Week 9.

Misfits Mid Life Crisis Adventures in ………….. Mozambique 

Week 9. 

This week I have mainly been listening to…. Morrissey, Suede, Arcade Fire, Haim, PJ Harvey and Lana Del Ray, The Divine Comedy, Elbow. 

And have been watching…. Almost Human (finished season 1, its been canx), Mr Nobody, Breaking Bad (season 3), White House Down, Godzilla (the shit version), The Lego Movie. 

Saturday and I’m on shop duty, up early a quick bit of toast and off I go. The sun glasses I have used since I arrived has snapped just by the hinge, there used every day and get wet in sea water so they don’t last. I have 3 or 4 pairs of spares, out comes reserve number one. Good day at the office (dive shop) a very busy ocean safari this morning, then in the afternoon I was on a deep dive to a lovely site called Giants Castle. There was a manta at the drop point, I didn’t see that as I was assisting a client descending, but I did see the Bow Mouth Guitar Shark, a beautiful creature that just wants to swim away and be left along, nothing to worry about there. I have got too run, I only did one last week due to dive shop commitments, so after tomoz double tank I’m going to see if I can get off to hit the tarmac. My cooking gas bottle ran out this evening while boiling potatoes to make mash. I couldn’t waste the taters so I eat part boiled spuds, I have a feeling my tummy is going to hate me and fight me over this issue. Will have to look in to how I get and how much a new gas tank is. Tank the dog gets so excited when I arrive at Peri Peri divers to pick her up after work, I have to stand my ground as she would knock me flying (she is a big dog) she is such an affectionate lady. 

Sunday had a small splash of rain while walking Tank to Peri Peri, it didn’t last. The sea was looking mean. Went on an early 8am dive, I had the reel at 30 metres all went well on this drift dive, you feel that your flying over the coral. That is until we got to a point where we had to turn, and I couldn’t. I couldn’t swim in the other direction with the reel and 50metres of line deployed with the buoy on the surface, just couldn’t pull it. So I had to carry on drifting in the original direction to everyone else. I watched my dive buddies swim off and disappear in to the blue, I continued to try to swim in their direction but couldn’t, I must have looked like I was flaying about waving arms and legs around. I did think of ditching the line but the buoy floating on the surface is what the boat is following it. I also didn’t want the line to tangle on delicate coral or with marine life. In the end I did the lost diver procedure and surfaced slowly without a safely stop, as I said the buoy is what the boat follows so there they were right by me. I was annoyed and upset with myself that I couldn’t pull the line….. oh well. Everyone else when coming up on their safety stop saw a Humpback under water……nooooooo. The afternoon was more successful, I was leader of an ocean safari, about 8 punters, did the briefing and off we went. Very little humpback action today, but we had 2 whale sharks and 4 mantas, how amazing is that. Snorkelling with these ocean giants is a privilege. My camera had been put accidently on to a different setting so I didn’t bother with it, also as I was leading I felt I needed to be fully aware of where my snorkelers were. Really good safari, the water was a little rough big waves but everyone enjoyed themselves. Went for my run after and I did see the pig (PIGWATCH CONTINUES) treated myself to a pizza when I got back to Tofo, well I cant cook no without gas. Today I have been in Mozambique 2 months, it’s gone quickly. 

Its Monday and its been raining hard for a while everything is wet, there is that wet forest smell all about (i’m living close to a lot of green and trees) such a lovely way to start the day, love the feeling of wet sand between my toes. Note to self the tiles on the patio and garden get slippery when wet, I did slip but my NASA designed cushioned lardy arse stopped me from having any major damage….  Had 2 really good dives today, the first at Manta Reef, and yes I did see Mantas about 4 of them. I can never get bored or a manta. This afternoon I went to Mikes Cupboard a dive site that has these bowls (indentations that you swim inside) of coral, you dive in to the dips the bowls which are teeming with life. Saw a huge loggerhead turtle sleeping in a cave, but the highlight was 2 green turtles swimming freely in the open. One turned and approached me came within a couple of feet of me, we eyeballed each other and had a moment together. I didn’t want to move too much or blow too many bubbles as didn’t want to scare it. After work I went to Casa Barry to see my friends have a drink and a beautiful meal with a amazing sea view. 

Tuesday was my day off, what a great day. Went running at 7.30am (didn’t see the pig this morning, he/she was obviously not on duty today, maybe they were having a day off as well) it was already very hot that early in the morning, passed plenty of people walking to work. A lot of people carry what appear to be paint pots, they are old paint pots and other containers which contain there lunch and other food (Tofo is not full of painters and decorators, walking around with pots of paint just in case). After running I took my empty gas bottle to Casa Barry, it’s not far but carrying the tank was a little tough. I would walk a bit then stop before carrying on. Jorge the man at Casa Barry said that he would get me a bottle, its costs about 700mts. The new bottle should be with me tomorrow. After showering I skyped with SAZ my sister, it’s been over 8 weeks since I saw her and her little children. Had a great Skype session chatting with Anaia my little niece told me she missed me and loved me. We agreed to Skype again later. I then went out for a walk pretending t be a tourist, I took my camera and walked part of my running route. Took lots of really good picture, there is a recycling centre called Alma (Associacao de Limpeza e Meio Ambiente), I’ve passed it so many times but never gone in. I went in to the craft shop where they make wallets, bags, purses, table matts all from recycles plastic, newspaper, bottle tops, really enjoyed looking round, its all very cheap I will have to buy some stuff the money goes to help community projects. In the afternoon, I Skype with my other sister Hel and Mum, was so nice to chat with them, we have said that this should be done regularly. I later re-Skyped with SAZ again, both Anaia and nephew Jesse were up. Anaia showed me some dance moves, and in return I had to dance back. So the laptop was positioned and I danced for her. If the security services such as MI5, MI6, CIA, KGB hacked in to my computer at that time they’d have wondered what this mad woman was doing, spinning about on the spot. I so enjoyed my Skype sessions, I don’t know why it’s taken 8 weeks to do it. The TV is working again, it’s not worked for a week and a half. The satellite dish is a little old; the arm of the dish had slipped. A man called Elton came to have a look, he has repositioned the arm in place with wired and tightened it, so that the dish receives the correct signal Today has been such a great day, I really have enjoyed it. 

Wednesday, back at Liquid and I got 3 dives. A double tank to Mikes Cupboard then Salon. At Mikes Cupboard I saw the loggerhead turtle snoozing in the cave again. Such a nice dive very relaxed. After a 35 min surface interval we went to salon, a shallow site that I like. Spotted a few Harlequin Shrimp, Lobster, and many Nudibranch. Another lovely dive, however the viz got more cloudy as the dive went on. In the afternoon was back at Clownfish reef to carry on mapping with Mikki. I was navigating with the compass and Mikki was drawing and noting the depth. We were down for 40 minutes and haven’t finished the map so we have to go back. Once on the surface we practiced our rescuing an unconscious diver technique  I had a slight blocked sinus today, so went to the pharmacy and got some paracetamal.   AS I descended on the last couple of dives I felt slight discomfort in the sinus. Am hoping that this is not going to be a problem and I don’t want to be ill again. When I got home I found that my new gas bottle had been delivered (thank you Jorge), it’s easy to connect (far easier than I thought) I can cook again. It’s been a wet day (been in the sea 3 times) a satisfying day really. 

Thursday, and yes I’m ill again, bugger. I’m a little bunged up in the left sinus, so to be safe no diving for me. After spending a few hours at Liquid I went home, got plenty of water from the market. I popped in to the pharmacy, they didn’t have any nasal sprays, the pharmacist did try to give me something to rub on my forehead, I didn’t buy it. As he thought my problem was the dodgy pigmentation patch of skin I have on my forehead. So on the way home I went to see the dr/nurse at Peri Peri divers. He gave me pills, again a random amount of pills that won’t actually last the recommended time he stated, but this is Africa. I went home and watched lots of Breaking Bad, am currently on season 3 now, it’s so good. Tiger kept me company until I went to collect Tank, who was as usual so pleased to see me, lots of tail wagging. I made pasta and salad with lots of garlic and onion this evening; I’m a Masterchef….lol. 

Friday was shop day for me, I have been taking the pills and feel better, tomoz I’m getting in the water to test my decent on a dive fingers crossed that all goes well. I helped set up the various dives of the day, and spent time reading fish ID books. Other than that I really didn’t do very much. It’s not been a sunny or hot winters day, in fact it’s started to blow a storm, and rained this afternoon.   I went shopping in the market for supplies I got loads for 260mts shouldn’t need anything for a few day. Walked home with Tank in the rain which was pleasant. I’m due to Skype with SAZ and Anaia later this evening which I’m really looking forward too. 

Another week has passed in Tofo. The weeks appear to be passing really quickly, I can honestly say I’m never bored here and am making sure that I enjoy this experience hugely. I’m really not far from being a Dive Master…. Woo hoo.

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