Week 74, Saturday 14th November until Friday 20th November 2015.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in Tofo Mozambique & Maputo (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 74, Saturday 14th November until Friday 20th November 2015.

Portuguese word of the week: “Queijo”,which means “Cheese”, I miss real Cheese.

DSCF0954 DSCF0947  That’s Tofo for you.

Saturday, still in Matola a suburb of Maputo. There’s nothing to say apart from spent the day at the garage nodding off in a chair sitting under a Mango tree. One large Mango fell just missing Jasmin and Chinela. Whenever I’m in Maputo it rains, and sure enough we had a storm and a lot of rain.  At around 4pm there was a “Top Gear” moment when the car rolled up to the office “It’s alive” Jasmin and i hugged and applauded Teo the mechanic.   We took the car for a spin to Shoprite (it’s like ASDA) the sound of the rain on the roof of the shop was deafening.  Coming back Jasmin felt water on her foot; I hoped it was just rain. But back at the garage we discovered that there was a hole in the radiator. Were now hope to leave late afternoon tomorrow.

DSCF0932 We had a proper driver home.

Sunday, the hotel was starting to feel like home, there are a number of men there who come from SA and Oz who work in Maputo for a period of time then go home. After brekkie we made our way to the garage, at about 12.45 we were told that everything was good.  We were packed and left around 13.30 only stopping half way through the journey at Xia Xia arriving home at about 10pm.  Driving at night here is not fun, there are people walking around with nothing to make you aware that there until your headlights pick them up.  You have to drive with full beam on dipping them when other traffic approaches; I wish that others did this as there were times when I had to slow down as I couldn’t see because the lights were so bright.  It was good to see home again after nearly a week.

2015-11-15 11.01.04 2015-11-14 10.04.40 My home for a couple of days in Maputo.

Monday, I took today off just because I didn’t sleep well and when I did it was in the early hours of the morning. I think I was buzzing still after the drive. I cleared the car and took it back to the bosses house, after making my way to the market for supplies including recharging my internet dongle. The wind is up and I later found out that there was no diving so a good day to be off.  I spent the day painting last weeks “Shit painting of the week” (it didn’t get finished due to the delay in getting back) and having an afternoon nap.

2015-11-14 11.30.25 2015-11-14 11.30.32 Seen near the garage, there almost like exhibits just left on the street.

Tuesdays, back at the dive shop. In the afternoon I lead a very full boat on Ocean Safari, we had a small number of dolphins who didn’t hang around which is a pity. We’re all getting job descriptions soon, so everyone knows what their responsibilities are, be interesting to see mine.  Small power cut in the early evening.

DSCF0944 DSCF0943 Thomas, the friendly mobile phone airtime man and chicken farmer. 

Wednesday, we are supposed to get rain for 24hrs, it started very hot and sticky.  Around 11am things went quiet there was no breeze the sky got darker the storm had arrived. The display of thunder and lightning was impressive over the lagoon a few of us sat watching it approaching.  The rain lashed down for maybe 2 hrs.  I did a scuba review for Viktor’s girlfriend (Lady Viking) however her afternoon dive was canx due to the conditions.  My dive to “Sherwood Forest” did take place, this was my first time at this site since I returned, the last time I was there was for Mike and Justin’s naked dive.

DSCF0978 Painting by candle light.

Thursday was a wet day, it was raining when I got up and walked to work, yes im walking again. Opened up and discovered a number of toads enjoying the swimming pool, I fished them out and made sure they were happy where I left them. I helped set up and de-rig a number of dives during the day that was my main task.  I also spent some time in the pool with Suunto the puppy in the morning then the bosses boys in the afternoon.

DSCF0975 That’s my little finger to give you scale how small this moth is.

Friday, you can tell it’s nearly the weekend as the power cuts have started. The pigeon nest has over the last few days looked abandoned I haven’t seen anyone on it. This morning there was a little face looking at me.  I noticed this evening that it is the Pigeon who is visiting the nest so that baby is not on its own; I am very excited by this.  Went on a dive to a new site “Fingers” with Sarah and The Viking.  Saw blue spotted rays having sex (we think) a huge number of schooling fish, a massive lobster, an Octo and 3 leaf fish.  It’s a stunning place can’t wait to go back.  The rest of the day was spent in the shop trying to stop Suunto from getting in the pool when teaching was taking place and from running away when anybody left the shop.  Oh there were 5 toads in the pool this morning.

DSCF1046 DSCF1041 I’m an aunty to a Pigeon, watching the nest closely, but not too close to scare the parents away.

In other news, Viktor played Toto’s “Africa” as a storm was starting.  Mozziebeak has passed a plastic bag law, from December shops will charge 3 mets for them, let’s hope it make a difference and helps the environment.  Sat for about 10 mins at dusk in the dark after the power went out then remembered I had candles (“DoH”).  Still trying to learn Portuguese according to the app im using I am 10% fluent, more like 0.010%. Made mash but didn’t have a masher had to use a folk.

2015-11-18 17.14.07 Its the law.

The Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have been watching: “Defiance (Season 2, eps5 to 8), “Blackadder the Third”, (Blackadder Season 3, eps 1 to 6), “Blackadder Goes Forth”, (Blackadder season 4, eps 1 to 6), “Top Gear”, (Season 10, eps 2 & 3), “The Graham Norton Show”, (Season 18, eps 6), “Star Wars: Rebels”, (Season 1, eps 6).

This week I have mainly been listening to: ”LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (13 & 14/11/15), “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Mid-Week)”, (18/11/15), “Morrissey”, “Sleeper”, “Lana Del Ray”, “Toto”, “The Bluetones”, “Smiths”.

Reading: ” The Bees”, by Laline Paull, “Knit One, Kill Two”, by Maggie Sefton, “Morrissey List of the Lost”, by Morrissey and “A Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire” book 2 “ A Clash of Kings” by George R.R. Martin.









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