Week 230,Saturday 10th until Friday 16th November 2018.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in Surrey, East and West London (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 230 Saturday 10th until Friday 16th November 2018.


I am a huge fan of time travel, my fave TV show is the ultimate drama about travelling through Time “Doctor Who” (I am currently loving Jodie Whittaker). Over the last couple of weeks I have been bingeing on “12 Monkeys”, a drama with a story line heavy on time travel. Apart from wanting humans to step foot on Mars or alien’s making contact during my lifetime. I could die happy if time travel became a reality.

“Sitting on the sofa, on a very wet day”.

Sitting on the tube this week watching a very “Timey Wimey” episode of “12 Monkeys”, i noticed that the man next to me was struggling with a package which was taped up extremely securely. Once he had cut through the packing tape with a key, there were 2 further layers of padding protecting the precious cargo. Finally he pulled out was a magazine! This got me even more interested; when a magazine I have ordered or am subscribed to arrives it usually turns up in a clear bag with bent pages.

“(Not my picture) Don’t you wish you could read this classic gem?”.

Then I saw the cover, this was an edition of the “TV Times” from 1991 (doing some research I discovered the date of the magazine is 29 June until 5 July 1991). As he looked through the pages I could see faces popular then who haven’t been seen since. While others are still on TV, a number of them playing the same role. These were that days of 4 terrestrial channels, satellite TV wasn’t as big as it is today. Until he stepped off the train, I wondered why he wanted with such an old magazine. Could he be a collector; did this issue fill a gap on his dusty bulging shelves? Or maybe he is writing a book and this is research about the “quality” entertainment in 1991. Sadly we will never know!


“Its 1991, TV guide porn”.

This really got me thinking about time travel! The early 90s were good! I worked at the BBC, in my spare time I did unpaid work as a stage manager at an amateur theatre that’s regarded as one of the best in the country. Attended parties, went to gigs, and met interesting people. For a couple of years I presented a hospital radio show, music back then (late 80s, early 90s) was really good. The main reason a time machine would be useful is because I was made redundant from the BBC in 1992. With 2018 knowledge I would make better decisions, which might have resulted in me staying at the Beeb or at least having a creative career, instead of ending up in a call centre!

“7.30am, waiting for a tube”.

Of course I live in the real world and realise that time travel into the past is not possible (at the moment). But we are all travellers through time in a sense. We experience time one second (a man-made concept, that far cleverer people can discuss and argue. Remember I’m a call centre monkey who knows nothing) at a time. The future becomes the present, which in turn trails behind as the past. There is no mystical power that can change the future for me, it is only through my decision making that I will escape the hell that is the call centre, and live a creative existence.


“Watching Ghostbusters 2, twice with in 12 hours”.

Of course i will continue to dream of travelling into the past, at least with dreaming I know that anything I do won’t have an effect on today or the future. Whatever the reason for the 1991 magazine, it really got me thinking about the last 27 years. At this late stage in 2018, I’m really hoping that the future will be brighter and better. Also I hope that the publication was as useful to the man, on a couple of vintage magazine sites that particular issues go for a tenner.

“This is what i looked like after spending over 2 hrs on a tube train”.
And Now For Something Completely Different……

This week Stan Lee died at the age of 95. A man responsible for so many memorable characters such as Ant Man, Daredevil and of course Spiderman plus many more.

“Spidey gets everywhere”.

As a child I read the comics, watched the cartoons. These last few years I have enjoyed a number of live action TV series and mega budget films based on his work. One thing that i and others have enjoyed over the years is “Where’s Stan!”. Trying to spot his cameo either in person or a perhaps a picture of him, which would turn up in an unexpected location.

“Anyone fancy a race”.

Not all superheroes wear capes”. This week we lost such a visionary, an amazing creative mind. Thanks Stan for all the entertainment.
And Finally, The Honestly Section……

“Its been a tough week”.

As a women passed I said to a friend, “Mine swells up a lot”. I was talking about pasta honest!

While on the phone another friend asked what I was doing, I replied “Stroking my Hamster!”. The hamster was running around a crate on my lap, I honestly was “stroking the Hamster”.
One Final Quickie……

“Thanks for reading, please SHARE.”

Overheard a woman at work on the phone. “Give them a whirl” (pause), “Give them a bell” (longer pause) and finally with frustration, “Give them a ring”.

“Writing this shiz, sort of. In bed”.
My Mid Life Crisis Conts……
This week I have mainly been watching:

“12 Monkeys”, (S3, ep 2 to ep 10 ). “Click”, (TX: 10/11/18). “Doctor Who”, (S37/S11, ep 6). “Frasier”, (S2, ep 21 to ep 24)(S4, ep 1 to ep 3). “Ghostbusters 2”, (1989). “Lego Masters”, (S2, ep 2, TX: 13/11/18). “MARVEL: Daredevil”, (S3, ep 1 to ep 13). “People Just Do Nothing”, (S5, ep 1). “Predator”, (2018). “Quickies: Life After Brexit (BBC Three)”, (TX: 26/09/18). “Stacey Dooley: The Young And Homeless”, (TX: 13/11/18). “The Apprentice”, (S14, ep 7, TX: 14/11/18). “The Apprentice: Honest Subtitles”, (S4, ep 7, TX: 14/11/18). “The Apprentice: You’re Fired”, (S13, ep 7, TX: 14/11/18). “The Great Model Railway Challenge”, (S1, ep 6, TX: 09/11/18). “The Inbetweeners Movie”, (2011). “The Last Leg”, (S15, ep 4, TX: 09/11/18). “The Mash Report: Season 1 Best Bits”, (S1, ep 1 to ep 6, TX: 17/10/18). “There She Goes”, (S1, ep 5). “Would I Lie To You”, (S12, ep 5, TX: 09/11/18). “Zapped”, (S3, ep 5).
This week I have mainly been listening to:

“Aggy Fox And Dana Podcast”, (ep 3, 16/11/18). “Brian & Roger”, (S1, Trailer, ep 1 to ep 3, 19/10/18)(ep 4, 24/10/18)(ep 5, 26/10/18)(ep 6, 31/10/18)(ep 7, 02/11/18)(ep 8, 07/11/18)(ep 9 & ep 10, 09/11/18). “Chasing Earhart”, (Audio Trailer 12/11/18). “Griefcast”, (ep 58, 14/11/18). “Iain Lee (Bonus)”, (08/11/18). “Iain Lee (Highlights)”, (08/11, 09/11, 13/11, 14/11, 15/11/18). “In Poor Taste”, (ep 30, 13/10/15)(ep 31, 26/10/15)(ep 32, 21/11/15)(ep 33, 10/12/15). “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (10/11, 16/11/18). “NASA: Houston We Have A Podcast”, (ep 71, 16/11/18). “Quick Question”, (S2, ep 12 (ep 26), 22/10/18). “Skeptiod”, (ep 649, 13/11/18). “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 114, 12/11/18). “Strange Times”, (ep 283, 09/11/18)(ep 284, 11/11/18). “The Adam Buxton Podcast”, (ep 83, 12/11/18). “The Hitchhickers Guide To The Galaxy”, (S3, ep 5). “True Crime Finland”, (ep 43, 16/11/18). “Morrissey”, “Queen”, “Tears For Fears”, “Johnny Mathis”, “Kate Bush”, “Basment Jaxx”, “Underworld”, “Interpol”, “The Editors”.

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