Week 311, Saturday 30th May until Friday 5th June 2020.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East London & Surrey (inc, getting my hair trimmed in a garden).

Week 311 Saturday 30th  May until Friday 5th June 2020.

Lockdown Week, Одиннадцать.


The good weather this week has brought all the usual pleasant sights and sounds of Spring in the garden.  A large number of birds on the feeders, Squirrels trying to steal from the feeders that run along the top of the fence at speed when discovered.  All the local cats can be seen patrolling or relaxing in the sun.  Sadly, birds and cats are not a perfect combination.  On a couple of occasions I have used my CSI skills (I knew watching hundreds of hours of the US TV forensics drama would come in useful one day) when confronted by a pile of feathers.  No bodies were found!

20200605_21053920200605_210611 “Cheese”.

With every positive, there are negatives.  A number of neighbours this week, saw the sun shining and decided to opened their windows and entertain everyone around by cranking up the volume to 11.  I love music, but would never impose my (lack of) taste on others!

20200606_205855 “Evening view from the office”.

Then there are bonfires.  Lockdown has given people time to work on their homes and gardens.  Due to recent restrictions concerning travel or the closure of recycling centres (which have reopened, though some I believe have restricted opening hours) households have an excess of shiz to get rid of.  Because the hot yellow ball in the sky is out, what better way to do that, set fire to it!  There are rules and regs about when a bonfire can be lit, but who in 2020 bother with them anymore.

I have said before that personally lockdown has been good for me.  I like working from home and hope that I will be able to continue to do so for a long time.  It’s just the actions of other that make working from home is warmer weather a little uncomfortable.  The simple answer, I’ll shut the window put the desk fan on and continue watching nature through the window and carry on with work.  As soon as the coast is clear I’ll open everything up and enjoy spring at its best.

20200606_170619That’s not 2 Metres“.

And Finally……

20200607_021858 “Dobby, wasn’t impressed”.

Loved watching the successful launch (second attempt) on Saturday of Space X/NASA Demo-2.  I particularly enjoyed the hours of pre-launch programming on NASA TV.  The highlight was a video message from Sci-fi legend Bill Shatner to astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley wishing them a safe journey.  As the Falcon 9 lifted off the historic pad 39a, I toasted the occasion with a shot glass full of “JD Fire”.

20200607_022055 “Distracted by a drink and a rocket, while writing this”.


Sitting at work late Tuesday morning, being distracted by the lovely smell of cooking from next door.

20200607_021518 “Interesting PPE, JBomb.”

My Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:  

BBC Television Centre Camera Crane Training, “Weekend In New England”, (YouTube)(TX: 31/05/20).  “Better Than Us”, (S1, ep 13).  “Click”, (TX: 30/05/20).  “Comedians: Home Alone”, (S1, ep 1).  “Death In Paradise”,(S6, ep 5 to ep 8)(S7, ep 1 & ep 2).  “DEVS”, (S1, ep 2 & ep 3).  “Killing Eve”, (S3, ep 5 to ep 7).  “NASA/Space X: Demo-2 Launch (2nd Attempt)”, (NASA TV)(TX: 30/05/20).  “National Theatre Live: Coriolanus”, (Original TX: 30/01/14)(Rpt TX: 04/06/20).  “Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience”, (S1, ep 1, TX: 19/01/10)(ep 2, TX: 26/01/10).  “Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Kitchen Disco #10”, (Facebook)(29/05/30).  “Springwatch 2020”, (ep 5, TX: 02/06/20)(ep 6, TX: 03/06/20)(ep 7, TX: 04/06/20)(ep 8, TX: 05/06/20).  “The Graham Norton Show”, (S27, ep 8, TX: 29/05/20).  “The Last Leg: Lock Down Under”, (20, ep 4, TX: 29/05/20).  “The Mike Skipper Lockdown Saturday Quiz”, (FaceBook)(TX: 30/05/20).  “The Ranganation”, (S2, ep 4, TX: 31/05/20).  “Trigonometry”, (S1, ep 1).  “Two’s Company”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 6)(Crimbum Special, TX: 25/12/76)(S2, ep 1 to ep 6).  “Yes Minister”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 7).                                

Doctor Who Watched This Week:

“The Invisible Enemy”, (S15, Prod Code 4T)(ep 3, TX: 15/10/77)(ep 4, 22/10/77).

“Image Of The Fendahl”, (S15, Prod Code 4X)(ep 1, TX: 29/10/77)(ep 2, TX: 05/11/77)(ep 3, TX: 12/11/77)(ep 4, TX: 19/11/77).

“The Sun Makers”, (S15, Prod Code 4W)(ep 1, TX: 26/11/77)(ep 2, TX: 03/12/77)(ep 3, TX: 10/12/77)(ep 4, TX: 17/12/77).

“Underworld”, (S15, Prod Code 4Y)(ep 1, TX: 07/01/78)(ep 2, TX 14/01/78)(ep 3, TX:21/01/78)(ep 4, TX: 28/01/78).

“The Invasion Of Time”, (S15, Prod Code 4Z)(ep 1, TX:04/02/78)(ep 2, TX: 11/02/78)(ep 3, TX: 18/02/78)(ep 4, TX: 25/02/78)(ep 5, TX: 04/03/78)(ep 6, TX: 11/03/78).

“The Ribos Operation”, (S16, Prod Code 5A)(ep 1, TX: 02/09/78)(ep 2, 09/09/78)(ep 3, TX: 16/09/78)(ep 4, TX: 23/09/78).

This week I have mainly been listening to:  

“Coronavirus Global Daily Update”, (BBC World Service)(30/05/20 x 2)(31/05/20 x 2)(01/06/20 x 2)(02/06/20 x 2)(03/06/20 x 2)(04/06/20 x 2)(05/06/20 x 2)“CNN, Coronavirus: Fact Vs Fiction”, (ep 67, 01/06/20)(ep 68, 02/06/20)(ep 69, 03/06/20)(ep 70, 04/06/20)(ep 71, 05/06/20).  “David Tennant Does A Podcast With…. (S2, Trailer “Oh Hello”, 03/06/20).  “Doctor Who: The Missing Episodes Podcast”, (ep 4, 04/06/20).  “Iain Lee (Highlights)”, (29/05, 01/06/20).  “Lazy Doctor Who”, (ep 57, 09/07/16)(ep 58, 17/07/16)(ep 59, 24/07/16)(ep 60, 02/08/16)(ep 61, 21/08/16).  “Mystery Hour”, (27/05, 04/06/20).  “NASA: Gravity Assist”, (05/06/20).  “Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (30/05, 05/06/20).  “Strange Times”, (ep 345, 31/05/20).  “Sue Perkins An Hour Or So With…. (S2, Trailer, 03/06/20).  “The All New Angelos And Barry Podcast”, (02/06/20).  “The Nick Abbot Habit”,(29/03/19)(12/04/19)(01/06/20).  “The Old Doctor Who Podcast”, (ep 95, 03/06/20).  “True Spies”, (Trailer, 17/04/20)(ep 1, 28/04/20).  “What’s The Problem? With Nick Abbot And Carol McGiffen”, (S1, ep 19, 01/06/20).  “Morrissey”,  “Kings Of Leon”,  “The Black Lips”,  “The Vaccines”,  “Shed Seven”,  “The Cocteau Twins”,  “The Cure”,  “Boomtown Rats”,  “The B52’s”,  “The Beatles”,  “The KLF”.













































































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