Week 72, Saturday 31st October until Friday 6th November 2015

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in Tofo Mozambique (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 72, Saturday 31st October until Friday 6h November 2015.

Portuguese word of the week: “Corte de Energia”, Powercut we have lots here. 

DSCF0535 Electrical probs all week here.

Saturday, I lead 3 dives first a double tank to “Giants” and “Mikes Cupboard”, then “Salon” in the afternoon. On “Giants we had a huge fish that no one knew. Sarah our resident fish detective did some investigating and it turns out we saw a “Harry Hotlips” or “Dusky Sweet lips” must have been nearly a metre long. Finished the day at Brancos pizza with Kim the diver I collected from the airport yesterday, Jari the boss and my neighbour and fellow diver Jasmin. Very excited at about a pigeon’s nest in the roof of the kitchen and living room.

DSCF0308 DSCF0311 While BBC shows Autumnwatch, I have Tofo Summerwatch all of my own. 

Sunday my day off. Sitting in my hut I realised that here in Tofo I only see a handful of people unlike in the UK there are thousands around at any time. Here I really only see and speak to a very small number of people every day. Which is why I think its important to give them a rest from my droning, so I on my day off I stay at home.

2015-10-25 11.55.59 This is what I do best on a day off, watch or listen to something in bed.

Monday, a wet and windy day, nothing happened in Tofo all was quiet. All throughout the day the power would cut off and return sometimes quickly other times after a period of time, by the afternoon these power cuts were getting longer. I skyped with SAZ and the kids which was lovely all the way through the lights kept going out which meant I would light a candle that Anaia would blow out (via Skype) when the power returned. However at 8pm the power died and didn’t come back for the rest of the night. Later there was a massive and very loud thunder storm, I checked on the nest mum was tucked up.

DSCF0327 Checking the nest during the storm.

Tuesday. One of the first things I did was check on the Pigeon all was ok after a noisy wet and windy night. The day carried on the same with bad weather, the sea was big so no one launched. Sarah and I painted tables, these are the same ones that I helped paint a year ago. The power didn’t come back until about 10am, everyone rushed to charge there electrical gear up just in case. I started to read an actual book as I didn’t want to use the kindle and waste the battery. We ended the day playing a board game that’s how bored we were.

DSCF0449 DSCF0450 I love being creative.

Wednesday. I was asked to drive Jasmin and friends to Maxixe which is about a 150 mile round trip. I have never been there before but looked at a map it’s an easy route. One section appeared to be a little longer than I expected, I was worried id taken a wrong turn or missed the turn, I hadn’t. We were there to buy Kapalana, Mike had given me money for some. I even bought one for myself celebrating 40 years of Mozziebeak independence (its on my wall now). In one of the shops a member of the staff took a stick and walked to the door shouting and actually hit a man on the street who was being mouthy through the door, all very uncomfortable.

DSCF0490 DSCF0483 Road trip to Maxixe.

Thursday, my tooth is really hurting, it’s been niggling me all week next week I have to go to SA so will go to a dentist. I hung about the shop for the morning dive but once they were back I went home. Popped in to the market bought electricity and a pair of cotton beach trousers to use as PJ bottoms. The guy wanted 650M but I got the price down to 500M. Spent the day sleeping, painting and watching progs.

DSCF0548 picture3580 Loving Bob.

Friday, I was supposed to have had a dive but this was canx at the last minute. Therefore I spent the day painting benches, reading and learning Portuguese. It’s becoming an addiction as a number of us are learning were all looking at our small illuminated devices either talking or muttering to ourselves (ok I might be doing most of the talking and muttering). Next week I have to go to SA again, I have book a room back at Mamma Mia’s.

DSCF0528 DSCF0530 This is how all Instructors get in there wetsuits, they have 3 DMT’s to help them.

In other news, Had a water problem, discovered that the gardener had left a hose on which was draining the tank. Rescued a baby caterpillar from my floor, I shepherded it across the floor and under the door. A baby bird was rescued from the dive centre and realised, it kept bumping in to the window trying to get out. Learned to shake wetsuits and other clothes before wearing them as one of the DMTs found a large cockroach in there’s after she had put it on. A sweet Downs man in Maxaie kept telling me “he liked me”, I gave him some fruit. According to the site I am learning Portuguese on I am 5% fluent, rubbis “Lixo”

DSCF0476 DSCF0475 Downtown Maxixe a “Rock n Roll kind of place” and one of the shop’s we went to.

The Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have been watching: “Dragons Riders of Birk”, (Season 1, eps 4), “Defiance”, (Season 1, eps 1 to 12) & (Season 2, eps1 to 3), “Doctor Who: Invasion of the Zygons”, (Season 9/35, eps 7), “Star Wars: Rebels”, (Season 1, eps 3 to 5), “Top Gear”, (Season 3, eps 3 to 7), “The Blackadder”, (Blackadder season 1, eps 1 to 6),

This week I have mainly been listening to: ”LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (30 & 31/10/15), “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Mid-Week)”, (04/11/15), “Morrissey”, “The Crannberries”, “The Sundays”, “Shed Seven”, “Ash”, “Badly Drawn Boy”, “INXS”, “Outkast”,

Reading: “Along Came a Spider”, by James Patterson, ” The Bees”, by Laline Paull, “Knit One, Kill Two”, by Maggie Sefton, “Morrissey List of the Lost”, by Morrissey and “A Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire” book 2 “ A Clash of Kings” by George R.R. Martin.

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