Week 134, Saturday 7th until Friday 13th January 2017.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in East London & (snowy) Surrey (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 134 Saturday 7th January 2017 until Friday 13th January 2017.


I always feel sad at the start of the year, actually thinking about it a lot of people feel a little gloomy.  This would be for a number of reasons; such as they have received the credit card bill informing them of how much they spent in December on tatt that was broken by 26th December.  Or on 31st December they made a number of New Year’s resolution which by now they have broken.  It could be because its cold and snow has fallen, and as everyone knows if London gets a tea spoon of the white stuff then everything falls apart especially the transport system.  No I personally feel sad for a different reason.

2017-01-12-08-52-34 2017-01-12-08-53-45 2017-01-12-08-55-27 These trees need our love.


I want to bring to your attention to something that occurs every year at this time, something that makes me feel sad.  Look around most residential road’s, street’s, lane’s, close or crescent’s and you will see the unwanted, the unloved sitting lonely on the pavement or worse stuck in the top of a brown recycling bin.

2017-01-12-08-55-06 2017-01-12-08-53-21 2017-01-12-08-54-25 A few more waiting to be recycled.

Of course I’m talking about Christmas trees, all the pictures you see in this blog we’re taken down one road within minutes of each other.  Each of these trees was lovingly grown commonly between 7 to 10 years.  They were chosen because they were right for the particular room or house that they ended up in.  Or maybe a small child just fell in love with its shape, while the parents carried it, or dragged it home proudly.  There will of course be some people who picked there tree just to outdo the friends or neighbors this is what I call the “my tree is bigger than your tree syndrome”.

2017-01-13-08-31-16 Someone was excited about the teaspoon of snow that had settled over night. 

Many hours would have been taken to carefully decorate them with lights and other trinkets.  There might be something that had been lovingly made by a small child in some cases a number of years ago which only come out for a few weeks every year.  The trees were loved; people took pride over how and where they were displayed.  But in January that relationship is over, after weeks of stopping the cat or dog from playing, pulling the tree down or peeing up it.  It’s dragged outside and no one care if an animal decides to leave there mark up against it.

dscf7152 img_0925 Whats left of what was my fave building in the world, BBC TV Centre, went and had a look.

I understand that most people can’t keep the tree, they can’t replant them.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the percentage of trees that are replanted is infinitesimally small.  The trees that end up on the pavement will hopefully be collected by the local council and recycled instead of just being dumped and left on the already overflowing landfill.  I have looked around on the net and there many creative people who make interesting products from old unwanted Christmas trees, it would seem that every part of the tree can be used and to serve a useful function in a different form.

dscf7231 Not all references to TVC has been removed, this was seen at Wood Lane tube station.

I will admit I have hippy tendencies; I am a bit of a tree hugger at heart.  It makes me sad that the human race has and is continuing to destroy trees at such an alarming rate in order for us to live our modern lives of concrete and metal.  I know that the worlds not perfect but I just wish there was a better way to deal with all these Christmas trees.  One answer might be that everyone uses artificial trees, but that then throws up a lot of other problems and arguments which I suppose are for another time.

dscf7306 dscf7380 dscf7365 Filming at Tate Modern.

If your walking down the road and see a sad looking Christmas Tree waiting to be picked up, just think of the pleasure it gave the people who bought it, and the possible life it’s component parts could go on to serve.

dscf7142 Seen at Tottenham Court Road tube station.

In Other News… 

Stood next to a man at work who is 106 Years old, he really looked like he was in his 80s.  I didn’t speak to him, if I had I would have found out what his secret is.  Oh I know he is 106 as a colleague knew him.  The temporary job i have been doing has come to an end, i don’t want to become a Government statistic again so need to pull my finger out.

img_1060 Recording These People Podcast.

This week I guested on a Podcast (These People Podcast), while recording from the bedroom the internet decided to have a fit.  As a result had to do pickups late Friday night.  I really enjoyed the experience so much.  I am looking at starting my own Podcast soon.

img_1006 img_1038 The future and the past…..

Did some filming at the Tate Modern, I walked out questioning myself asking “what is art”.

dscf7242 Writing this shiz.

The Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have mainly been watching:  “60 Days In Jail”, (ep 7 & 8).  “Britain Ancient Capital: Secrets Of Orkney”, (ep 2).  “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, (Season 3, ep 1 to 4).  “Cats And Dogs, The Revenge Of Kitty Galore”, (2010).  “Close To The Enemy”, (ep 5).  “David Bowie: The Last Five Years”.  “Egypt Lost Cites”.  “James May, The Reassembler”, (Season 2, ep 3).  “Horizon: The Trouble With Space Junk”, (2014/15 ep 13).  “Muppets Most Wanted”, (2014).  “Nanny McPhee”, (2005).  “Pompeii”, (2014).  “Revolting”, (ep 2).  “Secret of Bones”, (ep 2 to 4).  “Sherlock”, (Season 4, ep 2).  “Sugar Free Farm”, (ep 1).  “Supersize Earth”, (ep 1 & ep 2).  “Taboo”, (ep 1).  “The Graham Norton Show: Graham’s Big Red Chair”.  “The Magic Of Mushrooms”.  “The Real Marigold Hotel”, (ep 2 & 3).  “The Sky At Night”, (ep 770).  “Winnie-The-Pooh, The Most Famous Bear In The World”.                 

This week I have mainly been listening to:  “Iain Lee: TalkRADIO (Highlights)”, (06/01, 09/01, 10/01, 11/01, 12/01/17).  “Iain Lee: TalkRADIO (Live)”, (09/01, 10/01/17).  ”LBC Podcast: Mystery Hour”, (12/01/17).   “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (06/01, 07/01, 13/01/17) “Scroobius Pip, Distraction Pieces”, (End of Year Review, ep 74: pt 1, 23/12/15.  ep 75: pt 2, 24/12/15.  ep 76: pt 3, 30/12/15.  ep 77: pt 4, 31/12/15.  ep 78: pt 5, 06/01/16) (ep 132, 11/01/17).  “Soundtracking With Edith Bowman”, (ep 11, 14/10/16) (ep 12, 21/10/16).  “These People Podcast”, (ep 10, 06/01/17).  “Toby Hadoke’s Who’s Round”, (ep 136, ep 137, ep 138, ep 139, ep 140, ep 141, 09/15) (ep 142, ep 143, ep 144, ep 145, ep 146, 10/15).  “Morrissey”, “Space”,  “Ash”,  “The littlest Hobo Theme”, ”The Fall Guy Theme”, “The Divinlys”, “The Flaming Lips”, “Bowie”, “Chas n Dave”, “The Guillemots”, “The XX”, “Florence And The Machine”, “Goldfrappe”.   




















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6 Responses to Week 134, Saturday 7th until Friday 13th January 2017.

  1. Helen Lucas says:

    So who was the famous people u interviewed?

    Liked by 1 person

    • misfitscully says:

      It’s not happened yet in the next few weeks. I’ll tell you later, it’s someone mum likes as well. Don’t reply here about it as I don’t want to say anything outloud it’s all still being arranged.


  2. rogers garey says:

    About the discarded trees……i sometimes view it as a methaphor for life! (trying to be deep 🙂 )but also like those trees we should try to bring some joy into the world while we’re alive so when it’s time be recycled at least we have left some legacy. Why didn’t you speak to the older gentleman? Give him that big lovely smile and get him to spill his guts. He may have said the secret is a pack of fags and a pint of bourbon a day is what has kept him going this long. PLEASE don’t leave us all hanging with a bits of info. The podcast stuff sounds great. How would one listen to the podcast you took part of? Good luck on the cash front. Are you bombarding the agencies or got another master plan? And love the query put to us all about art. I feel it’s another methaphor for life. Eye of the beholder and all. It’s why life if viewed thru rose coloured glassess is the best. Everyone is unique. All jittery waiting for your next musings!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • misfitscully says:

      Your so right (as usual) about the discarded trees being a metaphor for life, it really is. I know I want to be recycled, ashes scattered in a fave place then just as my friend walks away and the wind starts to blow me around a dog will come and pee all over what is left of me. That will probably be my legacy 😆. I would have loved to have chatted to the 106 yr old, but I was at work trying to look busy I don’t think it would have been the done thing. He never looked 106, I just thought of all the things he has seen and witnessed in recent history. Not to mention all the technology that has appeared to “make our life easier” I wonder what he thinks of the world. Don’t worry when the pod is done you’ll know and be able to hear it, at this time I have 2 celebrities and a friend in the US who does a radio show about LGBT issues to interview. In fact she wants me to do her radio show due to the time difference it will be early morning here but it will be fun (she did mention a pre record, but I think live is better). So the pod is happerning I better pull my finger out. I have signed up with another casting agency so fingers crossed. I’m hoping that I can persuade people around me here in Essex to start using leaves as money as I have access to loads. Thanks Rogers for reading it’s always great to know your out there.


  3. misfitscully says:

    This could be how we make our millions, we scatter ashes and then a dog or cat or what ever animal the person or loved ones wants pee’s on them. Hey I think we should apply for Dragons Den. We’re going to be minted.


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