TX: 17/10/19)(Rpt TX: 25/06/20).  “Peter Pan Live! – The Show Must Go On #withme”, (Original TX: 04/12/140(Rpt TX: 20/06/20).  “Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience”, (S1, ep 4, TX: 09/02/10)(S2, ep 1, TX: 07/03/11)(ep 2, TX: 14/03/11)(ep 3, TX: 21/03/11)(ep 4, TX: 28/03/11)(S3, ep 1, TX: 07/05/12)(ep 2, TX: 14/05/12)(S9, ep 3, TX: 19/06/20).  “The Aviator”, (2004).  “The Mike Skipper Lockdown Saturday Quiz”, (FaceBook)(TX: 20/06/20).  “Timeslip – The Wrong End Of Time”, (ep 1, TX: 28/09/70).  “The Wizard Of OZ”, (1939).  “What We Do In The Shadows”, (S2, ep 6 to ep 10).  “Yes Prime Minister”, (S2, ep 4 to ep 8).  “You’re Only Young Twice”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 5).                                 

Doctor Who Watched This Week:

“The Leisure Hive, (S18, Prod Code 5N)(ep 1, TX: 30/08/80)(ep 2, TX: 06/09/80)(ep 3, TX: 13/09/80)(ep 4, TX: 20/09/80).

“Meglos”, (S18, Prod Code 5Q)(ep 1, TX: 27/09/80)(ep 2, TX: 04/10/80)(ep 3, TX: 11/10/80)(ep 4, TX: 18/10/80).

“Full Circle”, (S18, Prod Code 5R)(ep 1, TX: 25/10/80)(ep 2, TX: 01/11/80)(ep 3, TX: 08/11/80)(ep 4, TX: 15/11/80).

“State Of Decay”, (S18, Prod Code 5P)(ep 1, TX: 22/11/80)(ep 2, TX 29/11/80)(ep 3, TX: 06/12/80)(ep 4, TX: 13/12/80).

“Warriors Gate”, (S18, Prod Code 5S)(ep 1, TX: 03/01/81)(ep 2, TX: 10/01/81)(ep 3, TX: 17/01/81)(ep 4, TX: 24/01/81).

“The Keeper Of Traken”, (S18, Prod Code 5T)(ep 1, TX: 31/01/81)(ep 2. TX: 07/02/81)(ep 3, TX: 14/02/81)(ep 4, TX: 21/02/81).

“Logopolis”, (S18, Prod Code 5V)(ep 1, TX: 28/02/81)(ep 2, TX: 07/03/81)(ep 3, 14/03/81)(ep 4, 21/03/81).

This week I have mainly been listening to:  

“Coronavirus Global Daily Update”, (BBC World Service) (20/06/20) (21/06/20) (22/06/20) (23/06/20)(24/06/20)(25/06/20)(26/06/20)“CNN, Coronavirus: Fact Vs Fiction”, (ep 82, 22/06/20)(ep 83, 23/06/20)(ep 84, 24/06/20)(ep 85, 25/06/20)(ep 86, 26/06/20).  “Daddy Look At Me – It’s Daddy’s Day!”, (21/06/20).  “Dear Joan And Jericha (Julia Davis And Vicki Pepperdine)”, (S1, ep 5, 28/05/18)(ep 6, 04/07/18).  “Grounded With Louis Theroux”, (BBC Radio 4)(ep 8, 15/06/20)(ep 9, 22/06/20).  “Lazy Doctor Who”, (ep 68, 06/09/16)(ep 69, 24/09/16)(ep 70, 25/09/16)(ep 71, 05/11/16)(ep 72 & ep 73, 11/11/16)(ep 74 & ep 75, 12/11/16)(ep 76, 18/11/16)(ep 77, 20/11/16)(ep 78, 23/11/16)(ep 79, 11/12/16)(ep 80, 08/01/17)(ep 81, 27/01/17)(ep 82, 10/02/17).  “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 150, 26/06/20).  “Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (20/06, 26/06/20).  “Rob Beckett And Josh Widdecombe’s Lockdown Parenting Hell”, (ep 7, 19/05/20)(ep 8, 22/05/20)(ep 9, 26/05/20).  “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 199, 19/06/20).  “Sue Perkins: An Hour Or So With…”, (S2, ep 2, 24/06/20).  “The Late Night Alternative With Iain Lee”, (ep 4, 22/06/20)(ep 5, 23/06/20).  “The Nick Abbot Habit”,(22/06/20).  “The Old Doctor Who Show Podcast”, (ep 96, 24/06/20).  “What’s The Problem? With Nick Abbot And Carol McGiffen”, (S1, ep 22, 22/06/20).  “Morrissey”,  “The Monkees”,  “Kings Of Leon”,  “The KLF”,  “Elbow”,  “P.J.Harvey”,  “The Velvet Underground”,  “M.I.A”,  “Florence And The Machine”,  “David Bowie”,  “The Mock Turtles”,  “The Cribs”,  “The Enemy”,  “Supergrass”,  “Pixies”,  “Ash”,  “Hard-Fi”,  “Pulp”,  “Foals”,  Harvey Danger”,  “Faithless”.
















































































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