Week 82, Friday 8th January until Friday 15th January 2016.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in Tofo Mozambique & Nels (SA) (The NEXT Chapter). THE VISA RUN SPECIAL EDITION……

Week 82, Friday 8th January until Friday 15th January 2016.

Portuguese word of the week: “Mal Humorado”,means Grumpy, my natural state most of the Visa Run.

Friday, its visa run time, there is so much to say but not enough space to write it all.  Patrick and I had been told about a bus from Maxixe to Maputo. Getting to Maxixe was easy with a lift from Mike Moye to Inhambane then the ferry (a small boat crammed full of people) to Maxixe..  We were told the PostBus left between 11to noon.  It didn’t arrive until 12.45 and left about 13.00, if we had known that we’d have stayed in the air conditioned KFC a lot longer instead of sitting in the shade near the loos behind the PostBus shop, this was the start of me being just grumpy for 48 hours.  The bus arrived and sure enough it’s a large coach.  It did have A/C but the windows were open so it was pointless.  The seats were comfortable which was a good thing; however a huge down side was the Chinese Movies being played VERY loudly.  I am sure that no one understood Chinese or could read the very small English subtitles.  Due to the fact we were so late we arranged a cab, yes a cab from Nels in SA to pick us up in Maputo only to take us to Nels.  Once in Maptuo we had to find the cab as he was lost, Patrick and I ended up walking to meet it as it was too complicated to explain how to get to us. The border was a doodle and we reached the hotel at 00.30, such a long day.

Saturday cinema day.  Star Wars ended last Thursday this was what we were told when we arrived, yep I was still grumpy.  We ended up seeing three good films (my star reviews are at the bottom of the blog). Even “CUM” books didn’t make me laugh today my world was broken. The” Tofo Doctor Who club” watched a couple of episodes to finish off the 2015 season this eased the pain a little.

Sunday a epic day, the day I was on a mission.  I booked my ticket out of town on the Greyhound bus (I went business class), the PostBus really could learn a thing or two.  Said goodbye to Patrick who is returning to Finland, he has become a great mate over the last 8 weeks. Once on the Greyhound I discovered id left or lost my headphone, the bus makes a 10 minute stop, I rushed off.  Due to being Sunday most shops were closed but I found an electrical shop that sold odds and ends and bought a new pair of headphones, phew.  Once I crossed the border and changed my SIM over the battery died, there was charge but I couldn’t get it to activate and the spare was in Tofo.  Once in Maputo I had a downloaded map of the city and the rough whereabouts of the Cinemas.  I walked with the help of a nice man telling me I was about to enter the red light district and to be careful.  There was no cinema, but I found a theatre with a huge queue outside.  I came across the next cinema but it looked like it had closed years ago. I then hailed the first of 3 cabs.  I directed the driver to another cinema, but upon arrival found that this had closed as well.  A couple of joggers must have seen my bemused look and started to chat, this is when I discovered that the theatre I was at earlier is very near a shopping centre with a cinema.  Quickly I hailed another cab, a strange man got in as well saying we’ll go together I had to explain to the driver I had no idea who he was, the driver promptly chased him away.  We drove to the Maputo Shopping Centre the first thing I saw was a Star wars poster.  This is when the 8 year old in me took over. I got my ticket and waited an hour, I did sneak in to the screen as the door were open and there on the BIG screen were “Han and Leia” .  When it was my time I took my traditional seat middle of the front row and sat there with the biggest smile on my face for just over 2 hours.  The grumpiness had finally disappeared.


Monday, got on the fatties bus about 5am, I had thought about which side of the bus would be in more shade, I got it wrong, note to self “sit on the left hand side”. After a couple of hours of waiting, being asked if I wanted to buy biscuits, bread, fruit, sunglasses, underwear (both sexes), children’s toys, Phones, lights, earrings in fact everything, we left Maputo.. The journey was slow and uncomfortable, but and arrived in Tofo at 16.30. I’m living at Nadia’s house for a few week’s, this means I have Rusty as a housemate again.

Tuesday, a day off (thank you Satu my boss) to recover from the weekend.  I took Rusty out for a very long walk on the beach, eventually ending up at Liquid.  Rusty is very protective of his home (righty so) so on a Tuesday he is kept occupied so the housekeeper can do her job. Wednesday: went on the shortest double tank ever.  Gleen who I met in Maputo and travelled in the cattle bus with came to dive.  Normally a double tank is one dive then a long surface interval before the second dive.  Today both dives were in the bay and minutes from the shore.  “Clownfish” never disappoints and with 20 plus metres viz it was amazing.  Then back on the boat to change tanks and travel a few minutes to “Salon” once again stunning viz.  Mike wanted to make it to “Fingers”, we didn’t get that far but we were surprised by a Blotch tail fan ray next to a bommie.

2016-01-12 15.04.14

Thursday: lead another dive to “salon” the viz was the same as yesterday makes me wonder what our deep sites are like at the mo.  The new Finnish family have arrived there opening a café at Liquid, I have been chatting with karlo, he’s a Star Wars fan, an artist and a tattooist.  I think there is a line behind me for new tattoos (he has his gear).  Looking at his art makes me realis how much of a pretender I am.  I spent the afternoon freshening up the wall map at the shop.

Friday, it rained really hard, so much so that a man opposite the dive centre dug a small dam out of mud to stop his property flooding.  A group of orphans from Inhambane were coming to Tofo, I took the bosses kids to meet them.  Due to the rain and the children being offered last minute horse riding we never saw them.  But Liquid made a clothes donation, hope they all go to good homes.

DSCF1959.JPG Our final pic.

In other news.  Found out the distance between Russia and USA in the Bering straits.  Eaten a lot of Bread Shack rolls, on Friday we ordered 3 and got 6 will have to go there tomorrow to sort out bill.  My toes that I dropped a dive weight on in October are a little swollen, they hurt or ach most days.  I am 13% fluent in German, to say things I have to imagine the works, I’ll never actually be able to actually have a conversation with anyone. I have lost my new shorts I bought in SA, and Rusty has enjoyed a new vest top I got from SA as well.  

This week I have been watching: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, (2015) ******, “The Good Dinosaur”, (2015) *****, “The Last Witch Hunter”, (2015) ***, “Secret In There Eyes”, (2015) ***, “Concussion”, (2015) ***, “Doctor Who: Hell Bent”, (Season 9/36 eps 12), “Doctor Who: The Husband of River Song”, (2015 Crimbo special), “The Matrix”, (1999). 

This week I have mainly been listening to: ”LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (08 & 09/01/16) “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Mid-Week)”, (13/01/16),  “David Bowie” (R.I.P) “Morrissey”, “The Cure”, “Pulp”,

Reading: “The Hitchhickers Guide To the Galaxy”, by Douglas Adams, “Knit One, Kill Two”, by Maggie Sefton, “Morrissey List of the Lost”, by Morrissey and “A Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire” book 2 “ A Clash of Kings” by George R.R. Martin.





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