Week 67, saturday 26th September until Friday 2nd October 2015.

Misfits Mid-Life Crisis Adventures in Tofo Mozambique (The NEXT Chapter).

Week 67, Saturday 26h September until Friday 2nd October 2015.

Portuguese word of the week: Cinquenta (Fifty), as in we have fifty litres of fuel on the Boat.

DSCF9408 Nuff said.

Saturday Tofo had sore heads because yesterday was a public holiday. I lead what I called a “mini” Ocean Safari for local Mozambiquians. Normally a safari is 2 hours looking for Whaleshark etc, this was supposed to be for 15 minutes to give local people an idea of what it was like to be at sea. In the end I had a full boat including a Policewoman in full uniform, who I did mention might get a little wet, she just shrugged her shoulders. I put everyone in lifejackets I wasn’t taking any chances. We didn’t see anything big but the group were overjoyed at seeing Dolphins. The trip lasted just over 30 minutes after all the photos were taken, I hope that we get the chance to do this more often. Helen tried to Skype me for Doctor Who, but the connection wouldn’t hold again, however i did hear a Dalek.

2015-09-26 17.21.14-1 2015-09-26 17.25.01 Words cant describe the beauty of this place.

Sunday was a quiet day, I was on shop duty, I did rescue a wasp out of the pool, it just flew away without saying thank you. Took some of the DMT’s round to meet Veronica in the market, we left with plates full of rice and Matapa for 50 Mets (less than a pound). Had to hacksaw an old padlock off the case I left here while I was in the UK.

DSCF9417 DSCF9416 The boat all loaded for a dive, ready to leave for the beach, Captain Patrick checking things over.

Monday, I lead a dive to “Mikes Cupboard”, the wind is getting up a bit and I think conditions are going to get worse over the week. When I dropped on the dive site I couldn’t see much as the viz was maybe 5 metres. Still a nice dive, highlight was a turtle sleeping in a crevice at 13 metres depth, we didn’t disturb it we all just watched it from a distance. I have moved from Casa Jenny and into my boss Jari house (Casa Forsman). Jenn helped me move all my rubbish. I was finding the water problem, filling 5 litre bottles to wash and flush the loo a little difficult. Nadia and Chris have asked me to do some house sitting in December and January. Managed to Skype with SAZ and family, mum is there at the moment so really nice chatting with her. More importantly I got to see and chat to Anaia and Jesse.

2015-09-28 18.58.37 2015-09-28 18.58.16 Two very important ladies in my life.

Tuesday led a dive to “Simons Town”, on the way there we had a breeching Devil ray. My highlight on the dive was an Octopus walking around is plain site during the day. Once on the surface coming home we had a pod of Dolphins, I got in the water and did see a couple swimming away fast. But it was the 2 Whale Sharks that stole the morning. The one we snorkelled with was found to have a small fishing hook in its side, Joonas one of our DMT’s managed to pull it out. As Joonas and I were climbing into the boat the Whale Shark swam right past us, we had to move ourselves out of the way to avoid our fins crashing into this majestic gentle giant. It was as if it was saying “thank you” to Joonas. An hour after the dive I was in the pool with a young lad doing a scuba review, he hadn’t forgotten anything so tomorrow I’ll be taking him out in the sea. Had a Pizza with a number of the Liquids guys after work.

2015-09-28 17.01.39 Love a Branco’s.

DSCF9401 DSCF9400 Downtown Tofo market.

Wednesday, I woke up looking like actor Michael Gambon, my eyes and the skin around them were all puffed up; they looked like they had been inflated. I’m not allergic to anything that I know of, took a pill and decided the best thing was to stay at home, so no Ocean Safari or diving for me. I did a painting and played with Suunto the puppy. Over the course of the day the puffiness went down but it didn’t look totally normal.

2015-09-30 06.05.26 I could have come of the set for Doctor Who or Star trek looking like this.

Thursday. My eyes are much better almost normal again. I lead a dive to “Marble Arch”, again the viz really was not good, saw lots of general reef life and some great Morays. We were buzzed by Dolphins on the way back. The little birds at Diversity Scuba that I have been watching have fledged, I saw them flying around good to see 3 of the 4 made it. In the evening I took part in a focus group for Joonas who is writing his thesis about how diving effects the reefs and the local community in both positive and negative ways. There were DMT’s/DM’s from all the dive shops in Tofo. I look forward to reading his finished paper next year. Walking back with Viktor and Sarah we were serenaded by the crickets and frogs and other insets. The stars were out in full force what a beautiful night. Got back home and Jari had cooked a beautiful meal.

2015-10-01 19.42.59 From Joonas focus group evening.

Friday. My eyes are better, but did feel a little itchy; I didn’t rub them of course. I conducted another Scuba Review first in the pool and then out on “Clownfish Reef”. The viz today was shocking there were times when there was zero viz just sand flying about, I really had to keep eyes on my customer. I deliberately stayed in areas where we could see the reef and reef life just so that it was an interesting dive for the client. Who was very happy with how things went, which is nice to hear. Have looked at a place that I am going to move in to early next week, I will be a neighbour to Nadia and Rusty. I will stay there until December when I house sit for Chris. The new place is 8000mets (about £160) a month, this includes water, house keeper, washing, gardener. This evening the Liquid guys are meeting up in Tofo for Sushi to mourn with me my b’day which is imminent (that’s all I’m saying).

DSCF9470 L to R: Liz, someone having a Mid-Life crisis, Nadia and The Great German Bake Off champion of Tofo  2015 (never a soggy bottom)Chris.

Chris made a cake, adapted from Leo’s (DM who was with us last year), so sweet, what a surprise.

DSCF9468 DSCF9471 I had Happy B’day sung in Swedish and German and said in Finnish by members of the Liquid family, xxxxx.

Its been another great week in Tofo, I love this place so much and really could just go on and on about how I love it and how great it is. But I won’t.

The Mid Life Crisis Conts……

This week I have been watching: “Orange Is The New Black”, (Season 2, eps 9), “Killjoys”, (Season 1, eps 4), “Dark Matter”, (Season 1, eps 8), “Top Gear”, (season 22, eps 6 & 7).

This week I have mainly been listening to:”LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Whole Show)”, (25 and 26/09/26 & 01 and 02/10/15), “LBC Podcast: Nick Abbot (Mid-Week)”, (01/10/15), “Morrissey”, Elbow, Sigur Ross”, “Manic Street Preachers”, “Kate Bush”, “Natalie Imbruglia”

Reading: “Morrissey List of the Lost”, by Morrissey and “A Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire” book 2 “ A Clash of Kings” by George R.R. Martin.

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