Week 26, Saturday 13 to Friday 19 December 2014.

Misfits Mid Life Crisis Adventures in ………….. Mozambique.

Week 26, Saturday 13 to Friday 19 December 2014.

This week I have mainly been listening to….. Morrissey, Portishead, Beth Orten, Nirvana, Lana Del Ray

And have been watching…. Fringe (Season 4)

Still reading…… Morrissey’s Autobiography

Saturday, my first day back at the shop since my SA adventure. It’s poured pretty much all night and most of the day, some of the sand roads have just turned to mud and others that have huge pothole/ponds which are so deep I’m sure if we went on a scuba dive we’d find Manta’s and Whale Sharks in them. The big news was that a baby bird (it appeared to be a baby) landed/fell by the back door, at first I wasn’t sure what it was. I had a look and sure enough it was a very wet and shivering scared bird, my first thought was it had been attacked, but later realised it was just soaking wet. I looked around but couldn’t see the nest. After speaking to people in the shop I made the tough decision to leave it on the grass under some bushes for cover. However I went back after 10 minutes (coz I was worried) and it was still there, looking drier more fluffy. I moved it carefully to a nearby wall (it pooped on me at this point) and left it there so that it could be seen by other birds. While I worked I kept looking out of the door and sure enough it was just sitting there. A little later I returned with Joseph to have a look at it, suddenly it took flight in front of us only a few metres on to a wooden roof but it was something. I was told later that it flew away completely, so a happy ending after all. Due to the rain we have been infested with tiny flying bugs that have been biting everyone, were all itching and scratching and feeling very uncomfortable. Spent the day cutting out large letters as stencils to paint on the wall out the front of the dive shop.


Sunday, it’s a hot dry day today completely different to yesterday. Spent the day continuing to cut out stencil letters and spray painting them on to the wall by the road. Afterward it was mentioned that a dive flag (A warning flag coloured red with a white diagonal from top left to bottom right) would look good on the wall, and yes it does. After this I started to paint the dive shop logo free hand (no projector today) on a sign that will go outside somewhere. Have to finish it tomorrow got others to work on as well a.s.a.p. My bosses leave for Finland for a month in a couple of days, this means that I move in to their house with a couple of others from the dive shop, the house really will be a Liquid household. I really hope that I can get in the water soon as I haven’t dived since last Saturday. There are dives tomorrow so I am hoping that I will get a look in. I also can’t wait to test out my new weight of 4kg (I’m easily pleased). I don’t find December an easy month I find it very depressing really all this talk of crimbo drives me mad. That’s the nice thing about Tofo, there really is no mention of the dreaded day. When I was in SA last week I remembered all the reasons why I hate this holiday time. I have to admit I’m finding things a little tough at the moment, just feeling low I have to try and overcome it by looking about this lovely place and realise how lucky I am.

Monday, I spent the day continuing to paint/spray paint the Liquid Street sign. I am using normal office paper for the stencils and car spray paint, because the background is white you can see where the spray has spread out so I have been going round each letter and other elements with white to clean the sign up. If the background was a different colour I don’t think it would matter as much. So far am a little pleased with results, the main thing is the bosses are happy. Highlight of the day happened at about 5pm flying feet above the surface of the pool was a tiny bat, it circled and circled every now and then dropping to the surface of the water and taking a sip. It circled very closely over Johnny’s head repeatedly not sure if that’s a sign that he is Tofo’s king vampire…. Naww I’ve seen too many movies. It was such a pretty sight to see this beautiful creature just flying about unconcerned by a number of us just watching as the sun started to go down over the lagoon. Because the bosses leave for Finland tomorrow everyone got together at the end of the day and had pizza in the town (if you can call Tofo town), liquid really has a family feel. The new DMT Zak and his girlfriend Zelda have arrived (actually yesterday) and I think there camping in the bosses garden. Tomorrow I move in to their house for 3 weeks to a month with Mike to house sit should be interesting, he’s already planning crimbo dinner, I’m hoping to be out and about that day, unless I’m locked in a cupboard, I’ve definitely not been a good girl this year so I couldn’t care less if Santa passes me by.


Tuesday. It’s still raining, it is summer but we are now in the rainy season and have been told it will last a while so better get used to it. It’s a little like being in Manchester from what I remember, but with many more smiling faces. I went on my first dive in over a week; Nadia said to me “it’s only Clownfish” (Our shallow training site, depth ranges from 7 to 9.5 metres) I smiled and said “It’s a dive”, was buddied up with my Tofo son Mike had a great dive noodling about a beautiful reef. Towards the end Nadia indicated that Mike and I should go and find the buoy line (anchored to the sea bed). We buggered off in the direction I thought using her compass, we didn’t find it; we went another direction and didn’t find it. I probably shouldn’t say it was funny but Mike and I thought so, there was giggling behind our regulators. Using hand signals Mike indicated that we should surface like ninja scuba Otters and have a peek. The buoy’s weren’t that far away, however we found out we had been spotted, so we are not very good ninja scuba Otters. I got stopped by the police on a friends quad bike, nothing came of it there more scare tactics. A large frog was found dead in the pool, it looked like a large rubber comedy chicken (or frog). Poor thing probably died of chlorine poisoning, a lot has been added to the pool to clear it up, we have been using normal Mozambique tap water (comes out brownish most of the time) to fill it. The Goat man who passes most days walking loads of goats (there not pets, there food) came by, I noticed that one had a rope tired round one of its back legs. Mike and I helped the man untie the rope and cut it from around the hoof, we also had help from a man sheltering from the rain who turned out to be a vet student. This evening Mike and I moved in to the new house, Zak and Zelda are in a tent in the garden it’s going to be a happy home. It’s a home full of mozzies also so many of them around.


Wednesday, still raining, in fact rained on and off all day some of it very hard. I went on a great dive to “Giants Castle”, and what a wonderful dive 3 large Reef Mantas in the area where we dropped this meant that we didn’t move along the reef for the entire dive. I thought one of the mantas was pregnant but I think I was just seeing it from a strange angle. I spent the rest of the day working on the huge Liquid sign, and it is huge its painted on planks of wood so far I have been working on 4 that’s got the logo and the dive centre name on it, today I remembered that there are 3 more planks (7 in total) it really is huge, I have printed out all the words and now have to cut everything out it’s a long slow process but looks good once I have touched up the end result. This evening the Liquid household had a roast chicken cooked by Mike it was so nice, I did mention we were lacking roast taters and Yorkshire puds. Just before I went to bed I got a skype message from my sister SAZ, it was her and my little niece had a lovely chat as I haven’t spoken to them since the beginning of the month. My niece is looking so grown up for a nearly 3 year old what a lovely way to end the day.


Thursday, lots of cutting out stencils and spray painting letters on to the planks. At one point the paper was a little damp this resulted in the paint spreading a little very annoying but I have managed to cover it up I think. Because the sign is huge and will be up high no one is really going to get that close to it. This afternoon went to “Clownfish” the training reef again this time with a group of people who have never been in open water before, it’s always great to see their faces during the dive and after they were very excited about being under the water, seeing reef life and just breathing under water. During the dive we came across a huge fishing net never seen one at the reef, we had to swim under it at one point, the net doesn’t look like its drifted to the reef it appears to have been set there, will have to see what others say. My internet dongle has gone again, I discovered this 15 minutes before I was due to skype with my sister, from the message on the screen it appears to be the usual monthly problem will have to call my friend Carlos again.

picture2562 The finished sign ready to be assembled.

Friday, walked to the dive shop in a drizzle, there was a rainbow over the lagoon next too Liquid which was very pretty. The first thing I discovered were 2 small frogs having a Friday morning dip in the pool it was fascinating watching them dive under the surface kicking their legs, then float up to the surface. I had to fish them out because there was a rescue course due to start first thing. I discovered that a small filling at the bottom of a front tooth has fallen out; I have been told of a dentist in Inhambane I rang and can’t get an appointment until Monday morning. The road sign I painted earlier in the week is up, it doesn’t look that bad. I conducted a Scuba review for 3 qualified divers who haven’t dived in a number of years; they got the hang of it very quickly. After this we went on a dive to “Salon” one of the customers had problems getting down but she managed it in the end. The dive was nice, but somehow I lost the reef (HOW, ITS SALON, ahhhhhhh) and we ended up on a sandy bottom really not sure where I went wrong I have to admit I’m quite upset with myself as I feel that I just am not very good as a leader. I think I’m a sweeper (at the back) but I not a leader. I know I’m a little thick things have to be pounded in for me to grasp them maybe I’m just not cut out for this life after all. I need t think things over. Being Friday Tofo gets its glad rags on, I’m staying in as usual I can’t face going out, not even across the road to Mozambeats. I’m going to watch Fringe and go to bed and work out what I did wrong.


Its been a wet week, nice dives, lots of painting, but I feel shit at the end of it. I feel disappointed and upset with myself; I need a damn good kick up the arse…. The Adventure continues for now…

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